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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: CraigLeedham



Labor leaders met in Texas to discuss strategies for reigniting the union movement. All paths led to the American worker’s need for better pay. This issue would also be a good platform for the labor movements close friend, the Democratic Party with elections looming in the fall.

Craig Leedham currently resides in San Diego, CA. His professional career spans work in academic research and sociology, as well as professional experience in applied research and organized labor. Leedham co-authored three editions of a leading undergraduate textbook in sociology, as well as applying his academic interests in social movements and social research in a number of professional contexts that include work with state government in Washington, two research universities (Colorado State University and Arizona State University), and numerous education labor associations.

Wages  Pave  the  Path  for  Labor  Union   and  Democratic  Success   By  Craig  Leedham   February  27,  2014     Labor  leaders  met  in  Texas  to  discuss  strategies  for  reigniting  the  union  movement.   All  paths  led  to  the  American  worker’s  need  for  better  pay.  This  issue  would  also  be   a  good  platform  for  the  labor  movements  close  friend,  the  Democratic  Party  with   elections  looming  in  the  fall.     The  union’s  are  looking  towards  state  and   local  elections  to  help  their  cause,  because   the  2010  election  stacked  many  of  the   governor’s  mansions  against  them.   Republicans  controlling  individual  states   has  been  a  big  set  back  for  the  unions,  but   they  have  plans  to  recoup  their  losses.  Of   the  many  defeats  they’ve  experienced   recently,  the  Volkswagen  plant  in   Tennessee  was  a  big  one.  When  the  vote   came  up  for  the  workers  to  vote  to   unionize,  they  declined.  Unions  now  only   represent  eleven  percent  of  the  workforce.   This  is  a  big  set  back  compared  to  the  level   fifty  years  ago  that  was  nearly  three  times   that.     Union  leaders  have  their  eye  fixed  on  a  few   key  states  that  could  help  turn  the  tables.   Michigan,  Ohio,  Pennsylvania,  and   Wisconsin  are  usually  union  strongholds.   The  goal  in  these  states  is  to  get  rid  of  the  Republican  governors  and  flip  the   legislative  chambers  from  Republican  to  Democrat.  As  it  stands  now,  Republicans   control  both  houses  in  all  five  states.     In  order  to  help  win  some  of  these  elections,  the  labor  movement  has  to  beef  up   spending.  They  need  to  back  up  their  pro-­‐union  candidates  to  compete  with  their   conservative  counterparts  like  the  Koch  brothers.  The  nations  labor  unions  spent   about  $300  million  on  political  activities  in  2010.  This  year  they  will  have  to  spend   that  much  and  maybe  more.  Union  leaders  are  encouraging  candidates  to  campaign   on  raising  wages  to  win  votes.  President  Obama  has  been  pushing  to  raise  the   federal  minimum  wage  and  many  states  are  doing  the  same.  

Craig  Leedham  currently  resides  in  San  Diego,  CA.  His  professional  career  spans  work   in  academic  research  and  sociology,  as  well  as  professional  experience  in  applied   research  and  organized  labor.  Leedham  co-­‐authored  three  editions  of  a  leading   undergraduate  textbook  in  sociology,  as  well  as  applying  his  academic  interests  in   social  movements  and  social  research  in  a  number  of  professional  contexts  that   include  work  with  state  government  in  Washington,  two  research  universities   (Colorado  State  University  and  Arizona  State  University),  and  numerous  education   labor  associations.  

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