Creating a Safer System Through State Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaigns--Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Performance Measures

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Published on October 15, 2014

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Creating a Safer System Through State Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaigns
Track: Prosper
Format: 90 minute panel
Abstract: Hear about approaches used by North Carolina and Florida to develop, launch, and evaluate combined education and enforcement campaigns aimed at reducing pedestrian and bicyclists injuries and deaths.
Presenter: Laura Sandt Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Co-Presenter: Lauren Blackburn North Carolina DOT
Co-Presenter: Lucas Cruse University of South Florida, Center for Urban Transportation Research
Co-Presenter: Billy Hattaway Florida DOT

1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation -- Performance Measures Lauren Blackburn, AICP NCDOT, Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Pro Walk / Pro Bike / Pro Place Conference September 2014

2. Campaign Goals 2

3. Plan - Principles to Actions 1.Define Goals/Objectives 2.Describe Metrics 3.Identify Data for Metrics 4.Plan for Data Collection 5.Communicate Data/Information

4. Sample Plan Objectives •Mobility: Implement Complete Streets policy •Safety: Improve enforcement efforts •Health: Improve public health via active living environments •Economy: Increase return on investment for bike/ped facilities •Environment: Expand statewide greenway network 4

5. Sample Metrics •Mobility: % of eligible roadway including complete street features •Safety: Number of local governments, universities participating in enforcement initiatives •Health: Physical inactivity rates •Economy: ROI measures (visits, spending, property values, business development, etc) •Environment: Miles of greenways built 5

6. Identify Data for Metrics •Mobility: Project Descriptions •Safety: # enforcement events tracked via Watch for Me NC campaign •Health: statewide survey questions about physical activity risk factors •Economy: Commerce visitor stats, property valuations, user intercept surveys •Environment: NC GIS inventory of bike/ped faciilties 6

7. Identify data needs •Continue to conduct statewide GIS data collection •Consider mapping and application options

8. Identify data needs •2014- purchase counters, identify locations, initiate counts in Triad region •2015- evaluation, launch statewide counts program

9. Share Information •Use web and online tools to provide open source for data •Provide mapping/digital tools that meet the needs of state’s customers •Provide reports and data to researchers and local planners for other applications and studies 9

10. Example Use of Metrics: Prioritize Projects

11. regions & divisions

12. 40% of Funds 30% of Funds 30% of Funds STI (Strategic Transportation Investments) Statewide Mobility Regional Impact Division Needs Focus  Address Significant Congestion and Bottlenecks Eligible Projects -Statewide type Projects (such as Interstates) •Selection based on 100% Data Focus  Improve Connectivity within Regions Eligible Projects -Projects Not Selected in Statewide Mobility Category -Regional Projects •Selection based on 70% Data & 30% Local Input •Funding based on population within Region Focus  Address Local Needs Eligible Projects -Projects Not Selected in Statewide or Regional Categories -Division Projects •Selection based on 50% Data & 50% Local Input •Funding based on equal share for each Division = ~$34M per yr Bike-Ped Eligible Here

13. Available Data •Geocoded crash info •Speed limits on DOT roads •Population Density •Employment Density •Destinations (local input) •Cost •ROW acquired, PE work complete •Planning work 13

14. Bicycle & Pedestrian – Data Points 14 Criteria Weight Safety 15% Access (Destinations Connected) 10% Density (Pop + Emp) 10% Constructability 5% Benefit-Cost 10%

15. Outcomes  Evaluate Metrics •Over 460 projects submitted (with additional criteria and limits) •In process of ranking and programming •May or may not yield shift in balance of federal funding programmed for bike/ped projects •SPOT workgroup to reconvene in Sept to discuss improvements to metrics and process •Questions: •How can we incorporate health measures into prioritization? •How can we compare modes via common measures? •What project funding goals are unmet by STI? 15

16. Relating back to the Goals •Projects selected can be directly related to specific safety and efficiency goals •Some metrics can be improved to track measures like ROI •New data sets identified through process (i.e. health) •Didn’t directly address more nuanced or non- infrastructure needs •Continuous data collection is extremely important to track progress 16


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