Creating a Positive Experience For Your Website Visitors

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Information about Creating a Positive Experience For Your Website Visitors

Published on March 18, 2014

Author: lisaspitz


Creating a Positive Experience for your Website Visitors Lisa Spitz Principle, Lisa Spitz Design URL:

About Me • B.A. Graphic Design & Psychology, Regis College, Weston MA • M.Des. Interaction Design, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA • Consultant for Institute of Human Center Design site: URL: “” • Consultant for Accessing Safety Initiative site: URL: “ “ • Director of Design, CAST, Wakefield MA • Principle, Lisa Spitz Design

Workshop Goal • Meet Jane, an amputee and survivor, in need of help • Define Jane’s Journey • Introduce the concept of User Experience Design • Plan and design Jane’s ideal website experience

Meet Jane

Jane is… • Jane is an amputee. • She lives in New York city with her 6-year-old daughter and spouse. • Her spouse was recently jailed, but will soon be released. • This is NOT her first incident of violence. • She is increasingly concerned for their safety. • She don’t know where to begin, but sits down to her computer – because now is her chance to bring herself and her daughter to safety.

Activity • Imagine YOU are Jane. • What will you do next? An online search? • What keywords do you use? • What are you looking for?

Jane’s Journey

Journey Map

User Experience Design

What is User Experience? • "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end- user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” Nielsen Norman Group URL: “”

The User Experience Honeycomb User Experience Design by Peter Morville: URL: “”

Back to Jane’s Journey Map…

Jane’s Ideal Website Experience

Design Thinking • What is the experience we’d like to create for Jane? – Step 1: Learn more about Jane – Step 2: Define Jane’s ideal experience – Step 3: Prioritize your site content (for Jane!) – Step 4: Learn how other sites are doing it

Step 1: Learn more about Jane

Activity (2) – 10 Minutes • Imagine, again, that you are Jane. • What else you think Jane is thinking, feeling, doing while researching online. • Tell a story about Jane: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

Step 2: Define Jane’s ideal experience

Activity (3) – 10 minutes • Now think about your own organization and goals. • What you want Jane to feel as a result of coming to your website. (Choose an adjective) • What qualities or experiences embody that adjective and why?

Step 3: Prioritize your site content

Activity (4) – 10 Minutes • Now think about your own website. • What elements of your website will support that adjective? • How would you prioritize those elements?

Activity (5) – 10 minutes • Design your own website using the materials provided (paper, pens, etc). • What goes where? • How does it differ from your current site?

Step 4: Learn how other sites are doing it

Activity (6) – 10 Minutes • Let’s look at some other websites. • What is working well / not well for Jane and based on your adjective?


What’s your big takeaway? • Anything unexpected or uncomfortable? • Anything new and different?

Thank You! • • Lisa Spitz Design URL: “”

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