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Published on December 29, 2007

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COUNTERING OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING:  COUNTERING OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING Dr. Russell Lefevre IEEE-USA Vice President Technology Policy Deborah Rudolph IEEE-USA Technology Policy Staff PARTICIPANTS:  PARTICIPANTS Council on Competitiveness Senator Joe Lieberman House Science Committee Catherine Mann Lou Dobbs Future of American Innovation IEEE-USA Committee-Ron Hira, John Meredith, George McClure, Russell Lefevre IEEE-USA Council on Competitiveness National Innovation Initiative:  Council on Competitiveness National Innovation Initiative Innovation Opportunities and Challenges Global Trading System Attract the best and brightest minds “We compete and collaborate in a world in which the power of networked communications, the extended manufacturing enterprise and access to low-wage talent has enabled the outsourcing of both low and high-skilled jobs Post Cold-war Security Environment NNI 2:  NNI 2 Build a National Innovation Education Strategy Catalyze the Next Generation of American Innovators Empower Workers to Succeed in the Global Economy Revitalize Frontier and Multidisciplinary Research Energize the Entrepreneurial Economy Reinforce Risk-Taking and Long Term Investment Create National Consensus for Innovation Growth Strategies Create a 21st Century Intellectual Property Regime Strengthen America’s Manufacturing Capacity Build 21st Century Innovation Infrastructures-the health care test bed NNI 3:  NNI 3 Empower Workers to Succeed in the Global Economy Stimulate workforce flexibility and skills through lifelong learning opportunities Accelerate portability of healthcare and pension benefits Align federal and state skills needs more tightly to training resources Expand assistance to those dislocated by technology and trade NNI 4:  NNI 4 Revitalize Frontier and Multidisciplinary Research Stimulate high-risk research through “Innovation Acceleration” grants that reallocate 3 % of agency R&E Budgets Restore DoDs historic commitment to basic research by directing 20% of the S&T budget to long-term research Intensify support for physical sciences and engineering to achieve a robust national R&D portfolio Enact a permanent, restructured R&E tax credit and extend the credit to research conducted in university-industry consortia NNI 5:  NNI 5 Strengthen America’s Manufacturing Capacity Create centers for production excellence including shared facilities and consortia Foster development of industry-led standards for interoperable manufacturing and logistics Create Innovation Extension Centers to enable SMEs to become first-tier manufacturing partners Expand industry-led roadmaps for R&D priorities Lieberman 2005 Agenda:  Lieberman 2005 Agenda Reintroduce S. 2747-Commission on the Future of the US Economy Legislation in Defense Authorization Bill to rebuild defense manufacturing base Build bipartisan support for NII Release White Paper regarding scientist/engineer visa problems Lieberman 1 :  Lieberman 1 Offshore Outsourcing White Paper-May 2004 Extend Compensation Benefits to Displaced Services Workers Notify Workers for Time to Prepare Corporate Sponsored Insurance for Wage Loss Proactive vs. reactive training Agile and rapid retraining Reform and Enforce Guest Visa Regulations Increase federal investment in R&D Encourage corporate investment in R&D Lieberman 1 (continued):  Lieberman 1 (continued) Innovation in Services Invest in broadband infrastructure Create environment to reward risks Bridge institutional gaps in education and industry Enable retired scientists’ participation in education Improve college readiness through k-16 partnerships Establish and enforce effective trade policies Greater access to world markets Link US markets to foreign market liberalization Lieberman 1 (continued):  Lieberman 1 (continued) Bring WTO cases when trade violations occur End unfair currency practices in international trade Defend our IP rights Workers’ rights in trade agreements Remedy DHS problems of duty collection Restore fiscal sanity Lieberman 2:  Lieberman 2 Future of the US Economy Commission S.2747 White Papers Data Dearth Broadband: Technology and Productivity Strategy Make America Stronger: Restoration of US Manufacturing Global Migration of US Semiconductor Industry OPTIONS:  OPTIONS Workshop on Outsourcing Re-Employment Strategies Workshop Innovation Forum IEEE-USA PLANS:  IEEE-USA PLANS Participate in House Science Committee Workshop Develop reemployment strategies through Professional Activities Plan Joint Workshop with NII HOUSE SCIENCE COMMITTEE:  HOUSE SCIENCE COMMITTEE House Science Committee Initiative Briefing to House Science Committee members and staff re factors contributing to the transfer of engineering work to low cost offshore locations and impact on unemployment, economy, and competitiveness Briefing persons: Ron Hira, David McCurdy, President (EIA), Reps from NSB, and PCAST Schedule: mid-April Innovation Forum:  Innovation Forum Joint Workshop with National Innovation Initiative (NII) Target audience-Congressional staff, IEEE-USA Grassroots, ASME, ASCE Message-Support NII recommendations that align with our agenda Schedule: October 2005 (or 2006) Speakers: NII speakers, (Lieberman), Alphonse, Hira, others TBD Discussion:  Discussion FUTURE OF AMERICAN INNOVATION:  FUTURE OF AMERICAN INNOVATION The Knowledge Economy: Is the United States Losing Its Competitive Edge High Tech Industry Exports-US Losing Its Share Federal Investment in Physical Sciences in Decline Patent Applications-Others Gaining on US US S&E Article Share Declining Catherine Mann Senior Fellow, Inst. For International Economics:  Catherine Mann Senior Fellow, Inst. For International Economics Global Outsourcing & High Tech Jobs-March 2004 Domestic Strategy: Match workers to changing jobs Adjustment to new careers Entry and up-skilling within career Use tax incentives Global strategy: Negotiate two-way trade Open markets abroad Macro policies abroad LOU DOBBS:  LOU DOBBS “Exporting America” Copyright 2004 Prohibit outsourcing of government contracts to foreign labor Review “Free Trade” agreements Reexamine our relationship with World Trade Organization Outsourced jobs should meet privacy standards “Right to Know” for call center employees Tax incentives to keep jobs at home Lieberman 1:  Lieberman 1 Bonvillian “Economic Competitiveness” R&D Funding-Niche Investments? Talent Organization of Science and Technology Innovation Infrastructure Manufacturing and Services Support:  Support Council on Competitiveness Debbie Van Opstal-Senior VP Chad Evens-VP for Innovation Lieberman’s Office Bill Bonvillian Athena Alliance House Science Committee Mike Quear

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