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Published on October 10, 2008

Author: alexrosu



Presentation that I did for Interesting New York.

“Credo Quia Absurdum Est.” Political Street Art from Bucharest Alexandru Rosu - 1

Street Art is Public Memory • “After two weeks, everyone forgets about it” • “If it’s not on the news, it never happened” 2

Street Art is Public Memory • battle for attention is huge; • advertising campaigns usually last 13 weeks; • street art lasts; it is not replaced by something else after 2 months 3

Street Art is Civil Disobedience • illegal • anti-establishment • protest • incites to action 4

Nicolae Ceausescu • dictator; • killed during the Romanian revolution; • loads of people still miss him 5



Ion Iliescu • former prominent member of RCP, marginalized • managed to get hold of power after 1989; • managed to stay in office 3 terms, despite the constitution says only 2; • called the miners to Bucharest, and held back development 8




Corneliu Vadim Tudor • Ultra-nationalist, anti-everything- non-Romanian- and-christian- orthodox; • he was a “people’s poet” before 1989; • he is generally considered insane; 12


Adrian Nastase • Ion Iliescu’s right hand; Prime Minister 2000 - ‘04; • accused of major acts of corruption; • under his government, general level of corruption was huge; presidential candidate 14


Traian Basescu • Sailor before 1989; • not any political role; • used to run a micro- scale smuggling operation (common) • 2004 - seen as Romania’s only chance against corruption 16








Iraq War. Global Politics. 24









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