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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mrsmithtgs



The Creation of the stack at muriwai


1 – 10mya  Volcanic activity created the Manukau breccia from eruptions of theWaitakere volcano.  Uplift along the Muriwai Helensville fault lifted the headland out of the water.

2 – 1mya  The Prevailing SW wind created waves of average 1.5m.These waves refract around the headland and erode the headland. Weaknesses in the Manukau Breccia conglomerate become cracks due to Hydraulic action.

300000 - 100,000 ya  Due to wave erosion acting on the crack, through the sub-processes of spray splash and wetting and drying, the crack opens wider to form a cave

1000 – 500ya  The process of vegetation growth has weakened the roof of the cave and coupled with continued hydraulic action and spray splash action the cave erodes all the way through the headland to form a sea arch.

5- 400ya  A weakened arch roof due to the wave action and vegetation growth leads to the roof being too weak to support itself, the roof falls in to leave the stack (Motutara Island) standing 20m off Otakamiro Headland.

 Characteristics = what the thing is like; how tall, where it is, what it’s made of.

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