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Published on March 17, 2009

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Encouraging a whistle-blowing culture
as a way of upholding the highest
ethical behaviour
n set up the framework for protective
channels of reporting
n Overcoming hindering cultural issues of
sTAnLEy CHIA, manaGinG Director

s! te $4 Save ga le 00 y de 09 y b e 20 a or ril d P m Ap an or r3 22 ter fo s gi nt Re ou sc Di up ro G % 10 y jo En 22-23 June 2009 Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, Singapore 3 Ensuring great accountability and transparency in government offices 3 How the recent demand for more responsiveness, flexibility and customer focus in the public sector is impacting on governance Irving Low Kala Anandarajah James Beck Iain Calman Rodney Hay Advait Kurlekar Head of Internal Partner Managing Director Director Executive Director- CEO 3 Governing boards and committees: Audit, Risk and Forensic Practice rajah & tann effective Calcomm KP How to establish standards and Compliance Governance Solutions Deloitte Consulting Services accountability KPmG 3 Corporate governance in developing nations/emerging markets 3 The importance of IT governance in the public sector 3 Audit committee accountability: Knowing what your audit committee Tan Chin Leong Alan Luk Philip Moulton Tim Meng Ching Kenneth Jh Ang Stanley Chia Consultant Director-Strategic Managing Director Lead Security Compliance & Managing Director expects Internal Audit, Consultant Risk Management Certified Protiviti Cfe South and Unit, Claims fraud Bluecap international 3 Role of corporate culture in good Southeast Asia Management examiner Consulting Consultancy corporate governance Canon CimB Group Singapore insurance Brokers 3 The importance of internal audits, risk management and anti-corporate fraud measures Neil Webster, Head of Wholesale Bank-Internal Audit, Standard Chartered 3 Establishing the highest ethical behaviour through all levels of public Yoong Ee Chuan, Director, Internal Audit, Ngee Ann Polytechnic sector employment Nicholas Chan, Executive Director, Azione Capital 3 Encouraging a whistle-blowing culture ORGAnIsED By: MEDIA PARTnER: suPPORTInG ORGAnIsATIOns: Special DiScount to memberS For enquiries and registration: Call (65) 6536 8676 or (65) 6536 8437 or visit us at

22 June 2009 Monday Day 1 n 8.00 REGIsTRATIOn AnD MORnInG COffEE 12.30 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By nETWORKInG LunCHEOn ChAirmAN oPeNiNG ADDreSS 9.00 AuDit Committee ACCouNtABility: 1.30 IAIn CALMAn, Director KNowiNG whAt your AuDit CaLCOMM SOLUTIONS (fORMER MEMBER Of THE Committee exPeCtS MAnAGEMEnT TEAM Of THE AusTRALIAn PuBLIC sERVICE’s “DEfEnCE GRADuATE DEVELOPMEnT PROGRAMME”) n The audit committee’s mandate n Defining roles and responsibilities of the GoverNANCe iSSueS fACiNG the 9.15 audit committee CoNtemPorAry PuBliC SeCtor n Tools and mechanisms used to assist n What impact do recent demands on the audit committee to discharge their the public sector have on corporate roles and responsibilities governance n How internal audit works with the audit n How the public sector reacts to the committee need for more responsiveness, flexibility n Effectiveness & efficiency of internal audit and customer focus function: People, process, tools/systems IAIn CALMAn, Director IRVInG LOW, HeaD oF internal auDit, riSK CaLCOMM SOLUTIONS (fORMER MEMBER Of THE anD compliance SerViceS MAnAGEMEnT TEAM Of THE AusTRALIAn PuBLIC sERVICE’s KPMG “DEfEnCE GRADuATE DEVELOPMEnT PROGRAMME”) A StrAteGiC PerSPeCtive oN 2.15 10.00 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By AuDitiNG from StANDArD REfREsHMEnTs AnD nETWORKInG ChArtereD BANK AND how to APPly it to the PuBliC SeCtor BeyoND CoNformANCe—mAKiNG it 10.15 worK iN PrACtiCe n Maintaining effective communication within a global matrix n What is effective governance? n Managing expectations in expansion n Is your current governance framework and growth adding value? n Anticipating the unexpected n Improving board processes and nEIL WEBsTER, HeaD oF WHoleSale banK- procedures internal auDit n Board & individual director evaluations STaNDaRD CHaRTeReD n Board composition—matching talent to task 3.00 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By n Conducting a governance health check REfREsHMEnTs AnD nETWORKInG JAMEs BECK, manaGinG Director eFFeCTIve GOveRNaNCe who AuDitS the AuDitorS? A view 3.15 of the BreAKDowN iN reGulAtory fACilitAtiNG the hiGheSt