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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: MoniqueleRoux2



Information Sharing Session - Creative Ink - February 2014

Mashable is a news, technology and social media blog. The website's primary focus is social media news, but it also covers news and developments in mobile, entertainment, online video, business, web development, technology, memes and gadgets.

Every year Mashable researches and tests the top apps for Android and Apple and releases there own list of top 10 apps. Seeing as we have all made the move to either Android or Apple, and no one person can know everything about the best apps out there, we decided to enlighten ourselves and discuss what else theses devices we use every day of our lives can do with the help of the best apps!

Best iPhone Apps 0f 2013 Source: ―There are more than 1 million apps in the App Store, and while we haven't tested them all, the Mashable staff had busy fingers in 2013 — gaming, photo editing and posting away on our favorite iPhone apps from the bunch. One type in particular — photo apps — stole our hearts during the past 12 months. But of course, we found favorites across all categories.‖

1. Afterlight ―The app allows users to do the basics, like crop and rotate photos, but it also has an expansive collection of filters, borders and textures to turn your iPhone photo into an iPhone masterpiece. Of course, the app also allows users to share the edited photos to their social media accounts.‖ Available on Android

2. Duolingo ―Apple selected Duolingo as the company's top iPhone app of the year -- and it's pretty clear why. Duolingo helps users learn a new language from their iPhones with both visual and verbal lessons. Learners are rewarded with experience points, which they can use to buy perks within the app. Perhaps the best part: it's free. Right now the app offers five languages, including Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.‖ Available on Android

3. Pocket Light Meter ―If you are an avid photographer - The app provides photographers with a functioning, quality light meter that tests the intensity and exposure of the photography subject. Light meters cost anywhere from R1500 to R3000 at the store and online. The iPhone app is free, plus you won't need to carry around an extra gadget with you at all times.‖ Available on Android

4. Temple Run 2 ―Temple Run 2 turned out to be a great sequel to its predecessor, which set lofty standards. For starters, the new game has much better graphics. Plus, there are more characters to choose from and new terrains to conquer. All of this added up for iPhone users -- the app was the third most downloaded iPhone app in 2013, behind only Candy Crush Saga and YouTube.‖ Available on Android

5. Venmo ―Nothing says "you'll never see that money again" quite like a friend saying, "I'll pay you back later" after you buy him a beer. Enter Venmo. The app allows friends to pay one another via iPhone at the touch of a button. Simply connect your checking account to your Venmo app and settle debts (no matter how small), without paying any processing fee to send payments or cash out back to your bank account. Users can also use the app to "charge" others -- a gentle reminder to send along the money when possible.‖ Available on Android

6. Over ―Over allows users to overlay text onto the images that they take with their smartphone. The messages can turn routine smartphone pictures into e-cards, or simply provide a fun way to spruce up your photos before sharing them to social sites such as Instagram or Twitter.‖ Overgram – Over’s little (read FREE) brother Not Available on Android

7. ThirdLove ―The biggest danger of buying clothes online? The risk they won't actually fit when they arrive in the mail. The app allows women to send in iPhone photographs that can be analyzed to determine the proper bra size (the company also designs the lingerie). This is a good example of an app using advanced technology to solve a real-world problem.‖ NOT YET Available on Android, ThirdLove is creating one!

8. Vine ―The six-second video sharing app came out in January, and was the fourth most-downloaded iPhone app from the past year. The video length is short enough to keep things interesting, and the app has just enough editing control to give users flexibility to create unique content.‖ Available on Android

9. Proust ―Think of the game Marry, Date or Dump (As the name suggests: players must predict whom -- from a list of three choices -- another player would marry, date or dump). Now add two more options, and change the categories to anything your heart desires. That's the idea behind Proust, a game that allows users to create their own Marry, Date or Dump scenarios with any items they choose. You can write in your own choices, or the app will generate random ones for you, and you can send your list to your friends to see which topics they deem most important. It's a simple game, but you can learn a lot about your friends (which we realize isn't always a good thing).‖ NOT Available on Android – Release date for Android is early 2014

10. Mextures ―Mextures is another great photo editing app for iPhone. Users can save setting packages for use on other photos in the future, and the app has more than 70 preloaded textures. Users can blend, layer, or simply adjust lighting levels. The app works with layers reminiscent of Photoshop and provides 12 different blending modes. ― Not Available on Android

Best Android Apps of 2013 Source: ―With the release of new operating system KitKat and the announcement that it hit both one billion activations and 50 billion app downloads, it's clear that 2013 has been a year of great news for Android.‖

1. Duolingo ―Duolingo works to add interactivity and customized lesson planning to the language learning experience by rewarding users when they achieve goals, giving incentive to return for more lessons -- something your high school's Intermediate Spanish course never did.‖ Available on iPhone

2. Pocket Casts ―A one-stop shop for organizing your podcasts, Pocket Casts allows you to listen to, download and sync your podcasts all from one device. Audio playback is customizable, allowing you to adjust playback speed to whatever you're comfortable with. The "featured" and "popular" menus also help with podcast discovery.‖ Available on iPhone

3. Evernote ―With Evernote, you can take notes or photos, keep reminders, record audio, make to do lists and tag all of it to make it easily searchable. It's so vast, getting started may seem too daunting to some.‖ & the best part is that it can connect with Podio – our office favourite! Available on iPhone

4. Pixlr Express ―A powerful, customizable photo editor that's more than just filters, Pixlr Express comes packed with the ability to color-correct, blur or layer images and stickers on top of one another, make collages, and much more. Just taking up 7.2 M of memory, Pixlr Express is more than worth the small amount of space it'll take up on your SD card.‖ Available on iPhone

5. Nova Launcher ―With the release of iOS 7, Apple raised the bar for home screen design in 2013. For Android, Nova Launcher reaches the same bar. Fully customizable, and performance-oriented - Nova Launcher is a great download for any android user.‖ NOT Available on iPhone

6. doubleTwist ―Aside from being a great tool to sync your music between your Mac or PC and your Android device, doubleTwist is a powerful media player, enabling you to play multiple audio files, watch videos, stream radio and listen to podcasts. It certainly doesn't hurt that doubleTwist's album cover-centric design is beautiful to look at as well.‖ NOT Available on iPhone

7. Reddit is Fun ―Reddit is fun is our preferred way of browsing and using Reddit on our Android devices. Easy to navigate, the app more closely resembles the web experience of Reddit than other popular apps -- which seem to be more focused on browsing rather than posting or commenting. ― NOT Available on iPhone *Reddit – A social news and entertainment website where registered users submit content in the form of links or text posts.

8. Feedly ―A new tool to fill our article-consuming needs. The app's design is heavily image focused, giving a reading experience closer to how we use the web than most news aggregation tools. Offering easy sharing tools and integration with Evernote, Instapaper and Pocket, Feedly is a fluid, fast moving hulk of a news app.‖ Available on iPhone

9. Sleepbot ―Whether you choose to use Sleepbot as a simple time log or a dedicated and powerful sleep tracker is up to you, but both options offer a rewarding experience for anyone looking to improve his or her sleeping habits. Sleepbot tracks your movement and noise levels, greeting you with a quiet alarm in the morning at your lightest level of sleep.‖ Available on iPhone

10. Aereo ―The Aereo app -- currently in public beta -- allows you to access your cloud DVR on your Android device, meaning you can watch your favorite television shows on your morning commute (assuming you use public transportation, of course-- Mashable does not condone driving under the influence of Breaking Bad). You can tune into your local channels and save up to 20 hours of television in the cloud. Note: Aereo is currently available only in select US metropolitan areas.‖ NOT Available on iPhone

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