Cross-Section of Plant and Animal Cell

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Information about Cross-Section of Plant and Animal Cell

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: FJHScience


Cross–Section of Cells • In your journal, draw, color and label the cross-section of the cells. • Remember there are no “flying” labels. They should be parallel to the bottom of the page. • You will see a cell like this on your quiz next week.

Centrosome - where microtubules are made for the cytoskeleton (structure for the cell) Nucleolus - Central part of the Nucleus that works in developing genetic information Lysosome - responsible for cell waste removal

Amyloplast - Organelle responsible for the storage of starches that can be turned into glucose

Cross-Section of Animal Cell 2

Cross-Section of Plant Cell 2

Cross-Section of Plant Cell 2

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