Creating Metadata Strategies: Structuring Content for Success

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Information about Creating Metadata Strategies: Structuring Content for Success

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: IntelligentContent


Creating a Metadata Strategy: Setting Up Content for Success AZZARD CONSULTING Intelligent Content Conference 2014 February 28, 2014

Some Introductions Rebecca Schneider o President, Azzard Consulting • Content Strategy & Staffing Firm o 19 Years experience in Information Management o Industries: Retail, Auto Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Luxury Goods o Twitter: #azzardconsult AZZARD CONSULTING

Table of Contents About Metadata . . . 1. About Metadata & Metadata Types 2. Pros & Cons Starting Out . . . 3. Creating a Value Proposition 4. Determining Metadata Needs 5. Presenting Metadata to Stakeholders Planning & Implementation 6. Overall Planning Process 7. Implementation Plan Governance 8. Governance Structure 9. Metrics A Few More Things . . . AZZARD CONSULTING

About Metadata. . .

Metadata – It‟s Famous! AZZARD CONSULTING

Some Definitions. . . o Variations on a theme: • • • • “Data about Data” Metadata is Data Metadata = Description (Jeffrey Pomerantz) Metadata represents aspects of concepts or things (Rebecca Schneider) o Types of Metadata • Structural • Chapters within a book. • Administrative • Dates, Permissions • Descriptive • Subject, Author, Title AZZARD CONSULTING

Why Bother? The many uses of metadata: o Create content structure o Ease content publication o Improve search and retrieval o Facilitates intelligent content o Provide basis for analytics o Improve personalization o Improve website experience o Potentially increase conversion (conversion could mean purchasing an item, downloading a whitepaper, creating an account, etc.) AZZARD CONSULTING

But wait! Metadata challenges: o Costs to maintain o Costs to implement o Bad data is worse than no data at all o Multiple variants of metadata and potential disconnect with various consuming systems. o Potential privacy issues AZZARD CONSULTING

Starting Out . . .

Creating a Value Proposition o Who is this for? o What do they value the most? • User Research • Feedback (real-time or other types) o What is the company or organization offering? • Products? • Services? o Why would a customer purchase or consume these offerings? Benefits? o How can customer find, understand and navigate these offerings? o Are there alternatives elsewhere? o What evidence is available to validate the value proposition? AZZARD CONSULTING

Determining Metadata Needs o What is the business goal (the value)? • Increase sales or market share? • Increase brand loyalty? o What does the user need? • Find documents or like content? • Particular product or service? o What is the content experience? • Website? • Internal system? • App? (Android, iOS) How can metadata be used to meet these goals/needs? AZZARD CONSULTING

Metadata & Stakeholders o Presentation can present some challenges Excel spreadsheets may not resonate. • Example below is small part of a 24 column, 165 row metadata schema AZZARD CONSULTING

Metadata & Stakeholders (cont.) o Use of domain models (mind maps) and other visual tools can help client understand metadata and content relationships. AZZARD CONSULTING

Planning & Implementation

Metadata Planning . . . o Establish a metadata working group/team o Conduct discovery, which should include: • Stakeholder Interviews • User Research • Metadata Audit • What metadata is currently being gathered, who maintains it, etc. • How is the current metadata being used? o Create a needs assessment document – which can be part of an overall metadata strategy document. o Identify appropriate metadata standards AZZARD CONSULTING

Planning & Implementation o Conduct cost-benefit analysis, including ROI estimates. • ROI estimates • Build vs. Buy Analysis o Establish plan for system architecture. o Create a project implementation plan. o Migration needs o Data mapping needs o Tagging/re-tagging needs o Training and training documentation o Analytics o Refactoring plan based on KPIs/Analytics AZZARD CONSULTING

Buy or Build? o Metadata Standards • DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) • Dublin Core • CDWA (Categories for the Description of Works of Art) • EBUCore (metadata for media) • • And so many more . . o “Buy” • Less flexibility • Ready made o Build • Customized to exact needs • More effort to create AZZARD CONSULTING

Keep in mind . . . o o o o o o o Your users (internal and external) What you are describing Future metadata needs Consuming systems Governance needs Training needs – consistency is key! Reality • Costs (Storage, Staff) • Overall Maintenance Time • Want vs. Need AZZARD CONSULTING


Metadata Governance o Avoid chaos: create a metadata governance strategy with a governance structure including roles and responsibilities. o Typically, metadata governance will comprise one part of an overall governance strategy. Executive Sponsor Governance Committee Strategy Brand Accessibility Legal Taxonomy Content Operational and organizational models needed to manage and ensure the continued success of content. Working Groups Strategy Operations AZZARD CONSULTING Technology Marketing Publishing Taxonomy & Metadata

Metrics o Search Focus (metadata as filters) • What‟s working for users? Are they finding what they need? • How often are filters used? • Do they use “format” or “document type”? • Do they result in conversions? • How many papers/documents/videos downloaded? • How many purchases resulted? • Are users searching for items that would work as a filter? • Top searches • Trending topics (social media) • Requires a nimble response • Terms used in ad hoc description fields • If content authors are creating additional tags in a general „keywords‟ field. AZZARD CONSULTING

Metrics o Personalization Focus • Are metadata used in personalization resulting in conversions? • Conversion rates based on personalization implementation. • Downloads (latest whitepaper) • Profile creation • Cross-sell (related items such as Season 2 of Game of Thrones) • Up-sell (more expensive items such as a box set of Breaking Bad) o Internal Reporting • Are metadata statistics leveraged for internal data needs • Content creation statistics • User profile research AZZARD CONSULTING

A Few More Things. . .

Related Deliverables o Metadata Strategy • The table of contents of this presentation! o Metadata Schema • Typically, an Excel spreadsheet that describe metadata fields, their properties (description, sample values, multi/single select options, etc.) and source of actual data (taxonomy facet, outside system) o Tagging Documentation • Guidance on specific uses for each metadata field and how to apply tags within particular metadata fields. Also includes recommendations for metadata maintenance (e.g. when to change based on business needs). o Domain Model • Visual representation of metadata fields and their interrelationships. Sometimes is included within tagging documentation. o Governance Strategy • Provides recommendations on governance structure and processes for metadata creation and maintenance. Can also include processes for taxonomy governance as well. AZZARD CONSULTING

Recommended Reading o Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content by Sara Wachter-Boettcher (Rosenfeld Media, 2012) o Introduction to Metadata, 2nd ed. Edited by Murtha Baca (Getty Publications, 2008) o The Discipline of Organizing. Edited by Robert J. Glushko (MIT Press, 2013) AZZARD CONSULTING

Contact Information o Email: o Web: o Twitter: @azzardconsult AZZARD CONSULTING

Thank You!

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