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Published on October 22, 2014

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Presentation at the University of Sussex, October 2014

1. CRCC Asia: Living and Working in China

2. Contents • About CRCC Asia • Stereotypes • Dining Etiquette • Mianzi • Communication • Guanxi • CRCC Asia China Internship Program Learning Outcomes • The Cultural truths of China • Realise the importance of understanding the Real China • Preparation for experiences in China • Examine how student experiences in China can drastically improve graduate employability

3. About CRCC Asia Daniel Nivern Daniel is a graduate from Oxford University and co-founded CRCC Asia in 2006. He was the President of the Oxford Cambridge Club Beijing and runs the CRCC Asia San Francisco office. Edward Holroyd Pearce Edward graduated in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University and co-founded CRCC Asia in 2006. He currently runs the CRCC Asia China offices. Thomas Kirkwood Thomas became the third director of CRCC Asia in 2008. He is the owner of Kirkwood & Sons LLP, a board member of Sino Geophysical, a shareholder in Yeepay and an adviser on energy matters to KW&Co. Our Values CRCC Asia believes in maintaining the highest level of commitment to its core values: •A commitment to people •A commitment to professionalism •A commitment to global partnership We believe in a global future and we are committed to building international connections that will shape tomorrow’s business landscape. Our Aim CRCC Asia specializes in connecting China and the global community through China Internships, Study Abroad Programs and Consulting services. As the leading provider of Internships in China, we work with the best companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Sanya to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting. All of our Programs allow participants to gain an insight into Chinese business culture, meet industry leaders and build business networks.

4. CRCC Asia | Company Growth CRCC Asia initially offered strategic assistance to SMEs looking to enter the Chinese market and offered work and travel opportunities for international students in China. The pioneering internship program officially began in May 2008 and has grown annually from 250 interns per year in 2009 to over 1700 interns on the program in 2014. 1700+ interns 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 CRCC Asia established in London in December The company expanded operations by opening an office in Beijing CRCC Asia was incorporated in the United States and an office was established in Pennsylvania Opened in Shanghai and San Francisco. Courses and Mandarin offered Established in Sydney, Venice, and Sanya Opened offices in Madrid. Established a program in Shenzhen. 250 interns 450 interns 800 interns 1000 interns 1500 interns Generation UK Launch. Opened office in Toronto.

5. About CRCC Asia | In The Wider Community CRCC Asia – Winners of The British Business Award 2012 The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognises CRCC Asia’s continuing achievements in enterprise and successful endeavours in China. Previous winners include Standard Chartered, Unilever and Arup. CRCC Asia – Winners of The Cathay Pacific China Business Award 2010 The New Horizons Award. Previous winners have included SMD Holdings, B&Q, Arup, Prudential, Cherry Valley Farms and Rolls-Royce. CRCC Asia elected by the British Council to provide government funded internships in China. CRCC Asia chosen as placement provider for Generation UK Internship Programme, a British Council campaign to send up to 15,000 students from the UK to China on scholarships by 2016.

6. CRCC Asia - Funded China Programs Generation UK In addition to our internal Scholarship Program, Generation UK, the British Council run campaign also provides funding for students to head out to China. CRCC Asia have sent over 160 students and 2013 graduates from the UK out to China on fully-funded 2 month internship programs as part of the Generation UK initiative. Funding for all 2014 programs has now been allocated. Further funding is now available.  2-month placements in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen,  UK and Irish passport holders only,  Family income of £40,000 or less  Academic excellence  Interest in China

7. ‘The UK and China have become indispensible partners for each other's development.’ (Prime Minister David Cameron, 2013)

8. China Internship Program | Why China? Wy China? Population of over 1.3 billion China is now the worlds 3rd largest investor Alibaba’s market value is 2314.4 billion dollars, which is superior than Facebook, IBM, and JP Morgan China is the world's longest continuous civilization (5000 years old) Forecast from The Economist, China will overtake the US as the largest global economy in 2021. Some economists believe this has already happened. 2013 GDP annual growth : China (7.7%), USA(1.7%). China is one of the world’s top exporters and is attracting record amounts of foreign investment 8 type of Chinese cuisines: Anhui, Cantonese, Fujan, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Szechuan and Zhejiang cuisines Why China?