ethiCAl 11.00 For enquiries and registration: fuNCtioN from the worlD of it Case BehAvior At All emPloyee Call (65) 6536 8676 or Study GoverNANCe levelS iN the PuBliC SeCtor AND (65) 6536 8437 or n Case study of IT governance: study of mANAGiNG ethiCAl riSKS visit us at 2 organisations as examples of where n Developing the framework for ethical the common IT audit errors were made policies in the public sector and recommendations on how to n Putting ethical excellence into practice mitigate this process deficiency RODnEy HAy n Despite most organisations having eXecutiVe Director-ForenSic practice rigorous IT audit processes in place, DeLOITTe (VETERAn Of THE nEW sOuTH WALEs POLICE sERVICE) why do information security breaches and non-compliance continue to 11.45 PaNeL DISCUSSION: happen everyday? imProviNG GoverNANCe throuGh n Revamping the audit “checklist method” touGher AuDit AND riSK in light of its failure in today’s operating mANAGemeNt iN GoverNmeNt context orGANiSAtioNS n How to deal with the lack of IT auditors n How does audit and risk management who have the sufficient technical change with today’s financial crisis know-how to understand the complex n How is the economy changing risk and technology risks that lies inherent within public sector decision making the organisations that they are auditing n Assessing and prioritising risk TIM MEnG CHInG, leaD SecuritY conSultant Moderator: BLUeCaP CONSULTING JAMEs BECK, manaGinG Director eFFeCTIve GOveRNaNCe it GoverNANCe: tAmiNG the PoliCy 4.00 AND reGulAtory JuNGle Panelists: RODnEy HAy n What role does IT governance play for eXecutiVe Director-ForenSic practice government agencies DeLOITTe (VETERAn Of THE nEW sOuTH WALEs POLICE sERVICE) n IT governance in practice: What does it mean for you IRVInG LOW, HeaD oF internal auDit, riSK anD n Practical implementation considerations compliance SerViceS for IT governance KPMG yOOnG EE CHuAn, Director, internal auDit NGee aNN POLYTeCHNIC nEIL WEBsTER HeaD oF WHoleSale banK-internal auDit eND of DAy oNe 4.45 STaNDaRD CHaRTeReD

23 June 2009 Tuesday Day 2 n 8.30 REGIsTRATIOn AnD MORnInG COffEE 12.30 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By nETWORKInG LunCHEOn ChAirmAN welCome AND oPeNiNG 9.00 ADDreSS DeveloPiNG AND imPlemeNtiNG 1.45 iNterNAl AuDitS, riSK sTAnLEy CHIA, manaGinG Director mANAGemeNt AND ANti-CorPorAte CFe INTeRNaTIONaL CONSULTaNCY GROUP frAuD meASureS iN the PuBliC SeCtor GoverNANCe CreAtiNG A whiStle-BlowiNG 9.15 Culture ACroSS orGANiSAtioNS n How these elements support the n Encouraging a whistle-blowing culture achievement of governance objectives as a way of upholding the highest n Integrating internal audit, risk ethical behaviour management and anti-fraud measures n set up the framework for protective n special considerations for the public channels of reporting sector PHILIP MOuLTOn, manaGinG Director n Overcoming hindering cultural issues of whistle-blowing PROTIvITI sTAnLEy CHIA, manaGinG Director the role of CorPorAte Culture CFe INTeRNaTIONaL CONSULTaNCY GROUP 2.30 AND teChNoloGy iN frAuD (MEMBER Of THE CfE-In-PRACTICE GROuP Of COMPAnIEs) PreveNtioN - tiPS for the PuBliC SeCtor GoverNiNG BoArDS AND 10.00 CommitteeS; how to eStABliSh n Lesson learned from Enron StANDArDS AND ACCouNtABility n Corporate culture and fraud prevention n understanding the role of the board n Kyosei concept - Culture of stakeholder and the committees value n framing proper terms of reference n Technology and fraud prevention n Educating the members of the board n Document and print technology to and the committees on their roles and strength internal control ALAn LuK, Director-StrateGic internal the terms auDit, SoutH anD SoutHeaSt aSia n Establishing the standards and accountability requirements through CaNON SINGaPORe the above steps KALA AnAnDARAJAH, partner 3.15 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By RaJaH & TaNN REfREsHMEnTs AnD nETWORKInG For enquiries and registration: Call (65) 6536 8676 or whAt the PuBliC SeCtor CAN 10.45 QuEsTIOn & AnsWER sEssIOn fOLLOWED By 3.30 (65) 6536 8437 or leArN from the PrivAte SeCtor REfREsHMEnTs AnD nETWORKInG visit us at n The public sector is bound by certain how GooD CorPorAte GoverNANCe 11.00 legislations that the private sector CAN helP SuStAiN StABility iN doesn’t GoverNmeNt orGANiSAtioNS n How are GLCs effected in disclosure DuriNG the eCoNomiC CriSiS issues n Encouraging sustainable bottom-line n What lapses in the private sector’s growth good governance can