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Published on September 17, 2016

Author: marcsanzarquero


1. Señor Lobo (Mister Wolf) is an independent strategist Searching purpose on how we do advertising Presenting alternative strategic and creative services ‘Human centred - strategies’

2. Rebellion against dogmas and myths in communications and media. Fight the ‘Been There Done That’ attitude. New opportunities require blank mindsets. ! ! ‘YOU KNOW NOTHING BRO’ Philosophy

3. Skepticism to gurus and ‘how to’ shortcuts to knowledge. Over-planning kills the serendipity and the unexpected relevance. ! ! INTUITION NEEDS TESTS Philosophy

4. Our culture is in constant change. ’Human centred - design’ explores the idea of usage designing itself. We are to drive human centred - communications on behalf of brands. ! ! CREATIVE AGENTS OF HUMANISM Philosophy

5. The upcoming ad age will be driven by professional hybridism and brands interventionism. Hijack culture and create cultural value for the future. ! ! HACKERS | PROTOTYPES Philosophy

6. Constant questioning is the Socratic way to seek truth.Our responsibility is bigger than delivering a message. Transcendence to the advertising industry; it is a shame been able of changing the world and choosing not to. ! ! INSTIGATE CHANGES Philosophy

7. Señor Lobo (Mister Wolf) is a personal search of purpose and responsibility for the sake of brands and consumers. Señor Lobo is a guardian of purpose and intention in the coming adland era. ! ! ADVERTISING SHOULD CHANGE THE WORLD Philosophy

8. “ Sofía volvió a pensar de nuevo con su propia inteligencia, sin usar lo que había aprendido de otros. ! Jostein Gaarder

9. Señor Lobo is a naturalist exploring a Wild Branded Safari. With own thoughts and theories on how brands should design their communication. HUMAN CENTRED - STRATEGIES


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