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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: Gulkund


Course Delivery Software:  Course Delivery Software By John Fredericks Dallas High School Dallas, PA 18612 November 25th, 2003 What we will discuss:  What we will discuss What are Course Management Systems (CMS)? Do I really need one? Which one? Where can I get more information? 1. What are CMS’s?:  Software that is accessed through a web browser. Housed on the educational institution’s server Password protected Provide a variety of tools 1. What are CMS’s? Slide4:  Banner Nav Bar Buttons Bread andgt; Trail Content Lessons Documents Surveys Tests Discussion boards and Chat Mostly asynchronous 2. Do I really need one?:  Maybe not: Lessons (via HTML pages) Surveys ( Self-Tests (Hot Potatoes software) Discussion Boards ( Chat (many free options) Assignments (E-mail attachments) 2. Do I really need one? Slide6:  Advantages Cheap or free Familiar web environment Complete control over look of site Disadvantages Too many sites (confusion for teacher and student) Requires some HTML competency Not password protected 3. Which One?:  Blackboard Advantages: No HTML (can easily upload Word/PPT) Clean, intuitive interface for students Easy to use (especially quizzes/surveys) Good for new on-line instructors 3. Which One? Slide8:  Slide9:  Blackboard Disadvantages: No central file area Difficult (impossible?) to move files around Limited choices on button for nav bar Control board not obvious Slide10:  WebCT Advantages: More customizable Teacher sets the nav bar, can design a homepage Central file management system (folder structure) Can even use it as a password protected web server (do everything within one site) Drag and Drop option for files. Slide11:  Slide12:  WebCT Disadvantages: Difficult system for novices (an even experienced folk) Quizzes/tests difficult to create and post Designer needs to make a lot of choices Slide13:  Slide14:  Angel Easy – Like Blackboard Customizable – Like WebCT Freeware?:  Freeware? Advantages Free Open Source Disadvantages Requires php on your server Need a webmaster with a technical background Slide16:  Moodle ( 4. Where Can I Learn More?: 4. Where Can I Learn More?

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