Creative Teaching Learning of Literature: Romeo & Juliet

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Information about Creative Teaching Learning of Literature: Romeo & Juliet

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: bunpeiris



A creative teaching learning session of literature: William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet by bunpeiris

Creative Teaching, Unit 08, ASGN 1 by B. Upul N. Peiris, Batch 2, Gateway, Negombo Creative Learning Activities Games, research, case studies Discussions, debates, simulations Practical activities, real work, group work Work experience, investigations, projects 3/8/2014 1

Benefits of creative learning Approaches  We are forever hungry of new stuff. The novelty in any sphere of the life arouses curiosity and interest: creative learning approaches have the learners interested.  Still more the creative situations get the learners involved.  Opens up the lesson to have the learners self directed to make use any/all of the multiple intelligences.  Once the learners see the lesson makes room for their creativity/imagination/activity on the lesson, they become motivated. bunpeiris 3/8/2014 2

An Approach to Creative learning of literature Independent learning: Once the target literary work has been read by the students at home, we begin discussion at school. Leaner Centered: If a lesson on an interpretation of a story is creative enough to open up learners’ self direction and let learner autonomy in, they begin to voice their thoughts. Creative learning: For the interpretation/discussion we use ICT based graphic creations. Environment: ICT based learning to attract all.[ECM] Resources available: Micro computer, multimedia projector and Smart Board Resource development: Digital Slide Show & cards 3/8/2014 3

Our creative approach for a teaching/learning session of “Juliet & Her Romeo”  Subject: Literature Lesson: Romeo & Juliet  Grade: 9, No. of students: 20 Duration: 40 minutes  Approach: Learner-centered ICT based learning/teaching [Technology is all ours to make use of any day]  Strategy: to facilitate discussion, we spur them with a digital slide show presenting scenes from the play.  Activity: Card game: Learners match 2 sets of cards, i.e. “Quotation Cards” & “Paraphrase Cards” to the Digital Slides.  Then each student, in turn explains, interprets, & elaborates the scenes still with the slides on. 3/8/2014 4

“Not knowing he is hiding in the orchard to steal a glimpse of hers, Juliet pours out her heart to the sheer bliss of Romeo 3/8/2014 5

ACTIVITY: Learners match the two sets of printed cards to the ideal image in the digital slide show Our Master’s words  O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?  Deny thy father, and refuse thy name.  Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love. And I’ll no longer be a Capulet. Paraphrase  O Romeo, Romeo!  Why are you called Romeo?  Deny that you are the son of your father & refuse that your name is Romeo.  Or if you cannot do that & say on oath that you love me. And I will deny that I am daughter of a Capulet. 3/8/2014 6

Different learner needs: Kindergarten Version Vs. Ph. D Version  In the conventional learning session we may find learners who find the activity  [a] a bit easy [smart learners]  [b] just right on [average learners]  [c] a bit hard [struggling learners]  But in this creative learning session such struggling & average learners are bound to perform much better with digital slides, quotation cards its paraphrase card.  Now to prevent the smart learners going unchallenged 3/8/2014 7

A love story for all time, for all the world, all heavens- all the suns, stars & moons Universal & Timeless 3/8/2014 8

“Parting is such sweet sorrow”?? And a smart learner would say: their parting is of course, sorrowful to both of them, but then again they rejoice that they will be meeting in the morning The Master’s words  Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say ‘Good night’ till it be morrow Paraphrase  Good night, Goodnight! Separation is so painfully sweet that I can say goodnight to you till it is morning 3/8/2014 9

Evaluate the effectiveness of using creative approaches to learning/teaching session  [a] All children are able to match a quotation card & its paraphrase card to the slide.  [b] Most learners are able to do [a] & explain/elaborate the scene in the slide in their own words.  [c] Some learners are able to do [a], [b] & explain/elaborate the scene or new words by relating same to another work of literature.  Informal Assessment: during the lesson: while the slides are being matched by the learners with cards  Formal Assessment: worksheet 3/8/2014 10

Reference Brown, C, Romeo & Juliet 2011, Enchanted serenity period films [image online] Available at: meo-juliet-2011.html [Accessed on 21 February 2014]  Falkenberg, T., 2013 New Photos From ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Released Ahead of October Premier [image online] Available at: [Accessed on 21 February 2014] • Ramleela 2013, India Times [image online] Available at : [Accessed on 21 February 2014]  3/8/2014 11

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