9. Stereotypical observations | British People about Chinese People • The Chinese have little sense of privacy • Chinese culture is shrouded in mystery • The Chinese aren’t big drinkers but are big smokers • The Chinese are either very rich or very poor • Relationships are very one sided • The Chinese have a timid personality And on a lighter note: • The Chinese will eat anything.

10. Stereotypical observations |Chinese People about British People • The British often believe their way of doing things is superior • The British are unwilling to attempt other languages • The British are reserved and formal • The British always keep a stiff upper lip • The British are polite but sometimes arrogant And on a lighter note: • London is the world capital of fog and rain” • British pounds are the most valuable currency in the world • The British smell of dairy products

11. Dining Etiquette • You can be expected to be greeted in the street when meeting a friend with, “have you eaten yet?” • Eating is an integral part of Chinese culture. • How to signify you’ve finished your meal? • Chopsticks in China • What if you’re served something you do not like? • NEVER eat before an older person at the table! • Do not start to eat until all people are sat down

12. What Does the Below symbolise? United Kingdom China

13. Food and Drink in China Food • Food in China, what can you expect? • Local delicacies Alcohol • What is Baijiu? • Toasting is a major part of drinking in China- (Gan bei) • How to signify you’ve had enough to drink?

14. Food and Drink in China Tea • Tea culture is different in China. Ritualistic and a wide variety of teas. • “Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day.” • When drinking tea the Chinese pay particular attention to the fragrance, the colour and varying tastes. Varying Tea cups Fragrance cup: thimble- shaped, receives the first brewed tea. Tea cup: small cup from which you drink.

15. Mianzi (Face) Mianzi is an essential cultural concept that must be understood before going to China. • Roughly translates as ‘respect’ in Western societies. • Core component of Chinese society that should not be underestimated. • How to give Face, who to give it to, and, how you might receive Face. • Superiors • Toasting - Gan bei At work, • Dining - seating arrangement • Answering questions • It is impolite if someone to publicly criticize

16. Exercise: Maintaining Mianzi • How do you find the Shanghai pollution? As with any big city there is always pollution. Shanghai is no different. • Most Chinese people speak very bad English, it must be difficult communicating? I don’t speak any Mandarin so I’m glad the Chinese can help me by speaking in English. • Why are there are so many poor people in China? Every country has poor people, but China has done really well over recent years in rapidly reducing the number of poor. • I bet your salary is really high, you must be rich? My salary is not high in the UK and we have much higher costs of living so I’m definitely not rich!

17. Communication Differences • The Chinese often never refuse a request, no matter how difficult or non- profitable it may appear. • Tendency to say "yes" to questions so that you do not lose face, • Do not get frustrated by a more lengthy conversation that may turn out to be a refusal in disguise.

18. Guanxi (Relationships) The system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings.

19. Guanxi: Why is it so important? • Guanxi is essential in working with the Chinese. • In China, most business is done through relationships and networks. “It's not what you know, it's who you know,” “To do business, we must first be friends” • Business cards: to give a good impression to others. • Over time, you will learn who knows who, who owes who favours, and you will build your own Guanxi. • Those who invest in building long term relationships with the Chinese have a higher chance of success and are more positive about their position in the Chinese market - repeated contact is worth investing in.

