Cross platform user behavior

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Information about Cross platform user behavior

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: TechGuy


Cross platform user behavior: Cross platform user behavior * Image via Bing *Image via Bing * Image via Bing *Image via Bing Everyday: Everyday 4.4 hours are spend on *Image via Bing * Image via Bing *Image via Bing 17 M inutes 39 M inutes 30 M inutes 43 M inutes *Image via Bing 90% users: 90% users Use multiscreen to complete a task *Image via Bing * Image via Bing Smartphones are: Smartphones are Starting point for online activities *Image via Bing * Image via Bing PCs are: PC s are Starting point for complex activities Tablets are: Tablets are Starting point for Trip planning and Shopping *Image via Bing *Image via Bing *Image via Bing Users do multiscreen: Users do multiscreen * Image via Bing 66% 66% 81% *Image via Bing *Image via Bing * Image via Bing *Image via Bing *Image via Bing Closest device: Closest device 34% pick the closest device to search for information *Image via Bing Thanks: Thanks For detailed report visit Google Research

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