Creating Interactive Stories With Google Docs

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Information about Creating Interactive Stories With Google Docs

Published on July 21, 2009

Author: RitaZ



A tutorial on how to create interactive stories with Google docs

Creating Interactive Stories with docs

linear vs non linear stories: “Choose your own Adventure” non linear story

How to link to slides  click the “Start Presentation” button and copy the URL of the presentation view  add &skipauth=true  replace the value of “start” parameter with the slide number (minus one)  leave all sub-linked slides at the end of the whole list of main slides

Working collaboratively  students watch a couple of stories at  in pairs, they retell the stories they’ve watched  in pairs, they build up a story along the same lines: brainstorming topics in class  Google docs : creating a presentation

Class Evaluation Rubrics  design/layout  storyline  slide sequence  linking  pair work  impact on viewers

The Teacher who Ignored Internet

  Once upon a time there was a teacher of English called Miss Fit, who resisted the use of Internet with her students. Why...? She said... • A: it was time-consuming and nobody paid her more to learn • B: her students showed no interest

  On being given their homework back, most of Miss Fit´s students... A- took a look at the mark they got and put it away B- decided to analyze mistakes and understand corrections

  One day Miss Fit had to ask for a leave of absence. She would be away for a month, and a young teacher, new in the staff, would take over. Miss Fit feared .... A: her students would not do well enough B: the young new teacher would not manage to deal with the group

                     At first she had to face utter refusal from some of the students. But she spotted a couple of boys keen on using the web and talked with them: they would help her show their mates how interesting classes might become and how much more they would learn if they contacted students from other countries, with whom they'd share photos, opinions and information about their similarities and differences.

She got in contact with a colleague from Portugal, who was also willing to share a project with EFL students...

  The students from both countries shared the classblog and started sharing more and more --about their lifestyles, their countries, their schools and hobbies... When the sub teacher left and their class teacher came back all the students,,, A: wanted to go on working in their classblog B: were happy to go back to the old system, learning how to pass ex

                          Choice A Miss Fit spent long hours preparing her classes at home, and correcting her students' homework. Sometimes she chose missing meetings with friends to return her students' homework in due time --that is, as soon as she could. She would not spend more hours in front of an alienating machine..., least of all, for the same salary...

Choice B How could they, if they had never been shown the difference?

Choice A They didn't care about mistakes and learning. Just wanted the necessary mark to get a "pass".

Choice B Just one student did so :-( They did not care about making mistakes. They were only concerned about getting a pass...

Choice A But students were elated at realizing they were using the language to communicate with likeminded peers across the ocean English!!! And they stopped feeling they had to write their homework to please their teacher...

    Choice B The young teacher feared she might not be able to cope with 30 boisterous young teenagers, used to complying with Miss Fit´s rules of the game... But anyhow made up her mind to try out introducing the Internet into her classes.

Choice A YES! They argued that they'd realized how important English was to communicate with peers all around the world, and how happy they were to see their postings were read by people who were really interested in their messages...

Choice B Wrong guess!!! They argued that they'd realized how important English was to communicate with peers all around the world, and how happy they were to see their postings were read by people who were really interested in their messages...

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