20. Guanxi: The Example of gifts • It is important to build relationships with gifts • You should see a gift as a way of saying thank you. • Gifts are important in all relationships. For example, you can bring fruit to visit a friend. • For business, if you visit a company, you should give a small gift as an introduction. You should give gifts if you feel the company as helped you- even if it seems trivial • It is essential to return a favour. Remember if someone has given you a gift and pay them back in the future

21. China Internship Program | Summer Video

22. China Internship Program | Sector and Roles As the leading provider of Internships in China, we work with the best companies in Beijing Shanghai and Shenzhen to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting. • Business • Engineering • Finance • Green Tech, Energy & Environmental Consultancy • Hospitality • Information Technology • Legal • Logistics • Marketing, PR & Advertising • NGOs, Charities & Not for Profit • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare • Tourism & Travel • Media & Journalism

23. China Internship Program | What’s Included • Guaranteed Internship in the sector of your choice • English Speaking Supervisor • Business Visa Processing and Support • Pre-departure Assistance • Airport Pickup on Arrival • International Hotel Accommodation • Induction Course & Cultural Training • Formal Welcome Banquet • Welcome Pack + SIM Card + City Guide • Weekly Mandarin Lessons • 24-hour Support and Guidance • Social Events & Business Seminar • Volunteer Charity Day-Trip • Networking Opportunities • Access into the Alumni Network • CRCC Asia Certificate

24. China Internship Program | 4 Amazing Locations Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Sanya CHINA Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Sanya

25. China Internship Program | Testimonials Treasa Harkin, Business Intern, Aug 2012 I had a fantastic experience. I recently received three job offers from Asurion, Amazon and Mott MacDonald – I can safely say that I could not have secured these without my Chinese experience – speaking specifically about the challenges, culture and the sort of work I was doing in my internship. Seb Tribe, Chinese Language Program, May 2013 I am glad that I found CRCC Asia, they provided an experience that has been fascinating, enjoyable, personally enriching and has shown me the career opportunities that China has to offer. Kavita Prima, Legal Intern, Jan 2013 I found that my internship placement allowed me to network on an international scale with reputable legal associates and exposed me to future job placement opportunities. Overall, I had a blast and it is a great way to kick start ones career whilst experiencing a vibrant culture and sights.

26. China Internship Program | Partner Companies

27. Website: Follow a current CRCC Asia intern blogging about his/her experiences working in China Facebook: Friend us and ask any questions you may have about the program Twitter: Follow us for regular updates on internships, China, and other interesting global news Google +: +CrccasiaOfficial Connect with us to include our updates in your stream Instagram: View our image stream Youtube: Video blogs and informational videos Weibo: Updates on internships, partner companies, and tips on graduate employability Youku: Watch videos showcasing our programs, intern testimonials, new stories and much more. Pinterest: See what’s happening in our world CRCC Asia | Online

28. Contact | Our Offices United Kingdom (London) 154 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4LN Tel: +44 207 378 6220 Email: USA (Shawnee) 2F Fort Depuy, River Road, PO Box 48, Shawnee On Delaware, PA 18356-0048, USA Tel: +1 570 213 5058 Email: USA (San Francisco) Suite 306, 12 Geary Street San Francisco, California 94108, USA Tel: +1 415 243 0968 Email: Italy (Venice) Via Antonio da Mestre 19/6 Scala A, Mestre, Veneto 30174, Italy Tel: + 39 041 098 3675 Email: Canada (Toronto) Suite 307, 24 Ryerson Ave Toronto, Ontario M5T 2P4, Canada Tel: +1 416 603 1894 Email: China (Shenzhen) Room 3002, Metropolitan Heights 3018 ShennanMiddle Road, Shenzhen 518031 China Phone: +86 755 8321 9013 Email: China (Beijing) 609, 1 Kunsha Center, 16 Xinyuanli Chaoyang, Beijing 100027, P R China Tel: +86 108 468 3779 Email: China (Shanghai) Rm. 1111, No.1 Huaihai Zhong Rd, Luwan, Shanghai, P R China Tel: +86 213 330 0850 Email: Spain (Madrid) c/Velazquez, 15 28001 Madrid, Spain Tel: +34 91 737 5311 Email: Australia (Sydney) Level 7, Suite 706 250 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia Tel: +61 028 084 3410 Email:

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