be applicable n Compliance requirements in the to the public sector nICHOLAs CHAn, eXecutiVe Director public sector and how that can drive excellence aZIONe CaPITaL n Public sector long-term fiscal eDuCAtiNG the BoArD AND AuDit responsibility and strategising to 4.15 Committee ABout frAuD weather the economic crisis KEnnETH JH AnG, compliance & riSK n What enables fraud manaGement unit, claimS manaGement n Presenting fraud material to the audit CIMB INSURaNCe BROKeRS committee n The control environment role of CorPorAte GoverNANCe 11.45 n A broader fraud strategy iN the PuBliC AND PrivAte SeCtor n Determining when to get outside help of emerGiNG mArKetS TAn CHIn LEOnG, conSultant n Experiences of corporate governance CERTIfIED FRaUD eXaMINeR in emerging markets eND of CoNfereNCe n Role of corporate governance in 5.00 strategic risk management and compliance n Who are independent directors n Role of independent directors ADVAIT KuRLEKAR, ceo KP CONSULTING

DiStiNGuiSheD SPeAKerS’ ProfileS: Kala Anandarajah heads the James Beck is Managing Director iain Calman is the Director of Alan luk has been developing his Competition & Trade Law Practice of Effective Governance, a privately- Calcomm-solutions, a consulting career in corporate governance (which was recently voted owned consulting firm that delivers organisation that specialises in designing industry more than 16 years. Regional Competition Law firm of the year advice on corporate governance and implementing holistic human corporate governance experience by ACQ finance) and leads the to clients in Australia and new resource initiatives. Iain is a member include internal audit, risk management, Corporate Governance Practice at Zealand. His areas of expertise of the ACT Australian Human Resource sarbanes Oxley certification, fraud Rajah & Tann LLP, one of the largest involve: providing corporate Institute (AHRI) Council and as the management, etc. His regional Asian law firms. she has been cited governance advice, conducting convener of AHRI’s ACT Organisational exposure consists of China, usA, on numerous occasions as a leading board and individual director Design and Development special Europe, south East Asia and Australia. lawyer in the various areas she evaluations, reviewing governance Interest Group. Prior to establishing The numerous projects in several MnCs, practices in, including Competition processes and procedures, delivering his own business Iain worked in the such as Isetan, Deloitte, Honeywell and & Anti-Trust Laws, Corporate director development workshops and Australian Public service for 12 years. currently Canon, provided him valuable Governance, Employment, Trade and seminars in the areas of corporate A highlight of this was four years as part experiences in corporate governance. Environmental Laws by international governance and strategic mana of the team managing the Defence Alan was stationed in China for two peer-reviewed legal ranking journals. gement, strategic planning, and Graduate Development Programme years with RGMI to head the internal The AsiaPacific Legal 500 notes that facilitating strategic planning sessions. which is recognised as one of the most audit team before he joined Canon ‘Kala Anandarajah has emerged James has extensive experience effective in the Australian Public service. as Regional strategic Internal Audit as a leading authority in corporate in governance and strategically The success of this Graduate Program Director since early of 2006. Currently, governance, compliance and architecting/implementing solutions can be linked to the effectiveness of his research interest is corporate competition issues..’, whilst the The to address business requirements of the “branding” of the Program. Iain governance best practice. He believes Who’s Who of Leading Practitioners both government and private clients. studied Marketing and Public Relations corporate governance is not only about singapore describes her as His most recent assignments include at the university of Canberra. He has a conformance, but performance with ‘highly active and very good’, an governance advice to the Australian Masters Degree in Management. He is proper management of stakeholder ‘acknowledged authority in this field’ subsidiary of a global engineering a graduate of the Australian Command interests through corporate social and ‘very knowledgeable’. Kala has firm, Board and individual director and staff Course and the Australian responsibility & ethical business