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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Calvin1


COTTON FARMING IN NORTHERN GHANA: IMPROVING LIVELIHOODS THROUGH CONTRACT AGRICULTURE BY OBED OBIRI-YEBOAH WA POLYTECHNIC - GHANA:  COTTON FARMING IN NORTHERN GHANA: IMPROVING LIVELIHOODS THROUGH CONTRACT AGRICULTURE BY OBED OBIRI-YEBOAH WA POLYTECHNIC - GHANA OUTLINE :  OUTLINE ♣ Background ♣ Challenges ♣ Contract farming: Cotton ♣ Farm management/economics ♣ Case research and experiences ♣ Summary and Conclusion PRIMARY SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTS:  PRIMARY SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTS ♣ POPULATION - Just about a million ♣ AGRO-ECOLOGY - Savanna Grassland ♣ LAND AREA - A little below 1/2 ♣ PRIMARY OCCUPATION - Farming MAJOR CROPS CULTIVATED:  MAJOR CROPS CULTIVATED FOOD CROPS INDUSTRIAL/CASH CROPS - Corn - Cotton - Millet - Tobacco - Sorghum - Rice - Cowpea TREE CROPS - Peanut - Cashew - Cassava - Shea (Wild Fruit) - Vegetables - Mango (Wild fruit) - Yam MAJOR CHALLENGES IN FARMING:  MAJOR CHALLENGES IN FARMING ♣ INPUTS: - LAND ACQUISITION & LAND TENURE - LACK OF FARM MACHINERY ♣ FINANCIAL: - HIGH COST OF INPUTS - LACK OF CREDIT FACILITIES ♣ OTHER: - LACK OF SUBSIDIES - LACK OF APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY - INADEQUATE IRRIGATION FACILITIES ADVANTAGES OF COTTON PRODUCTION:  ADVANTAGES OF COTTON PRODUCTION Climatic Suitability (drought, sunshine, temp.) Reserved Enterprise for Northerners Support Of Cotton Companies Ready Market Stable Seasonal Price COMPANY’S CREDIT SUPPORT:  COMPANY’S CREDIT SUPPORT Plowing Service Fertilizer - Compound (N.P.K.) - Sulphate of Ammonia Insecticides - Leaf Eaters - Boll Eaters FREE FACILITATION SERVICES:  FREE FACILITATION SERVICES Field Marking Planting Seed Extension/Technical Assistance Storage Facilities Sprayers for Use Transport Miscellaneous UNIT SIZE:  UNIT SIZE Dimensions 87m 87m x 87m = 7569m2 ≈ 7500m2 = 0.75ha 87m PRODUCTION ECONOMICS:  PRODUCTION ECONOMICS Company’s Charged Services (2004) Service/input Qty Unit Price Total Cost Plowing service 1 $30.00 $30.00 N.P.K. 3 $22.86 $68.58 Sulp. of Ammonia 2 $18.57 $37.14 Pesticide/round 5 $9.64 $48.20 Grand Total $183.92 PRODUCTION ECONOMIC (Cont.):  PRODUCTION ECONOMIC (Cont.) Expected Minimum Yield/Unit 900kg/unit (Seed cotton) Cotton Price/kg $0.43 Total Gross Value $387.00 - $183.92 Gross Profit $203.08 SUCCESS CASES: Individuals & Groups:  SUCCESS CASES: Individuals & Groups Some individuals Whole village community Women get cloths Aluminum roofing sheets Village schools Farm implements Cotton Producers Groups CONTRACT ISSUES: COMPANY EXPERIENCES :  CONTRACT ISSUES: COMPANY EXPERIENCES Input Diversion Cotton Diversion Wet Cotton Stones in Cotton Bad Debt Low Yields Refusal to Pick/Harvest Deliberate Burning of Farm SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS :  SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS ♣ Source of Income ♣ Source of Employment ♣ Means of Raising Venture Capital ♣ Understand Cost of Production ♣ Increase Yield Per Unit Area ♣ Importance Of Product Quality FARMING COMMUNITY:  FARMING COMMUNITY A FARMSTEAD :  A FARMSTEAD PREPARING LAND FOR PLANTING:  PREPARING LAND FOR PLANTING CHILDREN PLAYING :  CHILDREN PLAYING INSIDE OF A TYPICAL FAMILY HOME :  INSIDE OF A TYPICAL FAMILY HOME SEVERAL CHILDREN:  SEVERAL CHILDREN

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