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Published on January 2, 2009

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Critical Thinking Workshop : Critical Thinking Workshop George Mason University Center for Teaching Excellence February 28,2007 Agenda : 1/2/2009 2 Agenda Introductions Background and workshop goals What is Critical Thinking? What is Critical Thinking in our disciplines? Developing assignments to encourage Critical Thinking Goals for Today : 1/2/2009 3 Goals for Today Articulate what critical thinking means Identify elements of critical thinking as it appears in our disciplines Plan or revise a Critical Thinking assignment and appropriate assessment What do we see? : 1/2/2009 4 What do we see? Higher Order Thinking Skills (Bloom) Application Analysis Integration Synthesis Evaluation and?……………………………………. What is Critical Thinking? : 1/2/2009 5 What is Critical Thinking? Simple etymological Greek-discerning judgment & standards ‘Expert’ Critical Thinking is purposeful, self regulatory judgment which results in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and inference, as well as explanation of the evidential, conceptual, methodological, criteriological, or contextual considerations upon which that judgment is based.1 1988-90 American Philosophical Association Delphi Report Aspects of Critical Thinking : 1/2/2009 6 Aspects of Critical Thinking Purposeful & productive Process of judgment Mindful of assumptions Informed by multiple inputs Self-regulatory Contextual awareness Evidence based Reasoned consideration Recursive George Mason and Critical Thinking : 1/2/2009 7 George Mason and Critical Thinking George Mason Mission Statement Pilot & SP 07 Assessment Critical Thinking across the Curriculum (CTAC) Questions.. : 1/2/2009 8 Questions.. Use your card as a starting point: What is Critical Thinking in my discipline? Scoring Guides & Rubrics : 1/2/2009 9 Scoring Guides & Rubrics George Mason Critical Thinking Rubric Please refer to your handouts for the Gold Rubric Sample Writing Rubric : 1/2/2009 10 Sample Writing Rubric Rubric for grading a research paper Please refer to your handout Available on Observations : 1/2/2009 11 Observations What are some things you observe about these examples of rubrics? Why rubrics or scoring guides? Assist with: focus on goals efficient grading course and program development multiple section congruence student understanding of assignment and its evaluation More Questions---- : 1/2/2009 12 More Questions---- Use your cards and notes as starting points: With a Partner How do we know if Critical Thinking occurs? Examples of assignments with scoring guides or rubrics : 1/2/2009 13 Examples of assignments with scoring guides or rubrics Washington State Miami University A Sample Assignment Format In my course (s), activities: : 1/2/2009 14 In my course (s), activities: What aspect of CT do I want to address? What is a good assignment or activity to focus on that aspect? What is an appropriate assessment of how well CT was demonstrated? Refer to the matrix handout and your notes Aspects of Critical Thinking : 1/2/2009 15 Aspects of Critical Thinking Purposeful & productive Process of judgment Mindful of assumptions Informed by multiple inputs Self-regulatory Contextual awareness Evidence based Reasoned consideration Recursive There is a GREEN sheet circulating–join us to learn more by being a rater for the CT assessment this semester! Report Back : 1/2/2009 16 Report Back Something I might do is……… Evaluation : 1/2/2009 17 Evaluation If you are willing to share your ideas, please put your name, e-mail & MS on your card & turn it in. The card will be returned. Please complete the evaluation Thanks for coming!! Contacts : 1/2/2009 18 Contacts Karen Gentemann, Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness, 703-993-8836 Laurie Fathe, Associate Provost, Educational Improvement, , 703-993-8671 Mary Zamon, Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Assessment , 703-993-8618 Resources : 1/2/2009 19 Resources Using Blooms’ Taxonomy in Creating Assignments Washington State -Elements of Critical Thinking Miami University Critical Thinking Project The Complete American Philosophical Association Delphi Research Report Paul, E., Elder, L., and Bartell, T. ( 1997). Study of 38 Public Universities and 28 Private Universities To Determine Faculty Emphasis on Critical Thinking In Instruction. George Mason University Office of Institutional Assessment George Mason University Center for Teaching Excellence

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