Cost of SEO in the UK

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Published on February 17, 2014

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How much should search engine optimization (SEO) cost for my UK business?

Cost of SEO in the UK

The need to get high rankings in the search engines has increased and the question every company needs to ask is, "How much should I spend on SEO and is it worth the cost?". This depends on many factors related to the type of business, how competitive the market is and what type of customers or clients you are targeting online. The first thing is to understand the typical SEO Prices that are offered. 1. Many SEO agencies will work on an hourly SEO rate, with the UK ranging from £50 to £150 per hour depending on the level of work required. These hourly rates can be flexible depending on the company but give a benchmark for the costs you will be looking at. If you factor in at least 10 hours a month SEO work, than you will get an idea of the costs involved. 2. Pricing can be set by project and include one-off work. The costs for these will typically range from around £800 to £10000 per project. Within this budget range, the amount that clients will end up paying depends on the nature and outcomes their business is looking to achieve. 3. Agencies that offer Fixed pricing SEO packages are really worth looking at as they can offer some of the best value for money Search Engine Optimization deals around. These SEO packages are a collection of services that can help get your website ranking high, at a fixed cost so it is easier to work out your return on investment. The cost of fixed package prices ranges from £400 a month upto £5000 a month. 4. Additional SEO services and costs can include social media, content creating, conversion optimization, analytics/webmaster tools and local search. Te prices for these vary but are usually offered within the SEO service

you sign up for. It is worth asking your agency for a specific breakdown of prices for each of these additional services. 5. Web Design companies that also offer SEO services are often the most popular type of internet marketing agency as they will work on your website and incorporate the SEO into the design and build of your website. The costs involved for SEO with a web design company can range from £300 a month for small sites, upto £10000 a month for large e-commerce websites. 6. Local SEO services for smaller businesses are becoming more popular, especially for comapnies such as doctors, dentists, car mechanics and restaurants, as these businesses have a local customer focus. The price for local SEO services in the UK are roughly £200 to £1000 a month and respresent good value for small businesses. It is important to be aware of the following factors when taking on an SEO agency: 1. Be careful of companies that make grand promises and guarantees of top placement. SEO agencies usually can't provide absolute guarantees due to the constantly changing nature of the search engines. 2. Companies that offer instant results can also be an issue, as there are no guarantees that your website will rank highly without important on-page and off-page optimization taking place. Some companies will buy backlinks that are spammy and your website may see an instant boost, but the long term growth is unreliable due to the quality of these links. Many websites can end up getting penalized and drop rankings due to these type of links.

When you are looking for an SEO agency remeber that SEO and results takes time. It is usually wise to use SEO packages or monthly retainers to help with the long term growth of your website. The true results of SEO optimization services aren't generally realized for a few months, and it is then that you should start seeing the results of this work. For the majority of companies, SEO can be the highest ROI for marketing purposes. You should always make a final decision on what SEO is worth to you and your business, then agree a budget and go for it.

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