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Published on February 8, 2010

Author: missbrittanyadcock


Country Music : Country Music History of Country Music : History of Country Music In the early 1900’s, immigrants from the Appalachian Mountains of North America introduced music from the old world to the south. Instruments such as the fiddle, the dulcimer, the mandolin, the guitar and the banjo were brought to the south along with the music. The first actual form of country music was “hillbilly music.” “Sally Golden,” by fiddlist A.C. Robertson in 1922, was the first commercial recording through Victor Records. Columbia Records also began issuing records around 1924. Slide 3: The first country singer to have a nationwide hit was Vernon Dalhart. In 1924, “Wreck of the Old ’97” became known nationwide. “Lonesome Road Blues” also became very popular. In April of 1924, “Aunt” Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis became the first female musicians to record and release country songs. A few more early country artists are Riley Puckett, Don Richardson, Fiddlin’ John Carson, Al Hopkins, Ernest V. Stoneman, Charlie Poole, North Carolina Ramblers and the Skillet Lickers Slide 4: In 1992, the steel guitar entered into country music. Jimmie Rodgers and Carter Family are important musicians from the late 1920’s. During the Great Depression, many records were cut short on selling. They were broadcasted on the radio, a new form of entertainment, in the South. In 1935, drums were added by Bob Wills. In 1938, he also added the electric guitar. Boogie began being recorded in 1939. By the end of World War II, bluegrass had emerged, along with folk and gospel. During the 1950’s, bass, dobro and steel drums were used in honkey tonk. Rockabilly became popular in the 1950’s as well. Slide 5: Rockabilly Music: “Heartbreak Hotel,” Elvis Presley, “I Walk the Line,” Johnny Cash & “Blue Suede Shoes,” Carl Perkins. Nashville’s pop structure was called countrypolition & sold well during the 60’s and 70’s. Some of the popular artists were Tammy Wynette and Charlie Rich. In 1962, Ray Charles introduced country soul with “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” “Outlaw Country” is associated with David Allan Coe, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter, Floridian Gary Stewart & Billie Joe Shaver. During 1970, Dolly Parton became famous & in 1977, “Here You Come Again,” became a big hit for her. Kenny Rogers also became famous around that time. Slide 6: Examples of types of music in the county genre are as followed: Bluegrass Dansband Rock & Roll Country Rock Roots Rock Southern Rock Slide 7: Guitar Dulcimer Fiddle Mandolin Steel Guitar Drums Electric Guitar Piano Harmonica Grand Ole Opry : Grand Ole Opry Aired in 1925 A few early stars were Uncle Dave Macon, Roy Acuff and Deford Bailey Located in Nashville, Tennessee During 1990’s, Garth Brooks was made a member In 1954, Elvis Presley made his only performance Hank Williams performed CMA Awards : CMA Awards Country Music has its very own type of awards. For 43 years now, they have had awards. This years awards were issued as followed: Single of the year: “I Run To You” –Lady Antebellum Song of the year: “In Color” –Jamie Johnson Vocal Group of the year: Lady Antebellum New Artist of the year: Darius Rucker Album of the year: Fearless-Taylor Swift Vocal Duo of the year: Sugarland Music Video of the year: “Love Story” –Taylor Swift Male Vocalist of the year: Brad Paisley Female Vocalist of the year: Taylor Swift Entertainer of the year: Taylor Swift Musical Event of the year: Brad Paisley & Keith Urban Musician of the year: Mac McAnally Present Major Artists : Present Major Artists Slide 11: George Strait Tim McGraw Kenny Chesney Martina McBride Toby Keith Brad Paisley Rascal Flatts Keith Urban Carrie Underwood Sugarland Billy Currington Jason Aldean Miranda Lambert Taylor Swift Lady Antebellum Brooks & Dunn King Of Country MusicGEORGE STRAIT : King Of Country MusicGEORGE STRAIT George Strait : George Strait Unwound Fool Hearted Memory Amarillo By Morning You Look So Good In Love Right or Wrong Let’s Fall to Pieces Together Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind The Cowboy Rides Away The Fireman You’re Something Special To Me The Chair Nobody in His Right Mind Would Have Left Her All My Ex’s Live in Texas Am I Blue Oceanfront Property If You Aint Lovin’ (You Aint Livin’) Baby Blue Famous Last Words of a Fool Overnight Success Ace in the Hole Baby’s Gotten Good at Goodbye What’s Going on in Your World Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby I’ve Come to Expect it From You Love Without End, Amen If I Know Me You Know Me Better Than That Love Without End, Amen If I Know Me You Know Me Better Than That Lovesick Blues Heartland I Cross My Heart