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Published on December 7, 2007

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Slide1:  Quality and Performance in Community RBS Training George Vásquez Friedner Wittman, PhD Tom Colthurst California Prevention Summit 2004 Prism of Prevention: Healthy Safe Community October 4, 2004, Riverside Slide2:  California Coordinating Council on Responsible Beverage Service www.c3rbs.org Slide3:  George Vásquez FIGHTING BACK PARTNERSHIP 505 Santa Clara Ave. - Vallejo, CA 94590 (707) 648-5230 - fax (707) 648-5212 Slide4:  Friedner Wittman, PhD THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL CHANGE (ISSC) University of California, Berkeley Slide5:  Tom Colthurst www.edc.org/hec/ Slide6:  This Session Will Consider these Topics Purpose, composition, and history of C3RBS Research basis for RBS (Robert Saltz, PhD) RBS in the community Responsible Hospitality and higher education Opportunities for RBS in California (SIGs, SPF, local ordinances, et al.) Slide7:  Purpose of RBS Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) encompasses a variety of strategies for reducing risks associated with the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. RBS programs have three goals, to: (1) prevent illegal alcohol service to minors, (2) reduce the likelihood of drinkers becoming intoxicated, and (3) prevent those who are impaired from harming themselves or others. Research literature suggests that properly implemented and enforced RH strategies can reduce the incidence of intoxication and adverse alcohol-related consequences. Slide8:  C3RBS premises Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) is a risk-reduction strategy that addresses problems associated with the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Server and management training combined with management policies create safer drinking environments and reduce the likelihood of impairment and related problems. Research evidence suggests that properly implemented and enforced RBS strategies can reduce the incidence of intoxication and adverse consequences. The Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recommends that “NHTSA, state highway safety agencies, industry representatives, liquor control agencies, and grassroots organizations with an interest in the issue of server training meet and develop standards and establish strategies for implementing such server training standards.” C3RBS has already developed such standards. Slide9:  Composition of C3RBS California Beer and Beverage Distributors California Beverage Merchants California Council on Alcohol Policy California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control California Hotel and Lodging Association California Restaurant Association Center for College Health and Safety Orange County Health Care Agency Responsible Hospitality Coalition, San Diego United States Bartenders Guild University of California, Berkeley Vallejo Responsible Beverage Service Project Viva Enterprises Slide10:  C3RBS Training Standards PROVIDER CERTIFICATION CHECKLIST Course Outline. Submit an outline listing instruction time per curriculum area. Educational Materials/Workbook Provider Policies regarding: . Enrollment . Tuition . Registration . Class Size . Class cancellation . Refund . Staff requirements . Marketing plans . License to use copy righted materials Slide11:  History of C3RBS Mid-1980s, PRC (NIAAA-funded) U.S. Navy Gater Gardens research project demonstrates efficacy 1991 Cal RBS Summit with RHI mobilizes stakeholders 1992 – 1995 OTS grant leads to creation of training standards 1994 incorporation as not-for-profit Cal corporation (C1910623) 1995 – 2004 C3RBS certifies over a dozen training providers across the state Slide12:  Research basis for RBS Slide16:  RBS in the community 3-LEGGED STOOL:  3-LEGGED STOOL Business Law enforcement Community AGENDA:  AGENDA Liabilities & laws, Minors, Intoxicated patrons, Business concepts, Community rights. LIABILITIES:  LIABILITIES Administrative Criminal Civil LAWS:  LAWS Business Minors Parents Community Decoy 3-strikes Window advertising Conditional Use Permit Ordinance Deemed Approved Ordinance Zero tolerance False identification Attempt, purchase, possession Keg registration Teen party Shoulder tap     ELEMENTS OF A VALID I.D.:  ELEMENTS OF A VALID I.D. Photo Name/signature Government issued Physical description Birth date Valid (not expired) FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION:  FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION State issued driver’s license State issued I.D. Card Military I.D. Passport Alien registration card Slide23:  F = Feel L = Look A = Ask G = Give Back BUSINESS EQUATION :  BUSINESS EQUATION BUSINESS CONCEPTS:  BUSINESS CONCEPTS Happy Hours with reduced food price Non-Alcoholic drinks promotions One drink served at a time Drink counting Chips and nuts: not salty Know the house policy to deal with intoxicated patrons. BUSINESS CONCEPTS:  BUSINESS CONCEPTS Trained staff Proper measurement of servings Limit on servings Written house