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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: AyeshaKissoon


PowerPoint Presentation: Costume Research Our three main characters are wearing mainly dark clothing as it represents each of their dark and mysterious personalities. The colour black signifies the idea of the unknown. We are playing on the stereotype that people dressed in black normally display secretive behaviour. This theme fits perfectly with our genre of thriller. PowerPoint Presentation: Costume Research Vera The character of Vera is wearing a dark jacket, not unique in any way and is using it to try and blend in with the crowd to stay anonymous. She is also wearing a trilby hat, which takes us back to the 1920s when Al Capone was around as he also wore a trilby hat and was known as the most infamous gangster in American history, so the fact that Vera is wearing a trilby hat immediately gives the audience the impression that she is the protagonist in the film. Moreover she is wearing red lipstick which can be transpired as danger or some sort or an evil act that is going to take place. PowerPoint Presentation: Costume Research Artur The character of Artur is wearing quite clothing consisting of a hoodie and dark jeans. We kept it simple for this character for anaesthetic reasons so that he wouldn’t clash with the surroundings but sits in harmony both sticking out and blending in. PowerPoint Presentation: Costume Research Olga With the character of Olga, she is wearing a jacket with quite a high collar and a big hat which shows that she wants to cover her face to hide her identity like she knows someone is following her. The hat, which is a Russian hat tells the audience that she comes from a Russian background hence her name and the opening sequence title.

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