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Published on July 10, 2014

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Credence Independent Advisors

Credence Independent Advisors Emaar Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Level 14, Burj Khalifa Downtown, P.O. Box 334155 Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Website: Tel: +971 4 439 4280 Email: Credence Independent Advisors @credencewealth Credence Independent Advisors

About Credence Independent Advisors • Credence Independent Advisors is a financial advisory company, offering various different financial services. • With financial conditions changing globally every now and then. Credence customizes advice and solutions to the specific requirements of clients. • At credence, experienced and trained professionals along with latest technology helps to manage wealth of not just multi million dollar clients but even others also. • Credence offers a portfolio of different services ranging from wealth and asset management to SIPPS, QROPS

Why Credence Independent Advisors • Credence works on the idea of working for what their clients want. • Credence not just listens and understands the needs of their clients but also assists them and educates them in order to ensure that they achieve what they expect to achieve. • At Credence the whole idea is to develop proposition and grow by delivering beyond the client’s expectations.

Proposition • Credence completely understands that behavioral finance, financial markets and investor trends are driven by sentiments. • Credence also understands the fact that everyone has their own specific requirements and needs. • Therefore, Credence has a team of highly knowledgeable, professional and trained client advisors, who bring in years of experience in terns of investor relations and management of client money. • Credence ensures that it meets and exceeds the expectations of its clients. To achieve this, advisors at Credence has got access to world class research material and training on markets, products and legislation, as well as brand values.

Services • Wealth Management (Preserve and grow your asset) • Financial planning (Plan your financial milestones) • Pensions (SIPPS & QROPS) • Investor’s Visa (Tier 1 (Investor) Visa Portfolio Management)

Wealth Management • When it comes to wealth management, everyone has a different attitude towards risk and return, because acquisition of wealth is a different process from management of wealth. • Therefore, it is very important to look at all the future milestones, prioritize the importance of each event and ensure that they are planned carefully. • Hence, our expert advisors at Credence assist you in making the best investment decisions for your financial milestones based on your expectations for risk and return.

Financial Planning • At Credence, our expertise lies in the financial planning for expatriate clients, so we come up with the right solutions to ensure that your financial planning puts you in control of your money. • This is because majority of our clients are expatriates residing in favourable tax jurisdictions. • However, this will not be the case for most of them forever, because they might return to their homeland or to their next overseas destination. • Therefore, this is where our advisors will ensure that our clients are in the most favourable tax positions possible, when returning to their homeland or their next overseas destination. • We ensure this, because at Credence, we have a complete understanding of how trust structures may benefit you and have access to estate planning tools to ensure that your money remains where you want it.

Pensions • SIPPS (Self Invested Personal Pension Scheme): • A SIPPS can be customized to the specific requirements of the owner, with a greater flexibility and more allowable underlying investment options. • Since, UK pensions can often be built over a career and may not be structured ideally for their owners. • Therefore if you have a UK pension, than you should have a consultation with us to find out if SIPPS is the right solution for you.

Pensions • QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme): • QROPS is an HMRC pension transfer scheme, which meets the same requirements as a UK pension. • The benefits of QROPS are reduction of income tax, greater investment and succession planning options. • Since, there is a great deal of change taking place in the employment market and there is an international movement of employees taking place, therefore, QROPS can be the ideal solution for people who decide on not returning to the UK. • Hence, if you have UK pensions and are planning to stay outside of the UK, then you should have a pension review and consult us for the best option for you.

Tier 1 (Investor) Visa Portfolio Management: • Credence also offers the services of Tier 1 (investor) visa portfolio management. Under this category, you make a financial investment in the UK, through which you are eligible for Tier 1 (Investor) Visa of UK and this can subsequently lead to British citizenship. • Credence manages an investment portfolio for you under the restrictions of the program and according to your investment objectives when you invest with our Tier 1 (Investor) Visa Service. • As a result of which we take the responsibility for the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio, while you can concentrate on your other priorities. • Credence also allows you the opportunity to meet your own investment manager in order to build your own investment strategy and to make and manage a portfolio based on your specific needs and objectives, while complying with the investment restrictions of the visa program at the same time.

What is Credence Investment Platform • The Credence investment platform is a full service wrap platform bringing you cost effective, secure and transparent access to a universe of investments and account options. • Our investment platform benefits from bringing together leading UK and global asset management and technology partners, which underpin our wrap platform proposition. • Increasingly your expectations of the consumer experience is defined by leading electronics companies, such as Apple and Sony, and an expectation that technology is mobile. • To our minds, the management of your investments and financial planning affairs shouldn’t be any different. • Our investment platform is designed to meet your expectations in an increasingly digital world.

Key Features • View all of your accounts online 24 hours a day across a variety of ‘devices’ and tax wrappers. • Transact electronically across 100 stock markets, in 38 currencies with access to approximately 10,000 funds, all at institutional prices. • Complete personal suitability and risk profiling to accurate ‘map’ your investing tolerances to a customised portfolio solution. • Send and record all of your correspondence with us online in a document management • system. • Benefit from discounted pricing for a whole host of tax wrappers, meaning that your regular savings, pension, general investment account and life assurance investments can all sit along side each other. • Take peace of mind from having your assets held by one of the world’s largest custodians, SEI, with nearly $500bn of AUM. • Choose from a range of outsourced investment management solutions, including professional discretionary fund management from leading UK fund management institutions. • Alternatively, we can create truly bespoke asset allocations and portfolios specific to you and your circumstances.

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