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Published on November 1, 2007

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Slide1:  ATLAS Visit Dr Pierre Coulombe President, National Research Council Canada Short introduction by Peter Jenni and Robert Orr Slide2:  ATLAS Collaboration 34 Countries 153 Institutions 1650 Scientific Authors total (1330 with a PhD, for M&O share) Canada 46 Scientific Authors (35 holding a PhD) Albany, Alberta, NIKHEF Amsterdam, Ankara, LAPP Annecy, Argonne NL, Arizona, UT Arlington, Athens, NTU Athens, Baku, IFAE Barcelona, Belgrade, Bergen, Berkeley LBL and UC, Bern, Birmingham, Bologna, Bonn, Boston, Brandeis, Bratislava/SAS Kosice, Brookhaven NL, Bucharest, Cambridge, Carleton, Casablanca/Rabat, CERN, Chinese Cluster, Chicago, Clermont-Ferrand, Columbia, NBI Copenhagen, Cosenza, INP Cracow, FPNT Cracow, Dortmund, JINR Dubna, Duke, Frascati, Freiburg, Geneva, Genoa, Glasgow, LPSC Grenoble, Technion Haifa, Hampton, Harvard, Heidelberg, Hiroshima, Hiroshima IT, Indiana, Innsbruck, Iowa SU, Irvine UC, Istanbul Bogazici, KEK, Kobe, Kyoto, Kyoto UE, Lancaster, Lecce, Lisbon LIP, Liverpool, Ljubljana, QMW London, RHBNC London, UC London, Lund, UA Madrid, Mainz, Manchester, Mannheim, CPPM Marseille, Massachusetts, MIT, Melbourne, Michigan, Michigan SU, Milano, Minsk NAS, Minsk NCPHEP, Montreal, McGill Montreal, FIAN Moscow, ITEP Moscow, MEPhI Moscow, MSU Moscow, Munich LMU, MPI Munich, Nagasaki IAS, Naples, Naruto UE, New Mexico, Nijmegen, BINP Novosibirsk, Ohio SU, Okayama, Oklahoma, LAL Orsay, Osaka, Oslo, Oxford, Paris VI and VII, Pavia, Pennsylvania, Pisa, Pittsburgh, CAS Prague, CU Prague, TU Prague, IHEP Protvino, Ritsumeikan, UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Rochester, Rome I, Rome II, Rome III, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, DAPNIA Saclay, Santa Cruz UC, Sheffield, Shinshu, Siegen, Simon Fraser Burnaby, Southern Methodist Dallas, NPI Petersburg, Stockholm, KTH Stockholm, Stony Brook, Sydney, AS Taipei, Tbilisi, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki, Tokyo ICEPP, Tokyo MU, Toronto, TRIUMF, Tsukuba, Tufts, Udine, Uppsala, Urbana UI, Valencia, UBC Vancouver, Victoria, Washington, Weizmann Rehovot, Wisconsin, Wuppertal, Yale, Yerevan Slide3:  ATLAS Organization Slide4:  Diameter 25 m Barrel toroid length 26 m End-cap end-wall chamber span 46 m Overall weight 7000 Tons ATLAS superimposed to the 5 floors of building 40 ATLAS Just a few examples will be shown in the following… Slide5:  The last Barrel Toroid coil was moved into position on 25th August and the structure was released from the external supports on 29th September Slide6:  Insertion of the 3rd cylinder (out of the four) into the barrel SCT All four barrel cylinders are complete and at CERN, the integration into the cylindrical support structure has been recently completed Silicon Tracker (SCT) Slide7:  ATLAS Barrel Calorimeter The mechanical installation of the LAr and Tile Barrel Calorimeters in the pit has been completed end of 2004 on the support trucks below the access shaft on the C-side The installation of electronics and services is ongoing, including also services for the ID The Barrel Calorimeter is scheduled to move into the completed Barrel Toroid early November In the meantime first cosmic ray events have been registered in part of the Tile Calorimeter as show in the event display below Slide8:  And the end-caps are coming soon… here the LAr end-cap C on its way (22nd September) Slide9:  Muon Chambers The series chamber production will be completed by the end of the year for all chamber types Installation in the cavern has started Slide10:  Summary representation of the