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Published on June 23, 2016

Author: TridentCADC

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1. Developing Your Professional Presence Tanya White-Earnest | www.trident4careers.com | trident4careers@trident.edu 714.816.0366 x1943

2. AGENDA JUNE 22ND, 2016 ▪ What is Professionalism ▪ Aptitude ▪ Appearance ▪ Attitude ▪ Q&A Developing Your Professional Presence

3. PROFESSIONALISM How do you define “professionalism”? Please type your answer into the chat box

4. Merriam-Webster Dictionary "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person" What Is Professionalism

5. 2012 State of Professionalism in the Workplace Study

6. 2012 State of Professionalism in the Workplace

7. 2013 State of Professionalism in the Workplace Study

8. 2013 State of Professionalism in the Workplace Study

9. 2013 State of Professionalism in the Workplace Study

10. In the job search or on the job, which is most important? How one looks or presents oneself Who one knows that can open doors How good one is at doing the job? All of the above

11. APTITUDE DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THE JOB? Know or Learn the How Know How to Learn Be Open to Gaining New Skills/Knowledge

12. How You Dress and Present Yourself Matters Depends Doesn’t Matter

13. APPEARANCE LOOKING THE PART “People who work need to consider how they look. “Appearance does count and how you appear to others can make or break a job opportunity or your success on the job. Appearance counts all the time––from the job application, to the interview, to every day on the job. “The key is to find a style that fits your particular job and type of work, makes you and others comfortable, and makes a positive statement about you. “Your employer’s goal is to have the employees project a favorable image; your goal is to represent the employer and yourself in a favorable way. With care and planning, you can achieve both goals with style and satisfaction.” GLOBALedge Training Academy

14. APPEARANCE LOOKING THE PART Facial Expressions Clothing and Grooming Body Language

15. Attitude is Everything. . . Do you agree with this statement? Yes No

16. ATTITUDE WILLINGNESS TO DO THE JOB “Professionalism consists of certain attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors sometimes known collectively as “virtue” or “good character.” Attitudes and behaviors have two things in common. First, both are produced by our beliefs. Second, we have the power to choose our attitudes and behaviors.”

17. Career Readiness Competencies • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving • Oral / Written Communications • Teamwork / Collaboration • Information Technology Application • Leadership • Professionalism / Work Ethic • Career Management National Association of Colleges and Employers

18. Career Readiness Competencies Professionalism / Work Ethic Demonstrate personal accountability and effective work habits, e.g., • punctuality • working productively with others • time / workload management • understand the impact of non-verbal communication on professional work image. The individual: • demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior • acts responsibly with the interests of the larger community in min • is able to learn from his/her mistakes. National Association of Colleges and Employers

19. How We Behave How we carry ourselves How we interact How we handle conflict How we contribute

20. Developing Professionalism HOW CAN YOU PROJECT PROFESSIONALISM? • Determine how you want to be seen in your professional capacity and be consistent about projecting that image • Determine what professionalism means in your workplace (or the place you wish to work) and ensure you project alignment with that standard • Know that fit is important – you don’t want to try to be “something you are not” in order to fit in. • Bring your “A” game everyday


22. UPCOMING WEBINARS Don’t forget to mark your calendar for other upcoming Center for Career and Workforce Strategies events including: • July 13, 2016 – Dynamic Job Interviewing for Success – Dr. Bruce Gillies, author of Career Search in the 21st Century

23. CONNECT WITH CPWS • Call us at: 714-816-0366 extension: 1943 • Email us at: trident4careers@trident.edu

24. THANK YOU! We appreciate you joining us today for: Developing Your Professional Presence We hope you enjoyed and learned something new from the session Watch for the email containing the link to the recording and the Slideshare for today’s webinar Please be sure to leave your comments and suggestions as you log out See you next time!

25. ▪ Career Planning ▪ Job Search ▪ Self-Assessment ▪ Career Transition/Advancement Assistance ▪ Resume Review/Critique and Preparation ▪ Mentoring and Networking Opportunities Experience the Trident University CPWS Advantage

26. Thank You For Attending

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