policies for staff 100% satisfaction guaranteed Repeat business Slide27:  Responsible Hospitality in Higher Education Slide28:  Key Elements of Successful RH A 2003 National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (IOM) report summarized RH research findings and concluded that successful RH was characterized by “six key elements”: All servers and sellers are at least 21 years of age. Staff are aware of legal responsibility. Staff are aware of the alcohol sales outlet’s policies as well as what sanctions to expect for violations. All patrons who appear to be less than 30 years old are required to present valid age identification. Staff receive training regarding acceptable age ID and follow clearly understood guidelines. Managers regularly check on staff compliance with RH policy and administer sanctions in the event of policy violations. Slide29:  What Can My Campus Do? Adopt and enforce RH guidelines for on-campus venues Adopt and enforce RH guidelines for parties sponsored by campus-recognized student organizations Join in partnerships with other community stakeholders Slide30:  Examples of Higher Education RH Programs A number of colleges and universities describe their RH policies and practices on their Web sites. These resources can help you get started in developing an RH program in conjunction with your ongoing problem analyses and strategic planning. Slide31:  Stanford University Party Planning Guide When planning a party, organizers must remember that a successful event means more than providing a fun atmosphere. It means providing a safe one too. As social hosts, you are responsible for implementing a party plan designed to promote the health and safety of your guests and to minimize risk and potential liability to you and your organization. osa.stanford.edu/publications/ppg/2004-2005/ Slide32:  Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service The Nebraska University NU Directions Campus-Community Coalition was built on a long-standing history of civic commitment to responsible hospitality. Many of the community leaders, business owners, alcohol vendors, and law enforcement officials involved with NU Directions believe that the responsible sale/service of alcohol can also be highly profitable.  We believe that many University of Nebraska students long for more than cheap drink prices and places to become intoxicated, and are willing to spend their entertainment dollars on comfortable, responsible, reasonable social spaces that offer a variety of beverages, food choices, and other forms of entertainment.  www.nudirections.org/Hospitalitypage.htm Slide33:  Lincoln Responsible Hospitality Council A collective of hospitality owners, law enforcement and prevention specialists offering management training, support, representation at City Council Internal Liquor Committee meetings, and host to many community forums. www.ci.lincoln.ne.us/city/council/rhc/index.html Slide34:  Web-Based Server-Seller Training Program Created by NU Directions through a grant by the Liquor Control Commission and the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, this FREE web-based training provides certification for your servers/sellers with records kept at the LCC. dcscpp.unl.edu/rbst Slide35:  NUtodo.com is a searchable database promoted to all NU students where local vendors offer specials, post events, and advertise directly to students.  To have your business listed, contact Lynn Jenkins at (402) 472-6605. Slide36:  I.D., Please If you want to serve alcohol in the town of Framingham, MA, 18 miles west of Boston, you had better be the holder of a special identification card issued by the Framingham Police Department. And you had better be a graduate of an approved alcoholic beverage training program. This requirement applies not only if you are a server in a restaurant or a bar; it applies if you sell alcohol at a convenience store, a supermarket, a package store, or anywhere else in the town. The server training law, one of the strictest in the state, was passed in August 1998. It grew out of the collaboration between this town of 68,000 and Framingham State College, located within its borders. It shows what can happen when the town-gown dichotomy becomes a source of cooperation instead of conflict. www.edc.org/hec/pubs/articles/prevfile0204.html#id Slide37:  Resource Organizations Governors Highway Safety Association www.ghsa.org National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) www.nabca.org National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) www.ncsla.org The Responsible Hospitality Institute www.hospitalityweb.org/rhi/ Responsible Retailing Forum fcpr.fsu.edu/retail/ TEAM Coalition-Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management www.teamcoalition.org/about/about.asp Slide38:  Opportunities for RBS in California SIGs SPF Local ordinances Slide39:  Thank you! George Vásquez - marinrbs@comcast.net Friedner Wittman - fwittman@uclink4.berkeley.edu Tom Colthurst – tomc@silvergategroup.com www.c3rbs.org

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