Credential Transparency Initiative - On the Road to Improving the Credentialing System

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Published on October 7, 2016

Author: CTItechnical


1. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Next Steps in the Credential Registry ON THE ROAD TO IMPROVING THE CREDENTIALING ECOSYSTEM

2. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Steve Crawford, Co-Director, CTI WELCOME REMARKS

3. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO, Lumina Foundation THE ROAD AHEAD

4. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Steve Crawford, Co-Director, CTI and Bob Sheets, Co-Director, CTI THE CTI VISION

5. CTI Vision & Strategy Vision: Coherent and transparent credentialing marketplace that meets the needs of students, job seekers, educators and employers Strategy: • Develop common terms for describing key features of credentials, credentialing organizations, and quality assurance organizations — this is called Credential Transparency Description Language or CTDL • Create voluntary, web-based Credential Registry to capture data based on the CTDL • Develop and test a prototype application for searching the data on the Registry • Promote competitive, open marketplace of applications based on open licensing of CTDL, the Credential Registry, and the prototype search application • Encourage credentialing and quality assurance organizations to put data on the Registry Slide 5#BetterCreds | September 19, 2016

6. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Jeanne Kitchens, Co-Director, CTI and Bob Sheets, Co-Director, CTI VIDEO AND LIVE DEMO OF CREDENTIAL SEARCH APP POWERED BY THE CREDENTIAL REGISTRY

7. Question & Answer • For in-person questions and comments, line up at standing microphones. • Please email additional feedback, comments, or questions to

8. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Webcast will reconvene at 10:45 a.m. ET BREAK

9. Perspectives of Registry Data Providers and Users Moderator: Louis Soares, Vice President, Center for Policy Research and Strategy, American Council on Education (ACE) Panelists: • Laurie Dodge, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Assessment and Planning and Vice Provost, Brandman University • Amy Heitzman, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Chief Learning Officer, University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) • Tom Kriger, Director of Research and Education, North America’s Building Trades Unions • Eleni Papadakis, Executive Director, Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board • Mike Reilly, Executive Director, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

10. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Webcast will reconvene at 12:40 p.m. ET LUNCH BREAK

11. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds John Engler, President, Business Roundtable PLANS FOR THE CREDENTIAL REGISTRY – GOING TO SCALE

12. Scaling the Credential Registry Leaders from higher education and the business community will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and potential global implications of moving to scale. Moderator: Paul Fain, News Editor, Inside Higher Ed Panelists: • Molly Corbett Broad, President, ACE • Jörg Dräger, Member of Executive Board, Bertelsmann Foundation • John Engler, President, Business Roundtable • Gail Mellow, President of LaGuardia Community College

13. Benefits of the Registry to Key Stakeholders Panelists will share their thoughts on how the registry will benefit employers, credentialing organizations, the education community, the military, and more. Moderator: Andy Rotherham, Co-Founder and Partner, Bellwether Education Partners Panelists: • Frank DiGiovanni, Director, Force Training, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness, U.S. Department of Defense • Jim Kendzel, Vice President, Certification, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) • Eric V. Mitchell, Executive Director – Talent Optimization, AT&T • Lenore Rodicio, Executive Vice President and Provost, Miami Dade College • Ken Sauer, Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer, Indiana Commission for Higher Education

14. Guidance for Breakout Sessions Roy Swift, Co-Director, CTI; Executive Director, Workcred Questions for Breakout Sessions: 1. Based on your current understanding of the project, what are your specific recommendations to improve the registry? 2. What do you feel are the major opportunities and barriers to making these improvements? 3. What specific strategies should be implemented to attract additional credential issuers and quality assurance bodies to publish to the registry? Optional Question: What other related initiatives should be aligned with the registry? #BetterCreds | September 19, 2016 Slide 16

15. Breakout Session Locations • Pink: Plenary Room • Neon Green: Plenary Room • Yellow: Room 703 • Red: Room 802 • Orange: Room 806 • Blue: Room 807 • Light Blue: Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): Room 808

16. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Webcast will reconvene at 4:00 p.m. ET BREAKOUT SESSIONS IN PROGRESS

17. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Roberts Jones, Co-Director, CTI REPORTS FROM BREAKOUT SESSIONS AND CLOSING REMARKS

18. Breakout Facilitator Report Outs • Yellow Group: Andy Van Kleunen, National Skills Coalition + Carla Casilli, BadgeChain • Red Group: Martin Scaglione, Hope Street Group + David Wilcox, Global Skills Exchange • Green Group: Mary Beth Lakin, American Council on Education • Pink Group: Nan Travers, SUNY Empire State College • Orange Group: Sharon Boivin, National Center for Education Statistics • Blue Group: Kimberly Green, Advance CTE • Light Blue (TAC): Jeanne Kitchens, Southern Illinois University #BetterCreds | September 19, 2016 Slide 20

19. Next Steps • Nominate individuals to participate in an advisory group at • Register for webinars on November 17th or 18th at to learn more about publishing credentials to the registry. • Contact to participate as a pilot partner (limited spots available). • Provide feedback through the follow-up survey that will be sent tomorrow morning.

20. September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds Roberts Jones, Co-Director, CTI CLOSING REMARKS

21. For more on CTI: September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds @CTI_Credential

22. For more on CTI: September 19, 2016 Washington, DC #BetterCreds @CTI_Credential

23. Appendix • Demonstration Screens

24. Scenario 1 - A young adult is looking to advance their computer programming career. They have some college and work experience but want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

25. Scenario 2 - At school, a student learned about production jobs in manufacturing. She’s wants to know what industry-recognized credentials she could earn in high school and what qualifications they provide.

26. Scenario 3 - While reviewing the resumes of current applicants, an employer sees an unfamiliar credential issued by an unfamiliar organization. The employer needs to look into the credential to see if these are strong credentials for a position in a medical office that is responsible for health information.

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