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Information about Credential Finder Prototype App Demonstration

Published on October 7, 2016

Author: CTItechnical


1. Credential Finder Prototype Ap Credential Finder Prototype App Demonstration September 28, 2016

2. CTI is becoming Credential Engine. On September 19, 2016 Lumina Foundation and Business Roundtable announced the formation of the Credential Engine. Credential Engine is a 501C3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve transparency in the credentialing marketplace. Credential Engine will pursue this mission by maintaining the open- licensed Credential Registry (CR) and Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) and promoting an open applications marketplace. The CTI team will continue the project’s work and actively participate with this transition. Stay tuned and learn more

3. Agenda • Introduction • Scenario-based Demonstration • Q&A • Next Steps

4. How it Works Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) Credential Engine Registry Credential Finder Prototype App

5. Co-Engineering All three technologies are being co-engineered by: • Technical Advisory Committee • Credentialing and Quality Assurance partners • Other interested stakeholders

6. Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) CTDL is a metadata infrastructure: • Provides the common language for the metadata on the registry in the form of metadata schema and vocabulary. • Conforms to the World Wide Web (W3C) specifications and builds on • Includes schema and vocabulary for major classes and properties of credentials, credentialing organizations, quality assurance organizations and competency frameworks critical for determining the quality and value of credentials in the credentialing marketplace. • Defines the data for the Credential Engine Registry.

7. Credential Engine Registry Credential Registry is a set of technologies that includes infrastructure to provide a repository: • Operates under and open-licensed infrastructure to continuously capture, connect, archive and share metadata about: • credentials • credentialing organizations • quality assurance organizations • competency frameworks • Additional metadata as needed to support an open applications marketplace. • Validates CTDL.

8. WORKIT is a prototype app for searching all types of credentials: • Tests the CTDL and the Credential Engine (CE) Registry. The information found through the app is from the CE Registry. • Means for getting community feedback. • Provides initial source code for other apps that can specialize in many different types of services. * Currently the app is only available to participating pilot partners. Credential Finder Prototype App

9. All Types of Credentials Together, the CTDL, Credential Engine Registry and search app prototype make it possible to see comparable information about all types of credentials. Below are some examples of the types of credentials.

10. WORKIT is a prototype app for showing: • Comparable information for all types of credentials • One-stop location for this comparable information now found in other locations for one or more types of credentials. • Provides access to information on competencies and competency frameworks. • Provides more information on connections between credentials. Demonstrates Power of the Registry

11. Demonstration Scenarios Audience Scenario Job Seeker A job seeker recently lost their job. They have many years of experience working but want to find credentials that can ensure they have current skills in a growing occupation area such as information technology. Young Adult A young adult is looking to advance their computer programming career. They have some college and work experience but want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Student At school, a student learned about production jobs in manufacturing. She’s wants to know what industry-recognized credentials she could earn in high school and what types of jobs they would qualify her for. Employer In reviewing the resumes of current applicants, an employer sees an unfamiliar credential issued by an unfamiliar organization. The employer needs to look into the credential to see if these are strong credentials for a position in a medical office that is responsible for health information. Education/Training Organization A community college is updating curricula is interested in embedding credentials with a program that offers more credentialing options including industry certifications.

12. Demo

13. Next Steps Not a CTI/Credential Engine Partner Yet? Send an email to Participate with Upcoming Webinars: These webinars are for current and potential partners. • CTI Credential Engine Registry Partner Informational Webinar - October 13, 2016 • Using Linked Data for Competency Frameworks and Statements – November 14, 2016 • Credential Engine Registry Services and Support Plan - November 17, 2016 • Credential Engine Registry Technical Deep Dive - November 18, 2016 Register for all webinars here Nominations Process for Credential Engine Advisory Councils Nominations for Credential Engine’s four advisory councils is open through October 15. Learn more and make nominations The Technical Advisory Committee Continues to Welcome New Members Join here

14. For more information Steve Crawford Research Professor, GWIPP Bob Sheets Research Professor, GWIPP Roy Swift Executive Director, Workcred Roberts T. Jones Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor Jeanne Kitchens Associate Director, SIU Center for Workforce Development CTI Website CTI Technical Planning Microsite Social Media #CTIcred 14

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