culture. written very widely, including the evaluations for a state statutory Public service Commission’s Human first books on Competition Laws, on authority, a large agribusiness, a Resource Capability Development Corporate Governance and on Trade building society, a health insurer and Programme. in singapore, presented at numerous a research centre, providing director Advait Kurlekar is the CEO of KP conferences internationally, sits on education for a large health industry various high-level committees, and representative body and strategic Consulting, based in Pune, India. is a Director and Governing Council planning services for a research KP Consulting offers consulting Kenneth Jh Ang joined the Claims Member of the singapore Institute of centre, an insurance agency, an services in areas including business Directors. advisory council and an engineering Department of Affin Insurance Brokers strategy, performance management, firm. sdn Bhd (presently CIMB Insurance profitability improvement using ABM, Brokers sdn Bhd) early 2002 where process and HR consulting. Advait he quickly made the ranks from an is a Certified Independent Director executive to manager within 5 years. and is on the Board of Advisors of All rodney hay is an Executive Director He currently lead CIMB’s anti-money India Institute of MBAs. He has also Ching tim meng is the Lead Consultant in the forensic services group of laundering unit and the Compliance recently completed an advanced Deloitte & Touche financial Advisory of BlueCap Consulting Pte Ltd. He & Risk Management unit of CIMB management programme on business services Pte Ltd based in singapore. has 12 years of information security Insurance Brokers. Kenneth also works strategy at the Wharton school in Rodney has responsibility for a experience across various industries. with the Claims Management unit the usA. Over the last decade, number of forensic service lines His main skill-sets are, but not limited and part of his main KPI includes the Advait has directed/led consulting across southeast Asia including fraud to, penetration testing, systems’ security company wide risk management teams successfully on a variety of and corruption investigations, fCPA, review, network and system forensics, and compliance policy set up and projects across a range of industry and financial crimes. Prior to joining information risk management and implementation. A former lecturer- sectors including banking, general Deloitte, Rodney was the leader of developing specialised security training in-laws, Kenneth’s teaching exposure engineering, automotive, retail, PricewaterhouseCoopers forensic courses. He was the first in singapore has taken him from Kuala Lumpur and pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, services Division in Indonesia. Rodney to pioneer malware, wireless network Penang to singapore and Hong Kong hospitality, media and advertising etc. has worked in many countries in the security and VoIP security research. as visiting lecturer on Constitutional & Advait is regularly invited to speak at APAC region including Australia, Tim Meng is currently the chairperson Administrative Law, Laws of Equity & national and international business Indonesia, singapore, Malaysia, in the sCss WG under ITsC, and a Trusts as well as Public International conferences and seminars and often Thailand, Korea, India and Pakistan. participating member under IsO/IEC Law for the university of London’s gets quoted in the business press. He In 2006 Rodney authored a book Joint-Technical steering Committee LLB programme & Chief Lecturer often talks on corporate governance, published by Indonesia Business 27 WG4. He is a Certified Information for university Malaya’s Bachelor of strategy, customer, performance Links titled “Tools for Managing systems security Professional, Certified Jurisprudence Program both at his management, balanced scorecards Ethical Dilemmas in Business”. The Information systems Auditor and a alma mater, Kemayan Advanced and talent management. He has been book provides practical advice practicing IsO/IEC 27001 auditor. In Tertiary College, Kuala Lumpur. An featured as one of the front-runners in for organizations, directors, and 2008, he was awarded the Information LL.B (Hons) holder from university of Business India, India’s premier business employee’s seeking to conduct security Leadership Award from (IsC)2 London, Kenneth is presently pursuing magazine. He teaches strategy, their business in an ethical