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Information about CrescentMoonVillage

Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Michelangelo


Crescent Moon Village:  Crescent Moon Village The PowerPoint Presentation About the level:  About the level Crescent Moon Village is the first level in the Sapphire Passage in a game called Wario Land 4 for the Gameboy Advance. The level is so called because it is set in a small village and you can see the moon in the background. The level has some of the most money of any level of Wario Land 4, with the total being somewhere around 30 000 gold. There are also two transformations Wario can use here, Vampire Wario to fly to higher places and Zombie Wario to fall through the floor. Both of these are caused by the effects of horror style enemies within the level. Why The level is the best in the game:  Why The level is the best in the game Crescent Moon Village is the best level in the game simply because of it’s theme. For one, it seems to be very based after the UK, with similar style buildings and paintings, plus red post boxes along the outdoor parts. The level is also better than the others is the passage because it is not an attempt to make a hugely original level, or parody a movie type. Of this, Arabian Nights is a parody of many movies set in the East and involving flying carpets, Fiery Cavern is a weird level which freezes when you hit a switch and Hotel Horror is based on many horror movie set in Haunted hotels, with axe wielding ghosts, bats and ghouls inside a horror film style hotel location. The Enemies:  The Enemies In Crescent Moon Village, there are multiple types of enemy. One type is the skeleton ghoul, a ghost which turns Wario into a zombie by firing a green ball of energy at him. Another kind is a pink axe using ghost which charges around and on sight, charges right at Wario and tries to decapitate him with it’s axe. Another kind is a pink spiny. This is a small turtle that can only be damaged by pounding the ground and attacking it’s weak stomach. Yet another kind is the black spiny. This can only be flipped and killed from ground pounding at great heights, and is extremely difficult to defeat. Of course there is also a small bat enemy which flies around and when it touches Wario, turns him into a Vampire bat who can fly around the level. Of course, in Vampire or Zombie form, Wario is invincible and instant kills whatever walks into him. The Areas:  The Areas The first area is an outdoor street with platforms, probably th efire exit for the building to the right. On Super Hard mode, ghosts with axes are on the floor and each platform. There is also a sewer underneath the floor. Falling into it as Zombie Wario lets you get some hearts, but avoid the bubbles and armoured fish waiting to attack! Then there is the inside of one of the houses. There are more axe ghosts and skeleton ghouls here, plus boxes to smash and a painting of a weird man in the background. Then you go into another street and find the spinies to avoid, then go into another haunted house with bats and more ghosts. Out the exit then to another, longer street, where there is a secret room far to the left, and a hidden pipe under the far right hand house. In that house is the semi final haunted house you explore, filled with ghosts, ghouls and bats! You then go into a final street. There are more spinies, and a big drop to the next part. Go right again and you break some crates, probably in a ware house or shop. Keep going right and past the sewer entrance to reach a final house with the switch, candles, spinies and bats. Then, as you go back, drop down the gap to enter another sewer, filled with strong currents, octopus monsters and treasure! The Giant Pirate Ghost:  The Giant Pirate Ghost There is an enormous ghost diving around this level, and it isn’t just for decoration. For example, quickly grab the money, as this ghost is quick to steal any coins left lying around for two long, often from the enemy you just killed! Finally, when you have Keyser, run! This ghost will actually steal the key to the next level, and you will then have to retrieve it as the ghost flies around the level! This gets irritating, plus, after too long, you lose money then your life! The End:  The End By cheat-master30 Property of DS Ultimate website at! Do not steal this or be sued!

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