Creating Dazzling ePortfolios - Carol Teitelman #OZeLIVE

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Information about Creating Dazzling ePortfolios - Carol Teitelman #OZeLIVE

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: Ozelive



Creating Dazzling ePortfolios - Carol Teitelman #OZeLIVE

The discussion will start with the accepted four steps to portfolio construction and the learning theory associated with each step.
Then digital tools that are widely accepted and free or minimal cost will be introduced to support each step. Participants will be encouraged to add their ideas along the way and build an action plan for starting their own portfolio or a template for working with their students.

Carol Teitelman is currently the coordinator for distance learning at one of the 20 regional education service centers in Texas. She has been working with instructional technology in the classroom and with professional development for 20 years. She has presented at ISTE, TCEA, PAECT, and TXDLA. Known for her lively presentations, she loves to share her love of learning with other educators.

EPORTFOLIOS Carol Teitelman

What ARE ePortfolios? “A reflection of the student as a person undergoing continual personal development – not just a store of evidence”  Helen Barrett


What ARE ePortfolios? A report card shows letters and numbers... a portfolio shows growth and knowledge.  

ePortfolio described

What have we done in the past?

What do I do with?

Kinds of Portfolios • Working • Display, Showcase, or Best Works • Assessment From Charlotte Danielson and Leslye Abrutyn

More Specific Portfolios Community Service Interdisciplinary Unit Subject Area Portfolios Employment Portfolio Skill Area Portfolios

Choose the type portfolio that you want to make with your class(es). Go to Add your name and the type of portfolio you would like to start with.

Start with the End in Mind...

Goal? Purpose? • What do you want people to see? • Who is the audience?

Portfolios Documenting process Displaying product... • • • • • • Chronologic Reflective Working Thematic Accountability or Showcase

Collection of Artifacts

Collection • What is collected? • Why is it collected? • Who decides?

WHAT WILL YOU COLLECT? Use the chat to name ONE artifact/product/example of work that you KNOW you want to include.

The Power of Reflection “We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” John Dewey

Student Reflection Tools •

Steps in a Non-Linear Process

Reflection Cycle

Feedback An example “flow”

Portfolios Documenting process Displaying product... • • • • • • Chronological Reflective Working Thematic Accountability or Showcase Audience?

Audience • Walled Garden • Open to “Real World” • Different Audiences, Different Roles

Tools for ePortfolios • Ability to collect multiple formats of evidence of growth, learning, change • May provide platform for larger audience (and feedback)

TOOLS YOU USE! In the chat, list ONE or TWO tools you use that will be necessary for ePortfolio building.

Collection Spaces • • • • • • • BULB State provided, district provided WIX folioforme Google sites LearnerJourney Digication

Blogs as collections Examples:

Wikis as collections • Wikis – Wikispaces Examples:

Online Tools - Audio VoiceThread

Online Tools – photo editing

Online Tools for Writing E B 9 T S StoryB o ok Cre ators

Apps • Screenchomp (free) • Jing (Free) • Showme (free) • Storykit (free)examples • Voicethread (best with paid subscription) • Evernote • Pinterest

Google…”it’s in there”

Other Tools • Scanners • Digital cameras • Video cameras • Audio recorders • Mobile Phones

Your Toolchest Vote for the tool you use the most: a.Digital camera b.Digital recorder c.Scanner d.Mobile phone e.Tablet f.Document Camera

The magic of portfolios lies not in the portfolios themselves, but in the process used in creating them and the school culture in which documented learning is valued.

It’s about providing a true reflection….

Wat itt no hk hs Gail Lovely for sharing her slides on ePortfolios to be the foundation of this presentation. Presented by Carol Teitelman Twitter: @cteitelman Blog: Oh, the Places You’ll Go

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