CPG on Malawi- GALVMed presentation 5th February 2014

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Information about CPG on Malawi- GALVMed presentation 5th February 2014

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: scotlandmalawipartners

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GALVmed & Malawi: Addressing Africa’s Livestock Health Needs Scotland – Malawi Partnership: Malawi Cross Party Group Peter Jeffries; Chief Executive 5th February 2014

GALVmed purpose, mission & vision Purpose of GALVmed Protecting Livestock – Improving Human Lives Mission of GALVmed To make a real difference to the livelihoods of resource-poor livestock keepers by facilitating provision of animal health tools, within a sustainable economic framework Vision of GALVmed Better livestock health contributing to a transformational improvement in the livelihoods of poor livestock keepers

Overview – GALVmed modus operandi Animal Health Industry Governments GALVmed Research Institutions Universities Livestock Keepers Donors Potential Solutions Solutions Pro Poor Impact through sustainable Animal Health Identified Need Innovation

Centre for Ticks & Tick-borne Diseases • Lilongwe, Malawi • Centre of Excellence for Africa in Ticks & Tick-borne diseases • Vaccine production (predominantly East Coast Fever vaccine) • Consultancy • Knowledge transfer • African Union owned • Highly qualified & motivated staff • Adequate infrastructure • Chronically under-funded A Malawi-based organisation meeting Africa’s needs

The impact of ECF • 11 countries of eastern, central and southern Africa Sudan Ethiopia Uganda • Cost per year: Somalia Kenya DRC Tanzania estimated US$260 million Zambia Angola Zimbabwe Namibia Botswana South-Africa Malawi Mozambique

East Coast fever (ECF) • Single biggest killer of cattle in Africa • >25 million cattle at risk, kills more than 1 million cattle yearly • Carried by ticks • 40-50% mortality in cattle • Survivors are robustly protected

How good is the vaccine? • Highly effective: life time immunity after one injection • Based on old, rather crude technology • Infection & treat • Expensive to administer (vaccine + concurrent treatment: $6-10) but price is not a fundamental constraint • Difficult to manage cold chain (liquid nitrogen) • Great basis for building a private sector veterinary service • Veterinarian required for administration • Technical expertise is required • Farmers recognise the value of the vaccine

Infection & Treatment Method

How has GALVmed helped to empower CTTBD?

Protecting livestock – improving human lives

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