Easy Come, Easy Go The Man in Love With You One Night At A Time I Just Wanna Dance With You True We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This Meanwhile Write This Down What Do You Say To That She’ll Leave You With a Smile Run Living and Living Well Check Yes or No Murder on the Music Row Take Me Back To Tulsa The Cowboy Rides Away Cowboys Like Us Desperately The Seashores of Old Mexico You’ll Be There She Let Herself Go Give It Away Wrapped It Just Comes Natural How Bout Them Cowgirls Troubadour River Of Love I Saw God Today Twang Living For the Night You Cant Make a Heart Love You Adalida The Big One Clear Blue Sky Carried Away I Can Still Make Cheyenne Round Bout Way Carrying Your Love With Me George Strait : George Strait George Strait, better known as King George, is one of the most well-known male artists among country music today. He has a numerous amount of albums. His first one, “Strait Country,” was released in 1981. His second album, “Strait From The Heart,” was released in 1982. His third album, “Right or Wrong,” was released in 1983. His fourth album, “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind,” was released in 1984. His fifth album, “Something Special,” was released in 1985. His sixth album, “#7,” in 1986. His seventh album “Oceanfront Property,” in 1987. His eight album, “If You Aint Lovin’ (You Aint Livin’),” in 1988. “Beyond the Blue Neon,” in ‘89 was his ninth album. “ “Livin’ It Up” was his tenth album, released in 1990. “Chill of an Early Fall” was his eleventh album released in ‘91. “Holding My own” in ‘92. “Pure Country” in ‘92. “Easy Come, Easy Go” in ’93. “Lead On” in ‘94. “Clear Blue Sky” in ’96. “Carrying Your Love With Me” in ‘97. “One Step At A Time” in ‘98. “Always Never The Same” in ‘99. He released a self-named album, “George Strait,” in 2000. “The Road Less Traveled” in ‘01. “For The Last Time-Live From the Astrodome” in ’03, as well as “Honkeytonkville.” “Somewhere Down In Texas” in ’05. “It Just Comes Natural” in ‘06. “Troubadour” in ‘08. “Twang” in ‘09. George has produced a total of 50 albums and has had 57 #1 hits so far! He also received the “Artist of the Decade” award! Tim McGraw : Tim McGraw Down On The Farm Not A Moment Too Soon Indian Outlaw Refried Dreams Don’t Take The Girl All I Want Is A Life She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart Cant Be Really Gone Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It I Like It, I Love It Where The Green Grass Grows It’s Your Love Just To See You Smile My Best Friends Some Things Never Change Something Like That Please Remember Me My Next Thirty Years The Cowboy In Me Unbroken Angry All The Time Grown Men Don’t Cry Red Ragtop Watch the Wind Blow By She’s My Kind Of Rain Real Good Man Tiny Dancer My Old Friend Live Like You Were Dying Drugs Or Jesus Back When Do You Want Fries With That Last Dollar (Fly Away) Let It Go Suspicions Kristofferson Nothing To Die For I Need You If You’re Reading This It’s A Business Doing Pleasure With You Southern Voice Tim McGraw has had several albums. His first album, “Tim McGraw,” was released in 1993. His second album, “Not A Moment Too Soon,” was released in 1994. His third album, “All I Want,” was released in 1995. “Everywhere,” which was his fourth album, was released in 1997. In 1999, his fifth album, “A Place In The Sun,” was released. In 2001, “Set This Circus Down” was released. His seventh album, which was released in 2002, was “Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors. “Live Like You Were Dying” was released in 2004. In 2006, “Let It Go” was released. In 2009, his tenth album, “Southern Voice” was released. Brooks & Dunn : Brooks & Dunn Brand New Man My Broken Heart Neon Moon Lost and Found Boot Scootin’ Boogie Hard Working Man We’ll Burn That Bridge She Use To Be Mine Rock My World (Little Country Girl) That Aint No Way To Go Little Miss Honkeytonk She Aint the Cheatin’ Kind I’ll Never Forgive My Heart You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone Whiskey Under the Bridge My Maria A Man This Lonely Why Would I Say Goodbye Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up For Nothing I Am That Man How Long Gone I Cant Get Over You If You See Him/If You See Her Husbands and Wives Missing You You’ll Always Be Loved By Me Only In America The Long Goodbye My Heart is Lost To You Aint Nothing ‘bout You Every River You Cant Take the Honkeytonk Out of the Girl That’s What She Gets For Loving Me Red Dirt Road Play Something Country Believe Building Bridges Proud of the House We Built Cowgirls Don’t Cry Put a Girl in It God Must Be Busy Indian Summer Honkeytonk Stomp Brooks & Dunn’s first album, “Brand New Man,” was released in 1991. Their second album, “Hard Working Man,” was released in 1993. “Waiting On Sundown,” their third album, was released in 