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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: NicolaWilson3



Why do we need a sales strategy? By creating a purpose driven sales strategy which is focused on the needs of our target group of potential organisations we can be much more focused on who we are selling to and why. With a more personal sales approach based on needs and understanding we can be more successful in our sales. Sales today is much more targeted and personalised. In an era where everyone can access all information it is important to understand what is going on in our markets and what is happening with your prospected companies to identify potential needs. It’s also easier to find out who you need to speak to & why they may need AIESEC. Steps to creating a sales strategy: 1. Analyse your market! - What is your target market/ sector? - Which Global Talent programme is relevant? - What’s my focus - is it on one specific group of companies and/or is it based on which Global Talent programme? Action to take: - Create a list of companies that you would like to prospect based on your analysis. For the purposes of this exercise have a look for around 10 to 20. 2. Why would the company need AIESEC? - What are the companies talent needs? - What are the features and benefits of the Global Talent programme? - How would Global Talent help this organisation grow and develop? (company need meets AIESEC) For each of these companies research, understand and write this down. Focus on these three questions for 5 of the companies to get things going. Recording it on Podio to ensure that you have a tailored sales approach. 3. Who are the people that I will need to connect with in the company? - Who are the key decision makers in the company that I would need to speak to? (CEO, HR, line managers etc.)? - How can I find their information? (Linkedin,, website, referral, alumni?) The next step is to contact these companies. However before we do this we need to understand holistically our potential customers to approach them in the best way. To do this we will go about creating empathy maps.

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