Creation of GOD Part 2

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Information about Creation of GOD Part 2

Published on October 26, 2007

Author: moralsandethics


Travel with NASA from the biggest to the smallest distance of the universe.

This is a journey which starts and ends in distances difficult for the human mind to capture. It starts from 10 million light years (1023m.) at space, and ends at 100 atom/meter (10-16m.) on Earth. Have a nice trip. National NASA

10 million light years (1023m) the distance to galaxy Milky-Way

1 million light years (1022m) The disc becomes visible.

100.000 light years (1021m) You can barely see our galaxy.

10.000 light years (1020m) You start to see the stars of our galaxy.

1.000 light years (1019m) The stars ten times closer.

100 light years (1018m) Nothing but stars.

10 light years (1017m) Even more stars.

1 light year (1016m) ith a little attention you can see the sun.

1 trillion Km (1015m) The sun even bigger.

100 billion Km (1014m) Our solar system starts to show. (The orbits of the planets have been painted)

10 billion Km (1013m) Our solar system.

1 billion Km (1012m) The orbits of Hermes, Venus, Earth, Mars and Zeus.

100 million Km (1011m) The orbits of Venus, Earth and Mars.

10 million Km (1010m) Part of the orbit of Earth.

1 million Km (109m) You can see the orbit of Moon.

100.000 Km (108m) Our Earth still small.

10.000 Km(107m) The northern hemisphere of Earth.

1.000 Km (106m) Florida USA.

100 Km (105m) From the surface of the sea. Florida even closer.

10 Km (104m) You start to distinct places.

1 Km (103m) What you can see when free falling off a plane.

100 m (102m) An ordinary view from an helicopter.

10 m (101m) Seeing off a cliff.

1 m (100m) What you see when you reach out your arms...

10 cm (10-1m) You can catch the leaves.

1 cm (10-2m) You can see the structure of a leaf.

1 mm (10-3m) Even closer.

100 micron (10-4m) you can see the cells.

10 micron (10-5m) The cells look clearer.

1 micron (10-6m). The cell itself.

1.000 angstrom (10-7m) You can see the chromosomes.

100 angstrom (10-8m) You can see the DNA chain.

1 nanometre (10-9m) The chromosomes parties.

1 angstrom (10-10m) The atom of carbon. Life consists of it...

10 Pico metre (10-11m) The electron within the atom.

1 Pico metre (10-12m) The orbit of electrons.

100 Fermi (10-13m) The inner of an atom.

10 Fermi (10-14m) Closer.

1 Fermi (10-15m) The surface of a neutron.

100 atom metre (10-16m) we can see the quark. End of trip!

After this journey ask yourself: • Can you say whether you are big or small? • Can you Imagine where you are in this Universe ?? • Can this things came into existence on its own ??? • Can you Imagine the knowledge & power of the Creator who created it, a very long time back which a human being is only able to trace it after so many years. • Can you say this whole system is running without any administrator or guide?? When a single wheel cannot rotate by itself….. • Can this run smoothly with more than one being ??? Because this system is running in such a harmony that each & every thing is related & important to each other. If there would have been more then one then definitely a chaos would have been established among the system… • “He Who gave everything its nature and guided it.” (H. Quran, 20:50) • Then All Praise is to the Lord of the Universe.

Think for a minute

• Belief in Almighty God is extremely important in Islam. Sometimes when we are asked to prove • the existence of God, we tend to get lost and not quite sure how to answer. So, let us learn it from • Holy Imams. • One day a man came to Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (the grandson of Imam Ali son of Imam Hussain, • peace be upon them all), and asked: O son of the Prophet (pbuh)! Is there a God? • Imam: Of course there is a God. • Man: But how can I be absolutely sure? • Imam: Make yourself comfortable and relax. (There was a • small boy walking by with an egg in his hands. The Imam • took the egg from him and hid it in his palms.) • Imam (to the man): Tell me something. Is it possible to keep • two different colors of liquid in one container without any • barrier and yet they don’t get mixed? • Man: Impossible. • The Imam showed him an egg and asked, “What’s this then? Who’s got this power to do this?” • When the egg is hatched, you see a beautiful and a colorful bird coming out of the egg. Have you • seen anyone coming out of the egg or entering the egg to suggest that someone’s been inside the • egg to paint the bird? • Man: No. • Imam: That is God. You recognize your Creator through His creations and His Might.

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