1994. Their fourth album, “Borderline,” was released in 1996. In 1998, their fifth album, “If You See Her,” was released. Their sixth album, “Tightrope,” was released in 1999. Their seventh album, “Stripes,” was released in 2001. Their eighth album, “Red Dirt Road,” was released in 2003. Their ninth album, “Hillbilly Deluxe,” was released in 2005. Their tenth album, “Cowboy Town,” was released in 2007. Their eleventh album, “#1’s…and then some,” was released in 2009. In 2010, the two plan to spilt up. Kenny Chesney : Kenny Chesney Fall In Love All I Need To Know Me and You When I Close My Eyes She’s Got it All That’s Why I’m Here Steamy Windows What I Need To Do How Forever Feels You Had Me From Hello She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy I Lost It Don’t Happen Twice Young A lot Of Things Different The Good Stuff Big Star No Shoe’s, No Shirt, No Problems One Step Up There Goes My Life I Go Back When The Sun Goes Down The Woman With You Some People Change Anything But Mine Keg in the Closet Livin’ in Fast Forward Who You’d Be Today You Save Me Summertime Beer in Mexico Find Out Who Your Friends Are (Duet) Never Wanted Nothing More Don’t Blink Shitftwork Better As A Memory I’m Alive Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven Down The Road That Lucky Old Sun Out Last Night Kenny Chesney’s first album, “In My Wildest Dreams,” was released in 1994. His second album, “All I Need To Know,” was released in 1995. His third album, “Me and You,” was released in 1996. His fourth album, “I Will Stand,” was released in 1997. His fifth album, “Everywhere We Go,” was released in 1999. His sixth album, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems,” was released in 2002. In 2004, his seventh album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” was released. “Be As You Are,” was his eighth album that was released in 2005, along with “The Road and The Radio,” which was his ninth album. In 2007, his album, “Just Who I Am-Poets and Pirates,”” was released. In 2008, his tenth album, “Lucky Old Sun,” was released. Martina McBride : Martina McBride Martina McBride's first album, “The Time Has Come,” was released in 1992. Her second album, “The Way That I am,” was released in 1993. Her third album, “Wild Angels,” was released in 1995. Her fourth album, “Evolution,” was released in 1997. In 1999, her fourth album, “Emotion,” was released. Her fifth album, “Martina,” was released in 2003. Her sixth album, “Waking Up Laughing,” was released in 2007. Her seventh album, “Shine,” was released in 2009. My Baby Loves Me Independence Day Life #9 Wild Angels Safe In The Arms of Love Two More Bottles of Wine Broken Wing Happy Girl Wrong Again I Love You Love’s The Only House There You Are It’s My Time When God Fearin’ Women Get The Blues Blessed Where Would You Be Concrete Angel This One’s For The Girls In My Daughter’s Eyes Anyway How I Feel Ride I Just Call You Mine Toby Keith : Toby Keith Should’ve Been A Cowboy Who’s That Man Me Too How Do You Like Me Now You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight I Wanna Talk About Me My List Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue Who’s Your Daddy Beer For My Horses I Love This Bar American Soldier Whiskey Girl As Good As I Once Was Big Blue Note A Little Too Late High Maintenance Woman Love Me If You Can She Never Cried In Front Of Me God Love Her American Ride Toby Keith’s first album, “Toby Keith,” was released in 1993. His second album, “Boomtown,” was released in 1994. In 1996, his third album, “Blue Moon,” was released, In 1997, his fourth album, “Dream Walkin’,” was released. His fifth album, “How Do You Like Me Now,” was released. In 2001, his sixth album, “Pull My Chain,” was released. “Unleashed” was his seventh album, which was released in 2002.“Shock’n Y’all” was his eighth album, which was released in 2003. In 2005, “Honkeytonk University,” which was his ninth album, was released in 2005. in 2006, his tenth album, “White Trash With Money,” was released. In 2007, his eleventh album, “Big Dog Daddy,” was released. In 2008, his twelfth album, “That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy” was released. In 2009, his thirteenth album, “American Ride,” was released. Brad Paisley : Brad Paisley Brad Paisley’s first album, “Who Needs Pictures,” was released in 1999. His second album, “Part II,” was released in 2001. In 2003, his fourth album, “Mud On The Tires,” was released. His fifth album, “Time Well Wasted,” was released in 2005. In 2006, his sixth album, “Brad Paisley Christmas,” was released. In 2007, his seventh album, “5th Gear,” was released. In 2008, his eighth album, “Play,” was released. In 2009, his ninth album, “American Saturday Night,” was released. Who Needs Pictures He Didn’t Have To Be Me Neither We Danced Two People Fell