Creating Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Staff & Patron Training

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Information about Creating Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Staff & Patron Training

Published on October 10, 2014

Author: jill_hw



Most technology training has not changed in 30 years, yet our technology and attention span has. Technology training needs to be scalable, impactful, and easy to implement. With those criteria, what methods could we be using to train staff and patrons? What training methods/ideas should we be exploring? This session will begin with a look backwards at technology training, and then discuss how we might generate ideas around effective training of staff and patrons. The session will end with time engaged in forming new ideas on how teach people about tech tools.

1.  Sit with other people.  Be ready to jot down ideas. CREATING OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKING FOR STAFF & PATRON TRAINING

2. Creating Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Staff & Patron Training Interactive Session Jill Hurst-Wahl @jill_hw

3. My training experience & how training has changed.

4. Gloucestershire College When I think of training, I think of…

5. Reading English as a second language Financial literacy Use of creative materials Research methods Gardening …! TRAINING IS NOT JUST ABOUT COMPUTERS! Different training requires different resources or does it?

6.  All training is the same  Teaches irrelevant skills  Teaches skills that are not transferable  Uses unfamiliar technology  Does not allow for any relevant assessment  The trainer is not prepared  The learning space is inappropriate THUMBS DOWN

7.  Interactive  Scalable  Engaging  Individualized/ customized  Learner focused  Stated outcomes  Transferable skills  Inquiry based  Learn something new  Social & cultural context  Connectivist  Assessment  Correct/relevant technology  Flexible space  The trainer is trained THUMBS UP!

8.  Clear line of sight  Room to move  Room to write  Light and air  Access to power  Multi-purpose  Built for interaction THUMBS UP… LEARNING SPACE

9.  From EDUCAUSE  Rating system & scoring guide  NEW! LEARNING SPACE RATING SYSTEM

10. Let’s work on creating more thumbs up.

11.  The type of training that you do  The topics that you do  Assumptions about:  Facility  Trainer  Learner FIRST…CREATE A LIST!

12. Second… let’s brainstorm

13. BRAINSTORMING RULES FROM IDEO 1. Defer judgment 2. Encourage wild ideas 3. Build on the ideas of others 4. Stay focused on the topic 5. One conversation at a time 6. Be visual 7. Go for quantity 13 And… Stick to the rules! Work quickly. No idea is refused.

14. OPPOSITES What is it? You consider the exact opposite of what is normal. Why? It provides a different perspective and can spark useful ideas. Example: Rather than having the computer lab as tables in rows, the lab is organized so that learners are paired together. This allows them to help and teach each other. (If you can teach it, you have learned it.) 14

15. Report out!

16. Your next steps…


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