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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: arshitgoti012

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PowerPoint Presentation: 1 MAHAVIR SWAMI COLLEGE OF POLYTECHNIC . Contributor personality Development. Department:- Computer. 2 nd Semester. PowerPoint Presentation: Patel Smit G. 139550307036 Student Sign:- Teacher Sign:- PowerPoint Presentation: Goal:- To learn about a contributor ‘s vision of his/her career. PowerPoint Presentation: THE CAREER GRAPH Acquisitive career graph contributive career graph Starts with money Ends in. Starts with challenges Ends in. PowerPoint Presentation: What Is Career ? The Progress And Action Taken By A Person Throughout A Lifetime, Especially Those Related To That Person’s occupations. PowerPoint Presentation: O bjective Of Career Success in the life. Fulfillment of our dreams. PowerPoint Presentation:  Vision Acquisitive Contributive PowerPoint Presentation: Contri butor’s Vision Of C areer Acquisitive career The purpose of working is to ‘acquire’. One’s interest in the work is proportionate to the rewards PowerPoint Presentation: Contri butor’s Vision Of C areer Contributor career Work is a journey of “contribution”. Working to contribute to oneself , team, family, society and nation. One has a steadiness in attitude , not defined By day-to-day rewards. PowerPoint Presentation: ACQUISTIVE CONTRIBUTIVE Rewards Vision Domain vision Comfort zone Vision External growth Vision Opportunity vision Purpose vision Capacity expansion vision External + internal growth vision PowerPoint Presentation: REWARD VISION He is a materialistic person. Thinks about only money & incentives PowerPoint Presentation: OPPORTUNITY VISION He is an altruist always works for the sake of truth and justice & grabs every possible opportunities PowerPoint Presentation:  In reward vision, rewards are more important than quality of work and one’s development in the job But in opportunity vision, a person grabs opportunities to face challenges and thinks about one’s own development rather than salary and perks. PowerPoint Presentation: DOMAIN VISION I can work in the field that I have been trained in… PowerPoint Presentation: PURPOSE VISION I will learn whatever is needed to perform well in my role. PowerPoint Presentation: A domain oriented non-contributor is bound in his/her domain of training , and is unwilling to go beyond that But a purpose oriented Contributor is goal-focused, and is thus willing to learn and do whatever it takes to serve the purpose . PowerPoint Presentation: COMFORT ZONE VISION I can handle computer well, but don’t ask me to do new things. PowerPoint Presentation: CAPACITY EXPANSION VISION I believe to step out of my comfort zone & expand my skill set capacity & increase my confidence & self esteem. PowerPoint Presentation:  The Non-contributor rigidly sticks to his/her given job description and his/her ‘comfort zone’. The Contributor is willing to try out and learn new things, diversify if needed , volunteer for new responsibilities , take on new roles –thus expanding his/her ‘capacity’. PowerPoint Presentation: EXTERNAL GROWTH VISION PowerPoint Presentation: EXTERNAL + INNER GROWTH VISION Politician concerned with external growth combined with growth in my capacities ,leadership skills & welfare of people. PowerPoint Presentation: The Non-contributor recognizes and chases only ‘external’ growth The Contributor recognizes and seeks both external growth a swell as inner growth with in him/her self

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