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Published on February 25, 2014

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AIESEC help guide for Cape Verde.

WEST AFRICA: CAPE VERDE Capital: Largest city: Languages: Demonym: Currency: Calling code: Praia Praia Portuguese Cape Verdean Cape Verdean escud +238 Cape Verde or the republic of Cabo Verde is an island country located in the central Atlantic Ocean. It is located at approximately 570 Kilometers off the coast of West Africa near Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania. Cape Verde is one of the continent’s best-kept island secrets. The archipelago of ten islands has recently been attracting more and more island hoppers looking for a tropical destination that’s still relatively unknown and secluded. The islands’ blend of Brazilian and West African cultures boosts the excitement level of Cape Verde, and if you are a water sports fanatic, this is the destination for you: from daytime surfing to nighttime dancing, Cape Verde's perfect for the adventurous and curious spirit. Cidade Velha Cape Verde Fort St Flag

WEST AFRICA: TANZANIA Cape Verde has a rich ethnic culture that blends Portuguese and Senegalese customs and traditions; that blending is happily reflected in the country’s amazing cuisine. Be sure to try canja (a rich chicken soup) and cachupa (a stew of hominy, beans, and either fish or meat), two local dishes you are bound to like. Aguardiente is the local sugarcane rum, and it’s gaining in popularity in the States; be sure to try it while you’re in Cape Verde. The weather is beautiful all year round, the temperature usually about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cape Verde’s geographical position, at the northern limit of the tropical rain belt, leaves the country with very little rainfall. Although it’s highly unlikely, if rainfall is to occur, it’s usually between August and September. The four top islands to visit are Sal, São Vicente, Praia, and Cidade Velha. All the islands offer wonderful natural viewing and plenty of comfortable places to see. It is such a wonderfull experience. The salt mines of Sal were built inside dormant volcanoes. The caves are truly impressive, and we highly recommend seeing them. It is also important to visit the São’s Submarine Tour: It’s rare that tourists can say that they’ve ridden in a real submarine. In that respect, tourists to Cape Verde are truly lucky. Make sure to book a submarine tour of this island to see remarkable oceanic flora and fauna from a 360-degree viewpoint. Windsurfing, surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and waterskiing are all must-do activities in Cape Verde. Sal is the main resort island, but if you have the time and money, try to visit other islands to get a full taste of Cape Verde.

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