installation activities in the experimental cavern at Point-1 Slide11:  SDX1 USA15 UX15 ATLAS Trigger / DAQ Data Flow Slide12:  This is the first successful use of the grid by a large user community in ATLAS Very instructive comments from the user feedback have been presented at the recent ATLAS Physics Workshop (obviously this was one of the main themes and purposes of the meeting) Physics simulation work on the grid for the Rome Physics WS Slide13:  99 entries (21 F plus 78 M) 441 registered participants 5th ATLAS Physics WS Rome 6-11 June 2005 Slide14:  Search for the Higgs boson Slide15:  The LHC will be the first machine able to explore the high-E part of the cosmic ray spectrum Are there links with astrophysics and cosmology ? Yes, many …. Slide16:  ATLAS Canada Alberta Carleton McGill Montréal Simon Fraser Toronto TRIUMF UBC Victoria York 33 University/Lab.physicists Over 88 people, including Engineers, Technicians, Students Includes 3 IPP Research Scientists Educational Role 20 UG Summer Students 21 Graduate Students 13 Post Docs Focus on Liquid Argon Calorimetry 4 NSERC Funded Construction Projects Endcap Hadronic Calorimeter Forward Hadronic Calorimeter Front-End-Board Electronics Endcap Signal Cryogenics Feedthroughs Construction completed last year End of Installation this year Commissioning in 2006 Ongoing/Future Activities Analysis of Beam Tests Calorimeter Calibration Preparation for Physics Event Filter Algorithms/Ops Computing - soft/hard Beam Condition Monitors Slide17:  Readout Electronics Calorimeters as Physics Tools:  Calorimeters as Physics Tools Forward Jet Identification Slide19:  Cryogenic Signal Feedthroughs Over 180k signal channels in the LAr calorimeter High density and reliability required: 1920 pins per feedthrough unit University of Victoria TRIUMF Slide20:  Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter Composed of 2 wheels per end Front wheel:67 t 25 mm Cu plates Back wheel:90 t 50 mm Cu plates TRIUMF, Alberta Rear Wheel 2 Front and Rear Modules Wheel Assembly Front Wheel Slide21:  HEC 2 A-wheel on the insertion stand, Aug. 2004 Slide22:  Four Modules Each 0.9 m Diam, 0.45 m long Total 20 Tonnes Tungsten Carleton, Toronto FCAL1 FCAL2 FCAL3 Plug3 Forward Calorimeter Completed Module Tungsten-Copper Internal Structure Slide23:  LAr Forward Calorimeters FCAL Carleton, Toronto EndCap C … Final Integration:  EndCap C … Final Integration Already cold tested in B180. Will see at Point 1 Calorimeter Readout Electronics :  Calorimeter Readout Electronics Switched Capacitor Array SCA Controller Microelectronics development and testing at ALBERTA Trigger, DAQ and Detector Control:  H L T D A T A F L O W Trigger DAQ LV L1 D E T R/O 2.5 ms Calo MuTrCh Other detectors Lvl1 acc = 75 kHz 40 MHz Trigger, DAQ and Detector Control Alberta, McGill TDAQ Setup in Combined Test Beam:  TDAQ Setup in Combined Test Beam LVL1 First ATLAS Physics Calorimeter-based analyses:  First ATLAS Physics Calorimeter-based analyses Expect calorimeters to be in relatively good shape compared to other systems for first collisions Some high-profile analyses rely on the jets plus missing transverse energy signature e.g. Search for dark matter candidate (lightest, stable, supersymmetric particle) Large extra dimension scenario Other topics: jets or em clusters e.g. Search for high-mass resonances (Z’,W’,excited leptons, etc.) Search for the Higgs Boson:  Search for the Higgs Boson Vector boson fusion dominates favoured Higgs mass range Relies on calorimeter tagging forward jets Extensive VBF studies performed by Canadian group (including 2 theses) WW  l l analysis performed by Canadians at Fermilab

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