manner under the “IT security Practitioner” his Masters in Business Administration balanced scorecard and business in Indonesia. As former Detective category for the recognition of his specialising in strategic Management planning for a special MBA program senior Constable in the fraud squad contribution and achievements in the at the International Islamic university of for the young generation in family with the new south Wales Police workforce improvement of Information Malaysia. Managed Businesses (fMBs). Advait is service, Rodney served a total of 11 security professionals in Asia-Pacific. a Management Graduate (MMs) from years (including 5 years with the nsW Bombay university, and has done his Police Commercial Crime Agency) engineering in Metallurgy/Material where he investigated many large science from IIT Bombay. He has over Stanley Chia is both the Director & and complex fraud cases through 15 years of valuable experience in tan Chin leong has more than 38 to the successful prosecution of the Principal Consultant of CfE strategic industry and management consulting, offenders. years experience in auditing and Alliances, the training arm of CfE- having worked in leading organisations investigation having worked very In-Practice group of companies like Tata Motors, KPMG (A f ferguson), closely with various Audit Committees and also the Managing Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and of the Board of Directors of Malayan CfE International Consulting Group Cedar Consulting. Banking Berhad (Maybank), Affin Bank Pte Ltd, a think-tank company that Philip moulton is a Managing Berhad (Affin Bank) and Affin Holdings provides multi-consultancy solutions to Director at Protiviti, a leading provider Berhad as well as the Police Authority companies world-wide. He specialises of independent risk consulting and in the Commercial Crimes Division at in fraud investigation, investigative irving low currently heads the Internal internal audit services. He is the Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, interviewing & profiling techniques Internal Audit solutions Leader for from 1987-1995. He was in the and has handled numerous cases Audit, Risk and Compliance (IARCs) Protiviti in singapore and AsEAn and banking industry in various capacities for both local and foreign financial Practice in singapore and is also the has led numerous internal audit and for more than 36 years, with Maybank institutions. stanley is also the current Deputy Head of IARCs for KPMG’s Asia business risk engagements for some (Domestic & International Divisions) Honorary Vice Chairperson of CsI Pacific practices. His focus is in risks and of the world’s largest multinational and Affin Bank. Before his retirement World Headquarters, an international controls, with extensive experience in companies in the region. In addition as Deputy General Manager of Affin accreditation body for Digital forensic. undertaking internal audit and controls to delivering dozens of presentations Bank, he was commissioned by Affin He has also coauthored a series of review in both the private and public to a variety of audiences over the Holdings Berhad (the parent company) pocket-sized guide books for auditors sectors for both profit as well as not-for- past 6 years, he has also contributed to conduct an internal Due Diligence published by CsI World Headquarters. profit organisations. The other areas he to a number of publications regarding Audit on all the branches of the then He is currently writing a book on is involved in include enterprise and corporate governance issues and Asia Commercial finance Berhad Interviewing & profiling techniques. risk management implementation, has been featured in the print and in 1998, before its merger with Affin He also holds a Master of Commerce, risk identification, sarbanes-Oxley television media in singapore. finance Berhad. upon his retirement specialising in Business Law from The and internal audit. His client base is in early 1999, he was appointed as university of new south Wales. He geographically spread, from the us, a Consultant/ Independent Auditor obtained his Bachelor of Economics, uK, Middle East to Asia Pacific. Irving of Affin-ACf finance Berhad and as majoring in Money & Banking and is also the current Vice President of the Group Head of Audit, Affin Holdings Accounting in 2001 from The university Australian society of Certified Practicing Berhad. of Western Australia. Accountants (AsCPA), singapore division.

