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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Comm202



Cover Letters Intro 1. Sign in, Hand in, Name out

Why do we submit Cover Letters?

Importance of Cover Letters It lets the employer know of your intentions! It is your brand and your FIRST impression Demonstrates written communication skills This means ZERO mistakes You can elaborate your stories Use your Skills Matrix Ultimately: WHY YOU?

Demonstrate the 3 things! Can I do the job? Do you want the job? Are you a good fit?

But remember!  The resume is about YOU. The cover letter is about THEM and WHY you make a good match!

5 Essential Components 1. Opening 2. Skill-Matching 4. Closing 3. Bran ding 5. Integ ratio n

1. The Opening Paragraph Intro to the hook Interest / Passion + Company Fit + Summarize Skills [+ Optional Name Drop]

2. Skill-Matching Skills (from Skills Matrix) + Experience (2-3 examples) + Education (how you will leverage BCom) + Matching Qualifications (any other qualifications that set you apart)

Skill-Matching C A R L Context Action Result Link Each Line proves that you have the necessary skills to be successful on the job Don’t forget to always link back to the job posting!

3. Closing • Possibly the most important part of your cover letter. • Your final impression! • Show your passion! • Restate your skills! BUT use different wording. • Use a call to action • Thank them. “Mr Smith, thank you for looking at my application. I hope that I have shown you that my interpersonal skills, my leadership skills, and my ability to perform on a team make me a perfect fit for ABC position. Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.”

4. What is BRANDING!?

• Branding is about leaving a good impression! 3. Branding • It must be consistent throughout your cover letter. • Make sure it fits with both the company’s values, culture and expectations and yours. • Use industry jargon/company

Branding • What are the main products or services the company offers? Why is this interesting to you? • In what locations do they operate/how many employees/annual revenues? • How would you describe the organizational culture? What do you think the working environment will be like? • What are the values and/or mission statement? How do these align with your values system? • What are the names of the top local executives/recruiters? Who will you address your cover letter to? • Do you know anyone within the organization? What is the nature of that relationship? • Who are the primary competitors? What do they do better and where can they improve? (A brief SWOT analysis of the industry) • What is the topic of a recent media article about this company? Please summarize the main points. • Does the company have a Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Glassdoor presence? Have you connected with them via social media? • Have you gained any additional insight from these mediums? • Overall, what in your research piqued your interest in this company? • What are your most marketable skills for this position? What are your strongest

5. Integration  Visual Matching: Your cover letter and resume must use the same formatting.  Do NOT send in a generic cover letter and generic resume (40% of your grade is matching!)  There are hundreds of you in COMM 202. And even more people applying for your dream job! Find a way to be different.

Other tips Be active, not passive “I had to check customer orders” “Customer orders were checked” Avoid using long-winded sentences Be succinct & to the point! Cover letter must match resume Header, Font Size, Font Type, Margins, etc. If you do bullet points: bolded terms flow with last sentence of intro paragraph.

Bad grades / relocation Cover letters allow you to address any “elephant in the room” situations (i.e. relocation, bad grades, etc.) Language choices – overly emotional words (deeply honoured, it would be a blessing) You want to show that you are on an equal playing field and qualified for the role.

Olympic Analogy

Take Aways! Personal connection Resumes are you, CLs are them Differentiate yourself

Action Items  Cover Letter Assignment  Write your cover letter draft  Bring two printed cover letter drafts to next tutorial for peer review  Final Resume & Cover Letters due Mar 21st, 2PM  Group Office Hours (next week)  Sign up on COOL  Bring your resumes & cover letters Next week: TUTORIAL

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