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Information about Crafting Growth Opportunities - Faber Infinite

Published on November 5, 2018

Author: faberinfinite


slide 1: CRAFTING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES slide 2: ABOUT FABER INFINITE 2 Management Consulting Training organization in the domains of Business Excellence/ Change Management Hands on organisational transformation experience across 8 countries 40+ sectors 150+ happy clients and 10000+ projects Faber Infinite provides world class solutions with the sole purpose of "Crafting Growth Opportunities" We support enterprises by accelerating revenue growth and sustainable profit maximization slide 3: GLOBAL PRESENCE 3 Presence in India Ahmedabad I Pune I Vadodara Surat | Indore Offices Clients Nairobi Lusaka Dubai slide 4: SECTORS TRANSFORMED SO FAR 4 MANUFACTURING Automotive Engineering Machinery FMCG and others COMMERCIAL FARMS Flower farms Tea estates Grain farms Poultry farms and Others PROCESS INDUSTRY Chemicals Pharmaceutical Food and Beverages Metals and others HEALTHCARE Hospitals Laboratories Medical Institutions Commercial Kitchens and others CONSTRUCTION Construction Companies New Facility Design Layout Design Expansion and others SERVICE Banking and Insurance Retail and Logistics Public and Private Sectors slide 5: GLIMPSE OF OUR CLIENTS – ASIA PACIFIC 5 slide 6: GLIMPSE OF OUR CLIENTS – AFRICA 6 slide 7: TYPICAL RESULTS DELIVERED 7 25 Cash flow improvement 20 Cost reduction 20 Profitability improved 30 Revenue growth 25 Customer satisfaction index improvement 50 Quality Improvement 75 Inventories cut down 45 Equipment uptime improvement 60 Lead time reduction 65 Productivity improvement Difficult to measure Culture building slide 8: FABER PHILOSOPHY 8 slide 9: ACHIEVING IMPROVED PROFITABILITY BY 9 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE slide 10: DELIVERING EXPONENTIAL REVENUE GROWTH BY 10 STRATEGIC EXCELLENCE slide 11: DESIGNING HIGH IMPACT PRODUCTS/PROCESSES BY 11 DESIGN EXCELLENCE slide 12: CRAFTING HIGH PERFORMANCE ORGANISATIONS BY 12 PEOPLE EXCELLENCE slide 13: ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK © BY FABER INFINITE 13 slide 14: STEPS FOR THE TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY 14 0 1 2 3 4 Showcasing results delivered Introduction of tools solutions Alignment Analysis Project Scoping Roadmap Top Management Conclave Sensitization Train Champions On Transformation Continual Improvement Projects via Problems Solving Tools Daily Work Management Sustain via Systematic Audit and Improvement Loop SAIL Improvement Handholding 9-12 Months Consensus Building 1 Week Initiation 1-2 Weeks Visioning 1/2 Day Ongoing Process slide 15: ROBUST ENGAGEMENT STRUCTURE 15 BUSINESS ALLIANCES BODY OF KNOWLEDGE DELIVERY TEAM QUALITY ASSURANCE BUSINESS HEAD TRANSFORMATION STEERING COMMITTEE AND EXECUTION TEAM CLIENT ENGAGEMENT ADVISOR 15+YEARS OF EXP CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER 10+YEARS OF EXP CLIENT ENGAGEMENT LEAD 5+YEARS OF EXP CLIENT slide 16: FABER INFINITE COMPETENCIES 16 CONSULTING TRAINING TECHNOLOGY BENCHMARKING slide 17: FABER INFINITE DIFFERENTIATORS 17 Hands on experience in Organizational Transformation/ Change Management Expert consultants serving clients across Asia Pacific Africa Middle East Proven Delivery Methodology appreciated by select Fortune 500 organizations Estimated minimum 10 times return on investment Sustenance through high power reviews technology tools Take pride in calling ourselves as "Implementers" and not mere boardroom consultants slide 18: Consulting I Technology I Benchmarking I Training I Asia Pacific I Africa I Middle East I +91 99099-21685 I +91 98985-82464 I “Faber Infinite Consulting part of Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd” Organisational Transformation Framework® Lighthouse Exercise® Lean Facility Design® are Intellectual Property IP of Faber Infinite Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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