the need for good corporate governance in the public sector is vital to promoting greater transparency, accountability and an organisational culture Managing the public sector as a “well-oiled machine” requires a proactive and preemptive approach. Ensuring effectiveness, Key BeNefitS of thorough internal auditing practices, managing risk and ethical AtteNDiNG thiS excellence are all key to developing & implementing a consistent, CoNfereNCe strategic plan of responsibility and accountability to the public. 4 Strengthen the culture In these tough economic times it is imperative we address the role of accountability and transparency in the public that internal audit and risk management play in promoting good sector corporate governance within the public sector. We will explore issues 4 integrate internal ranging from IT governance to ethical standards to governance in audit, fraud and risk emerging markets to changing demands in public sector and we will management across government – linked provide you with the resources needed to enhance accountability, entities efficiency and transparency in the public sector. 4 evolve with the tough economic times and demands on the public Do not miss out on this invaluable opportunity! There has never been sector 4 Develop a risk culture a more crucial time demanding: 4 Go global: solutions from Australia, India, Malaysia n The integration of innovative solutions in risk mitigation and singapore n Establishing internal control within all departments and ministries 4 manage technology risk and IT governance n That public sector’s responsibility to the people be a focal point 4 maximise your audit and upheld through good corporate governance. team’s effectiveness 4 Navigate partnerships between public and BooK your SeAt Now! private sector 4 Synergise your internal reGiSter Now to eNJoy the eArly BirD audit, risk management and anti-corporate fraud SAviNGS & GrouP DiSCouNtS! efforts Call (65) 65368676 or email to: 4 expand your network and exchange information with industry peers 4 implement the best practice of corporate governance in government who ShoulD AtteND? office l Public Sector Leaders Sponsorship and l Management and Board Members exhibition opportunities l Officers, Heads and Managers from: This high profile event provides your internal Audit company with the unique opportunity v to capture the interest and influence risk management v the decisions of a highly targeted operations audience. Capitalise on this ideal v platform to market your services Compliance v and form strategic relationships through networking. Sponsorship and information technology v Exhibition options include: Planning and Development v l Luncheon l Cocktail Reception Governance v Documentation l Table-Top Display l l Promotional Materials l Audit Committees (Ministries, Agencies, Statutory Boards) for enquiries, call Ariel tan l Lawyers tel: (65) 6536 8676 or email:

RegistRation FoRm 5 easy ways to RegisteR goVeRnanCe, inteRnaL aUDit anD Telephone: (65) 6536 8676 or (65) 6536 8437 RisK in tHe PUBLiC seCtoR Fax: complete and send this registration form to: 22-23 June 2009 Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, Singapore l (65) 6536 4356 g Yes! Please register the following delegate(s) for this Conference (Please photocopy for more delegates) Mail: this completed form together with payment to: Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd g I am unable to attend but please put me on your mailing list 3 Raffles Place #08-01 Singapore 048617 g I am interested in Sponsorship/Exhibition Opportunities Email: I wish to claim special discount as a member of g CFe ICG or g CSI WEB: Membership no.___________________________(please fax us your membership card) name:(Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms):____________________________________ Your investment for attending this Conference is: Job Title:_______________________Department:_______________ early Bird Fee Super early Bird Fee (If Payment & registration (If Payment & registration Regular Fee Email:___________________________________________________ are received by are received by 22 May 2009) 22 April 2009) name:(Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms):____________________________________ 2-Day S$2,795 + 7% GST* S$2,595 + 7% GST* S$2,395 + 7% GST* Job Title:_______________________Department:_______________ Conference Email:___________________________________________________ Note: *GST is only applicable to Delegates from Singapore. The fee includes lunch, refreshments and conference documentation. Approving Manager:_____________________________________ Job Title:_______________________Department:_______________ Group Discount: Enjoy a group discount of 10% for 3 or more delegates registered at the same time from the same organisation and of the same Email:___________________________________________________ billing source. Company:_______________________________________________ metHodS of Payment Address:________________________________________________ g Please cross cheque or bank draft made payable to ASIA ________________________________________________________ BuSIneSS FORuM (Singapore) PTe LTD and mail your Tel:________________________ Fax:_________________________ payment together with this registration to 3 Raffles Place, Booking Contact:_________________________________________ #08-01, Singapore 048617. Enclosed is our cheque/draft for S$__________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ g Overseas delegates may pay by telegraphic transfer into the Nature of Business:________________________________________ account of Asia Business Forum (Singapore) Pte Ltd which is: Company Web site:________________________________________ Account no. 147-070312-001, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, 21 Collyer Quay, #01-01 HSBC ConfeRenCe Venue and aCCommodation Building, Singapore 049320. Please quote our reference infoRmation no. 1990S and your Company’s name in your payment Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel, Singapore instructions. 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220 Tel: (65) 6737 7966 Fax: (65) 6737 6646 g Payment by credit card: To make payment by credit card, Website: please call our customer service hotline at (65) 6536 8676. Attn: Room Reservation Department For reservations, please make your bookings directly with the hotel. To enjoy the special room rates, please quote Asia Business Forum’s Important notice: Payments are required with registration and must be “Governance, Internal Audit and Risk in the Public Sector”. Hotel bills received prior to the Conference to guarantee your place. Walk-in delegates are to be settled by delegates directly with the hotel. Hotel reservations will only be admitted on the basis of space availability at the Conference and and travel arrangements are

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