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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: ‘ W hat CREDITS , W E Expect to SEE in an OPENING SEQUENCE ’ By Liam Grantham- Member of Blind Feline PowerPoint Presentation: During this PowerPoint presentation I am going to use the film Shutter Island as the primary film as an example of the credits we should use and include in our film apart from the film. PowerPoint Presentation: The main titled official we se first is the producer - in this case it is the films producer- who’s official role is very behind the scenes as his primary job is to get the film made. They oversee every stage in the production from looking at the script to the finished product. The producer is initially in charge of finances and the organisation of the production by selecting the cast and making every legal requirement ffiacial. PowerPoint Presentation: The next line of command or role in the sequence was the Director - However this was an interesting one as each section has there separate Director for instance Robert Richardson was the director of photography in Shutter Island. However in most cases there is an primary Director and there role is to give the movie a touch of creation and uniqueness as helping the actors by giving them directions in each scene. As well as this they have a say in what goes into the film and what should be taken out of it to make it a success. Movie directors approve the lighting, music, costumes and other creative details that make each film a unique production. Some film directors are also scriptwriters or they may approve the movie’s scriptwriter. All movie directors interpret the script PowerPoint Presentation: Of course the main, pivotal Actors will all be presented in the opening sequence as they are often the main reason we tune in to watch the film. They are what makes the film click and make all the plans made by the producers and directors work. Such as Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island PowerPoint Presentation: The Editor is also a very big part of the filming. There main job is to cut down hours and hours of footage together therefore creating a cohesive story through various technical software's- like the one behind us Abobe Premiere Pro. The job comes with various patience and does everyone's else's dirty work for them by making every last detail look sufficient. PowerPoint Presentation:  Head Of Music is also a very big part in the production obviously creating the artistic techniques that we can not see. This could be working out the correct pitch or tempo in the orchestra to give off the right tone. Or finding the ideal setting to give of the ambient or Diegetic sound to match the scene. PowerPoint Presentation: The Production Company is also a very big part in the sequence Most often, the production company for films and television provides the money, and thus sets the budget, and may also make decisions on what director, and actors can be hired. Budget often makes other decisions possible. So this is why we would often se the company's name at the start of the sequence as without the money they handed over the film wouldn’t be possible.

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