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Information about Crateguidelines

Published on September 20, 2011

Author: yasijenny



These are basic guidelines you can share with your groomer or veterinarian or anyone who might need to crate your dog, to help ensure that your dog doesn't develop crate aversion, or to help you cure a dog who has become crate averse.

from the Whole Dog Camp Train-it-YourselfWorkbook by Jenny Ruth YasiFood reinforce the crate.Toss treats in after the dog. Feed meals in the crate. Hide treats in the crate. BuildGive dogs special chews when they are in the crate.Duration Slowly. Dont overface yourdog.With puppies, sleep with the little crate right in your bed, and yourarms inside the crate, wrapped around the puppy. Move it onto the trunkbeside your bed by the second night. If you have a crate-averse older doganti-anxiety medication can make change easier. Talk to your veterinarianabout medication. Sometimes music or movies can help. Lots of short andsweet crate experiences during the day makes night time crating easier.Place crate where it is near people.Cratesshouldnt feel like isolation booths, unless your dog is shy and WANTSmore privacy. In some situations, dogs will be happier and calmer with thecrate covered. Experiment to make it easier for the dog.Never remove a dog from the crate justbecause he is demanding out. You don’t want thedog to learn that all he needs to do is get more hysterical and THEN youlet him out. When he is quiet, be quick and open the door and reinforceTHAT, don’t reinforce while he is fussing. Release the dogwith a word, "break" You don’t want simply opening thecrate door to be the dogs cue to barge out! Food reinforce your dog forcontinuing to lay down in the crate while the crate door is open, until youcue him to come out.It typically takes dogs about three nightsto get used to sleeping all night in a

crate.Your goal is to to condition a relaxation response to the crate.Make sure your dog is healthy, well-exercised and has had a chance todrink water and relieve himself. Dog’s natural habitat is a den. Make surethe crate is roomy, clean and well-ventilated, plan to put him to bed lateand wake him up early in a sturdy plastic (dogs can sometimes injuredthemselves trying to escape wire crates) crate. And then dont reinforcefussing. Let him out in the morning before he wakes up and starts fussing.Its easier, at first, for a dog to sleep inthe crate EVERY night rather than just"some" nights.Your life and the dogs life will be easier if for the first six months of his lifewith you, the dog sleeps in the crate. My dogs sleep in our bed very often,especially if its cold, but during their first year they were crated every night.Now, if we want them to sleep in their crates, all we have to do is cue"crate!" and off they go. They like the bed, sure, but they like sleeping intheir crates too. The crate is a great place to chew a bone, while we dontallow dog chews in our bed!Use privileges and treats toteach!

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