in Love Wrapped Around I’m Gonna Miss Her I Wish You’d Stay Celebrity Little Moments Whiskey Lullaby Mud On The Tires When I Get Where I’m Going Alcohol The World She’s Everything Ticks Online Letter To Me I’m Still A Guy Waitin’ On A Woman Start A Band Then Welcome To The Future American Saturday Night Rascal Flatts : Rascal Flatts Prayin’ For Daylight This Everyday Love While You Loved Me I’m Movin’ On These Days I melt Mayberry Love You Out Loud Bless The Broken Road Feels Like Today Fast Cars and Freedom Skin (Sarabeth) Stand What Hurts The Most My Wish Me and My Gang Take Me There Here Bob That Head Winner at a Losing Game Every Day Life is a Highway Here Come Goodbye Summer Nights Why Rascal Flatts released their first album, “Rascal Flatts,” 2000. Their second album, “Melt,” was released in 2002. Their third album, “Feels like Today,” was released in 2004. Their fifth album, “Me and My Gang,” was released in 2005. Their sixth album, “Still Feels Good,” was released in 2007. Their seventh album, “Unstoppable,” was released in 2009. Keith Urban : Keith Urban But For The Grace of God Somebody Like You Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me You’ll Think Of Me Days Go By You’re My Better Half Making Memories of Us Better Life Once In A Lifetime Stupid Boy I Told You So You Look Good In My Shirt Sweet Thing Kiss A Girl Only You Can Love Me This Way Keith Urban’s first album, “Keith Urban,” was released in 1991. His second album, also titled “Keith Urban,” was released in 1999. In 2002, his third album, “Golden Road,” was released. His fourth album, “Be Here,” was released in 2004. In 2006, his fifth album, “Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing,” was released. In 2009, his sixth album, “Defying Gravity,” was released. Carrie Underwood : Carrie Underwood Jesus Take The Wheel Wasted Before He Cheats So Small All-American Girl Last Name Just A Dream Cowboy Casanova Carrie Underwood was made famous when she won American Idol during the fourth season. She has three albums so far. Her first album, “Some Hearts,” was released in 2005. Her Second album, “Carnival Ride,” was released in 2007. Her third album, “Play On,” was released in 2009. Sugarland : Sugarland Sugarland’s first album, “Twice The Speed Of Life,” was released in 2004. Their second album, “Enjoy the Ride,” was released in 2006. Their third album, “Love On The Inside,” was released in 2008. Baby Girl Something More Just Might Make Me Believe Down In Mississippi (And Up To No Good) Settlin’ Everyday America Want To Stay All I Want To Do It Happens Joey Already Gone Keep You Billy Currington : Billy Currington I Got A Feeling Walk A Little Straighter Why, Why, Why Good Directions Tangled Up Must Be Doing Something Right Lucille Don’t People Are Crazy That’s How Country Boys Roll Billy Currington released his first album in 2003, “Billy Currington. His second album, “Doin’ Something Right,” was released in 2005. His third album, “A Little Bit Of Everything,” was released in 2008. Jason Aldean : Jason Aldean Hicktown Amarillo Sky Why Johnny Cash Laughed Until We Cried Relentless She’s Country Big Green Tractor The Truth Jason Aldean’s first album, “Jason Aldean,” was released in 2005. His second album, “Relentless,” was released in 2007. His third album, “Wide Open,” was released in 2009. Miranda Lambert : Miranda Lambert Kerosene Bring Me Down New Strings Gunpowder & Lead Famous In A Small Town More Like Her White Liar Dead Flowers Miranda Lambert’s first album, “Kerosene,” was released in 2005. Her second album, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” was released in 2007. Her third album, “Revolution,” was released in 2009. Taylor Swift : Taylor Swift Tim McGraw Teardrops On My Guitar Our Song Picture To Burn Should’ve Said No Change Love Story Fearless White Horse Crazier You Belong With Me Fifteen Jump Then Fall Taylor Swift has had a total of three albums that have came out since she has been in the country music business. Her first album was released in 2006. Her second, which was the “Taylor Swift Deluxe Edition,” came out in 2006 as well and had several featured songs on it. Her third album came out in 2008, “Fearless.” She is also one of the most known female artists that has had the most top #1 hits this early in her career. Lady Antebellum : Lady Antebellum Love Don’t Live Here Looking For A Good Time I Run To You I Need You Now Lady Antebellum released their first album, “Lady Antebellum,” in 2008. Their second album, “I Need You Now,” will be released in 2010. Slide 30: Vernon Dalhart Roy Acuff Red Foley Johnny Cash Jim Reeves Willie Nelson Dolly Parton George Strait Brooks & Dunn Tim McGraw Taylor Swift A steppin’ stone through the history of country music... Slide 31: The End..

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