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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: buster152



Marketing to your buyers is much different than it was 30 years ago--or even 5, for that matter. Buyers are 60% of the way through the traditional sales process before they are even a blip on your radar! We take a look at the strategies of the past and why they're not working for you today--as well as a suggestion on what could.

We’re ! what’s new! in nonprofit…. Tips,   Best   Prac.ces   and   Insights   from   nonprofit   sector   leaders   to   help   others   in   the   sector   become   even   more   awesome.        

But THIS is what’s new ! about your ! buyers…

Simply put: ! Old strategies… CAN’T work in today’s world

Selling Strategies of Yesterday! •  Cronyism: Network of buddies •  Commodity: Price focused •  Content: Features and Benefits •  Consultative: Client Needsbased    

Selling Strategies of Today •  New criteria for evaluating prospects •  Engage change agents as stakeholders vs. informants •  ROR vs. ROI: Return on Relationships not Investments •  Relationships not transactions •  H2H: Human to Human

Marketing Strategies of Yesterday

What happened to them? •  Craigslist has replaced a lot of traditional classified ad publishing •  Print Ad Sales have been declining annually* •  Way fewer people smoke these days *Associa.on  of  Business  Media  2013    

Marketing Strategies of Today Content Marketing •  “The  crea.on  of  valuable  and  relevant   content  yourself  (instead  of  using   tradi.onal  means).”-­‐David  Meerman  ScoM   •  “(It)  is  all  the  that’s  leP.”-­‐  Seth   Godin   Exerpt  from  teleseminar  on  Godin’s  Meatball  Sundae  Book   Tour,  2008  ;  published  on    

Processes of Yesterday Linear and Predictable

Processes of Today Buyers  are  60%  through  tradi.onal  purchasing  process   before  they  engage  with  a  rep*       Buyers  are  “armed  to  the  teeth”  with  knowledge  of   their  problem  and  a  well-­‐constructed  RFP     Reps  are  oPen  relegated  to  “price-­‐driven  bake-­‐offs”       *Corporate  Board  Study  of  1,400  B2B   Customers     Harvard  Business  Review:  The  End  of  Solu.on  Sales,   Adamson,  Dixon,  Toman    

With 60% of the buying process happening before you even know it’s begun…. Your company and sales people have less likelihood for success if they’re not prepared.

Take-aways   •  Sales  cycle  is  no  longer  linear,  no  longer  a  funnel   but  a  con.nuous  cycle  of  engagement   •  Prospects  are  60%  through  decision  process   before  they  are  a  blip  on  your  radar   •  Well  over  half  of  the  tradi.onal  sales  process  has   DISAPPEARED  due  to  access  to  informa.on   online  

How can we expect an 80’s approach to work…

…in today’s world?

What IS going to work? •  •  •  •  •  •  Creating a brand Creating trust Positioning your brand as expert Cultivating a relationship Acting as a Partner vs. a Vendor Collaboration

Yesterday: Shotgun Approach •  Broad Marketing to Many •  Features and Benefits Focus •  Pricing Focus These all treated the prospective buyers as a a target

Today: Human to Human Communicate  in  a  human   manner  to  your  human   customers!     Implement  Maslow’s  hierarchy   of  needs    —and    communicate   your  story  in  a  way  that    is   about  the  human  customer,   not  the  “target”  

How?   •  •  •  •  •  •  Blogging Social media Content Engagement Experience Collaboration

We’d  love  to  help  find  the  right    approach  for  you   To  learn  more,  please  contact:    Amy  DeVita  973.809.0445  

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