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Published on November 22, 2010

Author: energizecreativity


PowerPoint Presentation: Energize Your Creativity Experience Committed Carefree Creativity Energize Your Creativity Presents:: A Creativity Test Energize Your Creativity Presents: I have been asked if there is a creativity test that I can recommend, so I have developed one that I think you will find very powerful.: I have been asked if there is a creativity test that I can recommend, so I have developed one that I think you will find very powerful. PowerPoint Presentation: I hope you’ve been studying! No? PowerPoint Presentation: Even though you might not have planned to take a creativity test today, I urge you to take it… …so you will know exactly where you stand. PowerPoint Presentation: It only takes a few minutes to complete. Are you ready? PowerPoint Presentation: Here is the first question: PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Are you breathing? If your answer is yes, guess what? YOU ARE CREATIVE! PowerPoint Presentation: OK, so far so good. Here is the next question: PowerPoint Presentation: 2. Can you breathe deeply? If the answer is yes: Guess what? YOU ARE DEEPLY CREATIVE PowerPoint Presentation: That’s it. You aced the test! PowerPoint Presentation: Now you can go tell your nasty, pesky inner critic that indeed you are, in fact, deeply creative. PowerPoint Presentation: That’s what I call the internal critic who lives inside your head and mine. Meet Blockhead PowerPoint Presentation: Your Blockhead will argue with you that this wasn’t a real test. Of course, Blockhead is going to say that because Blockhead is the reason you think you need to take a test for creativity in the first place. PowerPoint Presentation: You were born creative. You were put on this earth to express that creativity in whatever way is right for you. I can’t tell you how many people have forgotten this bit of information. PowerPoint Presentation: Why is that? PowerPoint Presentation: Because of Blockhead. Blockhead is the sum total of all the negativity that you’ve heard, witnessed or experienced from authority figures and the culture during your entire life. PowerPoint Presentation: Blockhead drags up every nasty comment that anybody has ever said to you and That’s why every time you want to follow a big creative dream, pushes the play button. Does any of this sound familiar?: Does any of this sound familiar? “You never were good at _________.” “Don’t make a fool of yourself, you know you can’t ___________.” You are constantly bombarded with fear and negativity. PowerPoint Presentation: Unfortunately Blockhead has been around so long that you believe all the lies he tells you and you think that Blockhead’s voice inside your head is your voice! PowerPoint Presentation: At Energize Your Creativity, we know that Blockhead is the number one threat to your creativity. PowerPoint Presentation: Come on over so you can find out how I transformed my creativity from paralyzed to productive by turning down the volume on my own Blockhead. PowerPoint Presentation: Action steps: If you like this video would you “like” it on Face Book and Twitter. I would appreciate it very much! You can also leave a comment below. PowerPoint Presentation: Click the link on the bottom of this video to go to Opt-in for my story so you too can turn down the volume on your Blockhead. PowerPoint Presentation: Energize Your Creativity Experience Committed Carefree Creativity

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