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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: ellenkelley



Connection with brands and consumers happens personally, one-on-one with merchandise marketing. And, when you can provide additional connections with product samples and collateral information to support the marketing initiatives... well, you've found promotional pieces that really WORK for the brand. We heighten exposure, we light up the brand and make it shine. And we customize pieces that meet the standards of quality and that fit the events. It's a privilege to be a part of the connection process.

Connecting with the Consumer Event Glow Wands Who is CandyRific? Sports Fans Event Fans Custom Branding Quick! Connect!

We light up events with pieces consumers reach for! Then, they take them home. Great value for promotional products. We expand the brand. Battery- Powered Glow Wand Dispensers for any event … add photos, logos, autographs. Light-up Fan Dispensers. Endless designs. THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THEM. Concert Artist Photos Collectibles after the event. Baseball, basketball, soccer, football Collectibles after the event. CR Branded Premiums Sports Fans for… sports fans! Dispensers. Collectibles.!

Our Products Customize for concerts, sporting events or any onsite branding experience Customize the color and the handle… and light up the crowd. Hollow handles open to dispense product samples, coupons or other promotional items to enhance the brand merchandise initiatives. Or… dispense candy. product info/samples, coupons, stickers, candy Wand options include blinking, strobe effect or steady light with a push of the button

Our Products Sports fans for every young fan…every sport A promotional piece they reach for and dispensed materials reach parents too! Endless promotional opportunities with the hollow handle… or dispense candy! The hollow handle allows this eyecatching piece to also dispense products, coupons or other collateral materials to add more value as a promotional piece or souvenir. Fan blades are soft, safe foam 1 AA battery keeps it running Candy Dispenser Design Product Dispenser designs feature photos, logos and sponsors

Our Products Our Fans are real crowd pleasers with youth demos around the world We can put anything on a fan or a fan on anything! Give us a character that represents the brand and we’ll create it. They remain in consumer households as a branded collectible or toy. Dispense candy or use hollow handles for product, coupons, etc.

Our Products Custom figures, key chains, flashlights, squirt guns, pop-ups, light-ups We create custom pieces to support with lights, sound effects and candy… they go home as branded toys. Slinky Dog Dispenser Squirt guns with candy Custom Figurines with M&Ms Pops up, lights up Flashlight candy dispenser Movie Launches

Our Products Custom iconic fans with dispenser handles We can do anything! We can customize anything from keychain tins, to dry erase boards, candy tins. Great for trade shows, conventions… logo it, add mints, candy… LOGOS

CR Branded Premiums 00 Who is CandyRific CandyRific is a global company, partner to many world-class brands. We create, customize and manufacture a wide variety of items designed to fit the merchandise marketing goals of each brand we work with. We are trusted by many high-profile international brands to deliver when timing is crucial for each feature film and/or character launch we’re executing. From a retail standpoint, we’re prominent in selling into all channels and classes of trade. Our company is particularly strong with all the major mass retailers and drug chains because of our compelling items and history of strong sales. We sell 70,000 pieces a day world-wide, many of them are our fans. We also service most of the major secondary retailers and supermarkets and have some very strong non‐traditional outlets as well. We’re in most major markets around the world. We have over 800 individual customers and estimate that we are in approximately 150,000 stores in the U.S. alone. Our distribution network continues to thrive and our quality control is second to none. We deliver. Our success in the retail sector translates to our ability to deliver compelling incentives and promotional items to sports franchises, corporate brands and professional marketing companies. Items that are sought after by consumers to excite them and create the desired experience- Event marketing pieces that have appeal and make the desired impression for the brand. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Contact: Ellen Kelley / Director, Branded Premiums / / 913.488.8798

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