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Published on April 2, 2008

Author: wairere2



A section from my PhD Dissertation. More freely available downloads on related topics can be found on my website

This Outline of Critical Theory is taken from Vol. 1 of my PhD Dissertation: The Social Construction of an Architectural Reality in Design Education. © 1997 Tony Ward Postmarxist Critique of the Base-Superstructure Model Critics of orthodox marxism have pointed to this distinction between the economic base and the determined superstructure as the core cause of the failure of Soviet communism and the failure of marxism as a formative ideology for social change. Beginning with the anarcho-synicalists like Makhno, through powerful dissidents such as Luxemburg down to the New Left of the 1960s and later postmodernists, these critics have all maintained that the revolution which will emancipate the masses cannot wait until all of the conditions for its existence are in place. In the face of the Gulag revelations, which emerged from th

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