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Published on June 24, 2009

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A brief overview of how a CRM strategy, that begins with digital media, can build a substantially larger customer base, and substantially more loyal customers.

How CRM will help create trust Communication planning

Communication planning


The Front-line Rather than creating a campaign that appeals to the largest audience, our analysis has identified 4 target audiences. We’ll know a great deal about a user who responds to any of the messages which will allow us to create a more personalized engagement tool.

The Front-line Now that our audience is segmented into 4 groups, we can engage them in different ways. For instance, we know the black group is interested in Twitter , frequents YouTube , and has a smart phone .

The Front-line How do we know that? The ad they clicked through was on YouTube, with Twitter messaging, and only appears to users who are browsing from a smart phone.

Engagement Because we know a lot about each user group, we can create a targeted engagement tool.

Engagement For the black group, we’ll create a video contest to upload a 10s clip of ‘something extreme’ that involves Trident Gum. We’ll encourage users to shoot the clip using their smart phone, and will choose the winner based on number of unique positive tweets.

Engagement Not only are we creating groups of people who are developing a preference for the brand, we’re developing groups of people who are developing trust for the brand.

Engagement We’re developing trust by showing that the brand cares enough about its audience to develop engaging campaigns focused on its users . (Rather than focusing efforts on everyone and hoping those users who need to change a routine to participate, will do that.)

Trial Now that we have groups of people who have developed a preference & trust for our brand we can develop targeted approaches to encourage purchase.

Trial The black group needed to make a purchase before they were able to engage with the campaign; we knew that these users were already customers and just wanted them to try the new flavour. The blue group, however, engaged via a virtual dentist which didn’t require them to purchase anything.

Trial Because we know the blue group eats out for lunch at chain restaurants, and enjoys great deals; we’ll partner with several chains of restaurants, providing a promotional trial package with the purchase of the blue groups favourite lunch.

Retention Now that we know the most likely way each of our targeted groups tried our product, we can start analyzing all the data we’ve been collecting, and adapt our campaigns to focus on the individual.

Retention For instance, an individual submission to the black group’s contest required that they provide us with their contact information, Twitter user name, and mobile phone number. This individual didn’t win anything, but out of appreciation, we’ll create a dvd with his, and all related entries. We’ll ship this to his address with a trial pack and a link at the end of the video that entitles the user to send 10 of his friends the same dvd and trial pack, but the user can create another 10s prolog video as a personal message to his friend.

Retention Again, the brand builds trust with the customer by celebrating his participation , and providing a relevant benefit . We know the user enjoys connecting with his friends, and sharing video’s. Now the brand will provide him with a way to do both; and a way to get his creativity out to his friends as a keepsake. (As well as giving the brand an opportunity to be introduced to his friends in a meaningful way.)

Summary A campaign of this magnitude requires some careful planning, and can last for years. The goal with a large, far reaching, campaign like this, is to create as many brand loyalists as possible; and consistently increase your customer base. Brands that end campaigns quickly and start new ones every quarter often see similar results quarter-to-quarter. This is because they’re re-using their brand loyalists. Customers that will participate in every campaign. The problem with this is that those customers already buy the brand. If you target the same customers over and over, you’ll wind up marketing to the same customers, and your profits will stay consistent.

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