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Published on December 11, 2007

Author: Nevada


Crisis and Rebirth in Europe Late Medieval 1300-1650 Ch 24-25,27:  Crisis and Rebirth in Europe Late Medieval 1300-1650 Ch 24-25,27 Plagues- Revolts- Wars and Famine Religious Crisis Reformation and Renaissance Economic, Social and Health Crisis:  Economic, Social and Health Crisis A- Famine- partly bad weather B- Plagues caused havoc(see map p 273) types Bubonic (Black Death) Pneumonic blamed sin, flagellation C- Peasant revolts- reduction in pop- lords still wanted work- not enough serfs Jaquire in France 1358, English peasants revolt in 1381 AND then Political Crisis Hundred Years War 1337-1453:  Political Crisis Hundred Years War 1337-1453 Begin- fight over Gascony (last English province in France) Edward III claimed French throne- English win stunning victory at Crecy soldiers paid with strong long bow France too big too unify under Eng.- Henry V at Agincourt Joan of Arc- French loose battles but win the war Other Changes:  Other Changes 1. Feudalism breaking down towns increasing and kings becoming stronger raise own armies- issue right to tax 2. England - long struggle to establish Tudor kings (War of Roses) 3. Spain - Christians uniting to force out Moors 4. Russia forces out the Mongols 5. Ottoman Turks take Byzantium 1453 Holy Roman Empire Revisited:  Holy Roman Empire Revisited still disunity but in 15th century Charles V rules Spain, Germany, Italy never able to control Italian city states has to deal with reformation in Germany Charles breaks up Empire and retires Religious Crisis:  Religious Crisis Western Church spits with the Eastern orthodox 1054 Papacy moves to Avignon- French king powerful- resented by others Vote for another pope- est Two popes - called another Great Schism Corruption, conflict - selling church position and indulgences for sins led to---------------> Intellectual Reawakening Ch 25 The Renaissance:  Intellectual Reawakening Ch 25 The Renaissance Began in Italy- means “rebirth” some see as beginning of modern age with emphasis of individualism 1. rebirth of classics- began to study Aristotle, Plato reconcile antiquity with Christianity 2. Humanism- saw potential in humans- belief in education, change and hope Philosophy of Renaissance (cont):  Philosophy of Renaissance (cont) 3. to make people virtuous , see the possibility in improving 4. looked to Greeks and Romans- recognized they were superior 5. basis for scientific thought And even your gen Ed classes- try to make you an “educated, well rounded human i.e. renaissance (wo)man.” The Reformation ch 27:  The Reformation ch 27 Many movement to reform- John Hus in 1415 had called for end of corruption went to Council at Constance- burned Council said they were directly connected to God and everyone had to listen popes themselves not the models of virtue- supported arts and relatives The Reformers:  The Reformers Martin Luther- deeply religious priest- never intended break, but would not back down at Worms “Here I stand” escaped, translated Bible to German-began a political and religious struggle in Germany- Most of North became Lutheran Erasamus 1536t popularized Christian Humanism and inner piety More Reformers:  More Reformers John Calvin 1564t systematic reformer from France to Geneva- set up theocracy inspired John Knox- carried reform to Scotland Zwingli 1531t priest in Zurich got rid of relics and images, replaced liturgy with Scripture reading, prayer and sermon, died in battle

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