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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: tylerisaacmurphy


What Can we Do? March 9, 2014 In the article, ”What Can We Do?” by Allan G. Johnson, he discusses ways to fight privilege and oppression. Although the article focuses on the oppression of groups of people, it can also be applied to other groups. In this case, we apply the framework for fighting oppression to the plight of the Hawaiian Monk Seal. First and foremost, to understand and fight against oppression, one must acknowledge that it exists. Acknowledgement that an issue existed came quickly for all involved in KP2’s saga. Although the fun-loving seal gained instant fame from the videos posted on social media sites of him, nearly everyone knew that this fame came with a price. Fighting oppression and privilege requires one to pay attention. Understanding one’s role in the process, be it a bystander, the oppressor or the oppressed, one must know the role they play. Dr. Williams’s idea to create a Facebook page for KP2 to bring awareness to his cause and communicate was a great way to bring about attention and help people to understand the results of their actions on the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Bringing about awareness of the advantages that seals bring to an ecosystem helped the fishermen to discover that despite their long held beliefs, the seals were actually good for their livelihood. Teaching others to listen and challenge their perceived norms is vital to the fight of the Hawaiian Monk Seals as well as the fight against oppression. Every person can play a small part in the fight against oppression. With KP2, this is evidenced by each person’s role in working to help the seals. The Washington Bureaucracy, scientists, researchers, volunteers, Hawaiian locals and fishermen all played a part in creating or destroying a future for the seals. Each one of the focuses outlined would not have been accomplished were it not for the use of media in explaining the plight of the seals. KP2 gained notoriety after a video of him was published on Youtube, his story has been told countless times in news reports and websites focused on helping the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Without the medias involvement in KP2’s story, the story may never have been told. 1

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