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Published on February 17, 2014

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Anlässlich des ersten Cannes Lion Health Awards 2014 haben sich Weber Shandwick mit Repräsentanten von Cannes Lion Health und Unternehmen aus der Healthcare- und Pharma-Branche zum gemütlichen Austausch zusammengefunden und mit einigen Vorurteilen aufgeräumt.

Creativity in Healthcare Lunch 6th February 2014 Frankfurt Cannes’ call to arms 1


Applying Creativity in Healthcare Communication #Does NOT mean • ‘Creative’ interpretation of results, data or content • Bypassing codes of conduct • Painting illusory pictures #Means • Creative ways to communicate content and data • Creative communication platforms and topic links • Creative ways to address respective target groups 3

The Five Barriers to Creativity in Healthcare #1 Ethics seem to be the limiting factor of creativity For consumers, the “product” of health is particularly sensitive and deeply personal. For healthcare professionals, there is the elevated mission of saving or improving peoples’ lives and an overlay of ethical concerns that goes with it. But ethics and creativity can go together. #2 There are too many rules for creativity to prosper Regulations put many restrictions on what you can say about healthcare products. However these rules, which are mass-applied and impersonal, constrain free-thinking and may hinder creativity. There is room for creativity in a regulated space. #3 Healthcare ‘hates’ risks Creativity means taking risks. How can these two go together? Embracing creativity means doing things differently – brands need to climb out of their comfort zone and take risks. There are parameters we can change without taking serious risks. 4

GSMA The Five Barriers to Creativity in Healthcare #4 Healthcare has its own language imperatives Avoid trivialization, don’t make exaggerated claims or use superlatives, support statements with data. A world of evidence-based medicine demands evidence-based communication. Vocabularies are altered to reflect the boundaries of over-promise. Yet clear and concise language is nothing to be afraid of. #5 Creativity appears unmeasurable in a commercial sense Creativity in healthcare mostly has an indirect impact. Our call to actions are not purchases but clicking on links, making a phone call, scheduling an appointment… We should be measuring it when we influence behaviors or drive attitude changes through creativity. 5

Key Conclusions from the Group • Collaborate with legal teams from the beginning. It is essential in ensuring projects make it through internal barriers. • There is a lack of marketers internally prepared to take a risk to try something new. If you are prepared to put yourself forward and step out of your comfort zone it will be very rewarding. • There is a thin line to play with taboos in healthcare. Campaigns when executed well can be life changing and create global awareness unintentionally. • Accept healthcare is not considered like other businesses. Trust is hard for healthcare companies to earn publicly but it can be achieved if well managed. • Learn from social media. The reasons for lack of creative enthusiasm are lack of understanding, no risk taking internally and too many regulations - all of which can be overcome. • Too many PR budgets are controlled by product marketing teams who want to see direct ROI for their products. There must be a budget and ROI for creativity. 6


Contact: Weber Shandwick Healthcare @WSGermany Dr. Torsten Rothärmel, Managing Director Tel.: +49-(0)69-91 30 43-551 8

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