Creating & Coding with Scratch 2.0

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Information about Creating & Coding with Scratch 2.0

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: kvitek



This presentation was made at the Hudson Valley NYSCATE Conference on March 1, 2014.

Introduction Coding & Computational Thinking Scratch Basics Creating & Coding with Scratch 2.0 Projects NYSCATE Hudson Valley Conference Sharing March 1, 2014 Resources Karen Vitek Computer Science Teacher Spackenkill High School Poughkeepsie, NY

Introduction Contact Information Teacher Web Page Traveling the Technosphere Currently teaching Programming 1 and 2. Scratch 2.0 is used in the Programming 1 course.

Coding & Computational Thinking Why coding? Maria Klawe President, Harvey Mudd College “Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.” Bill Gates Chairman, Microsoft “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.“ Mitchel Resnick LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab “In the process of learning to code, people learn many other things. They are not just learning to code,

Coding & Computational Thinking Coding information Code Stars Hour of Code Learn to Code, Code to Learn edSurge - Teaching Kids to Code

Scratch Basics • Scratch 2.0 Overview Video Getting Started with Scratch ipsum • Creative Computing Online Workshop • Scratch Website • Create an Account • Offline Scratch 2.0 Editor • Scratch Video Tutorials • Getting Started Guide • Scratch Cards

Lorem ipsum Scratch Cards Change Color Move to a Beat Say Something Follow the Mouse Interactive Whirl

Scratch Basics Change Color Lorem ipsum Back Next

Scratch Basics Back Move to a Beat Next

Scratch Basics Back Say Something Next

Scratch Basics Back Follow the Mouse Next

Scratch Basics Back Interactive Whirl Next

Scratch Basics Back Animate It Next

Scratch Basics Back Moving Animation Next

Scratch Basics Back Keep Score Next

Scratch Basics User Interface Tips: Menu & Panel Step by Step Intro How to: • Effects • Animation • Games • Stories • Music Blocks Nuts and Bolts

Scratch Basics • Backpack • Sprite Information • Costumes & Paint Editor • Sound Editor • Freesound • SoundBible • Musopen • ccMixter • Clipaudio ETC • AudioSauna Create More

Projects Project 1 10 Blocks Think: What can you create with only 10 Scratch blocks? How creative can you be when you can only use 10 different blocks? Background: In this activity you will only be uses these 10 blocks:

Projects Debug-its Project 2 Think: How can you troubleshoot a program when it doesn't work the way you want it to? Can you debug a Scratch program? Background: Debugging is an important skill to learn for any coding project. In this activity, you will investigate what is going awry and find a solution. •Debug-it 1 When the green flag is clicked, both Gobo and Scratch Cat should start dancing. But only Scratch Cat starts dancing! How do we fix the program? •Debug-it 2 In this project, when the green flag is clicked, the Scratch Cat should start on the left side of the stage, say something about being on the left side, glide to the right side of the stage, and say something about being on the right side. It works the first time the green flag is clicked, but not again. How do we fix the program? •Debug-it 3 The Scratch Cat should do a flip when the space key is pressed. But

Sharing Scratch Sharing • Project Page • Studios • Remixing Projects

Resources Scratch Resources • ScratchEd • Scratch Jr. • Makey Makey • Picoboard • Lego WeDo • Tynker • iPad Apps for Coding

Resources “Ultimately, what is needed is a shift in mindsets, so that people begin to see coding not only as a pathway to good jobs, but as a new form of expression and a new context for learning.” -Mitchel Resnick

Resources Thank You *This presentation can be found on Slideshare and at

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