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Published on November 19, 2007

Author: Amateur


Temple of the Giant Jaguar:  Temple of the Giant Jaguar By Michael Cowie Temple:  Temple The temple of the giant Jaguar is located in Tikal, Guatemala It was built for honoring the gods around 700 B.C.E. STRUCTURE:  STRUCTURE The temple is built out of limestone which is important because it produces lime for plaster. It also stands 145 feet in the air. Slide4:  It took about 5,000 people to build the temples and shrines around Tikal in honor of there god. The ancient Maya created one of the world's great civilizations without any knowledge of metallurgy, and though they knew of the mechanics of wheels and axles as evidenced by their toys, they seem never to have used them in their great building projects. At the heart of the Temple of the Giant jaguar is the tomb of high priest. The sanctuary for worship at the top of the structure sits on a nine-tiered pyramid. The temple was built for the body of only one man. Usually the caskets were full of jewels, furniture in laid with ivory, gold and silver. Temple Effect:  Temple Effect The structures shows that the Mayans were artistic and that they honored there god. Also the geography must have been very sucluded because it wasn’t rediscovered until the 1900’s The Mayans lived in small huts around the temples called the plaza which had markets and places to trade

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