CRM 2.0 - Fundamental Changes Beyond Customer Management

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Information about CRM 2.0 - Fundamental Changes Beyond Customer Management
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Published on February 3, 2009

Author: vdimitroff



Keynote speech at the Customer Management Congress, October 2008

(Main presentation - slides to watch on-screen)

CRM 2.0 (Fundamental Changes Beyond Customer (F d t l Ch B dC t Management) Vladimir Dimitroff ad o Customer Management Congress, October 2008 © PRISM Consulting 2008

In this presentation: 1. Classic CRM: the Fundamentals of Customer Centricity 2. Evolving CRM: Changes and Trends 3. Examples and Practical Steps © PRISM Consulting 2008

CRM 1.0 or ‘CRM as we know it’ - The 20th century: the time when Mass was everything - One size fits all - well, almost - Suddenly… Customers matter! y - Not everyone was convinced (some aren t, aren’t, even today) © PRISM Consulting 2008

The customer-centric business model Product Excellence Operational Efficiency Customer Intimacy - Dimensions of competitive differentiation competiti e - Sustainability of each approach - Additional benefits of customer centricity Source: Tracey & Wiersema, “The Discipline of Market Leaders” © PRISM Consulting 2008

CRM 1.0 - The fundamentals - Customers are individuals, and they are different - Segmenting customers (not markets) - Treating them differently - The ‘R’ in CRM: building relationships - Segment of One: personalisation - ‘Show me the money!’ - Did I mention technology? © PRISM Consulting 2008

So far so good - but things started to happen… - The world is more connected than ever (everyone to everyone becomes reality as social networks become digital) - We discover ‘internal customers’ and other customer types: the concept of stakeholders - Technology unleashes the power of crowds - Marketing goes digital - and not only marketing M k ti di it l d t l k ti - Everyone is talking about something called ‘Web 2.0’ © PRISM Consulting 2008

The evolving concept of customer centricity ( y (CRM x.x) ) - CRM is all about technology: “We have CRM” (or “CRM didn’t work for us”) - Forget CRM, now CEM is the New Big Thing! - ERM, ERM PRM and assorted TLA-s - From ‘One-to-one’ towards ‘Many-to- many’ relationships ’ l ti hi - Customers truly at the centre of the business © PRISM Consulting 2008

At a glance: the key changes © PRISM Consulting 2008

The future is here: manifestations - Generation ‘C’ (for content) - Going viral: a little joke reaches far - Generation ‘C’ (for cash) - The Long Tail (segment of one - and beyond) - Generation ‘C’ (for convergence) - A different kind of convergence © PRISM Consulting 2008

Are you ready for the future? The good news: - Transformation takes time - Process and organisation change:12-36 months - Culture change takes even longer - Your competitors won’t be able to catch up © PRISM Consulting 2008

Are you ready for the future? The bad news: - If you are still dabbling with CRM 1.0 - Or you ‘have CRM’ and are happy with it have CRM - You will be left behind - It will take you 3 years just to restore competitiveness (if you’re still in business…) © PRISM Consulting 2008

A checklist of action steps - Continue building your CRM 1.x capabilities - Add social media to your multi channel strategy multi-channel - Learn and apply SNA - fast! - Engage your customers, in every aspect of the business - Don’t forget to reward active contributors - Do not be afraid to be the first to try something new in your market - Experiment, but have a clear strategy and roadmap © PRISM Consulting 2008

Thank you! Vladimir Dimitroff Director PRISM Consulting (UK) Ltd C lti 22 Cheviot Drive Charvil Reading RG10 9QD United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)7947034944 E-Mail: Austria • Czech Republic • Germany Hungary • Italy • Malta • Poland • Russia Spain • Switzerland • Turkey • UK © PRISM Consulting 2008

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